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Found 4 results

  1. DONE and DONE! I couldn't wait to throw the snowball at the Amazon card!!! Plus, most people throw their snowball right away anyway. I usually like to hold onto it until my hands are on the next one.... but the credit card foolishness had to come to an end! I just made a payment of $947.14 to pay off the Amazon card! That will mark the end of credit card debt! I have paid off $13,401 in credit card debt!!!! When I started, 6 months ago, it was $13,050. No more high interest!!! No more carrying balances!!!! No more credit cards!!! Most importantly, No more credit card debt!!!!!!!!!!!!! This also brings my total debt to the $75K range! If I just keep chipping away, that $90K will be a distant memory!!! On to the car!!!!!!
  2. Ok, so I couldn't wait any longer. I just made the payment for the Capital One card. It is completely paid off as of today! I'm so happy, I don't think I could sleep if you paid me! ----------------------------------May 26th------------------------------------------ I am so happy that I got to cut off the blue and white bracelet. The white was turning blue and dingy. I cut it off as soon as I left work on Wednesday since the payment finally posted! It may sound silly, but my arm felt lighter. The annoying, little bracelet that represents my phone lease is the next to be cut off (July 10th to be exact). It has $36 that I can't pay early due to the lease. Spouse says to just pay $36 extra when the next bill is due. All that will result in is a credit on the bill that will not be used until 7-10-17. So, nope... for now, I will be as patient as possible and tackle the Amazon card in the meantime. I'm using the July date as motivation. I would LOVE to pay off the Amazon card by July but $6000 in one month is too much to be reasonable. Our budget is based on $5,200 each month. Instead, I'm shooting to get the card below $3000. It'll be a tight squeeze but the Gazelle inside of me says that it's perfectly doable since Memoral Day is holiday pay!
  3. With all the great news, I figured Now was as good a time as any to throw the snowball!! I just made an Ahhhhhmazing payment of $1,134.00 to that silly ol' Chevron Card! I planned to wait until Payday (March 3rd) to figure out what would be left after the budget. But I just couldn't! It's ALL SNOWBALL Baaaabby!! Also, I felt like I was falling behind. I didn't want my ONLY payment in Feb. to be $488. So, here's the breakdown of this payment: Budgeted snowball: $629 (Is there a different term for this?) It's the money left to zero out the budget. "Expected"? Idk.... Spouses OT $122 My OT+ Commission $383 (From 1-28 to 2-10)
  4. Daily Periodic Rate Calculator This caluculator tells you how much you 'give' to your creditor in interest only EACH DAY for a Credit Card Balance. I use the word 'give' because you receive absolutely nothing in return except the sound of a toilet flushing for dollars that could be invested to earn money. Get Gazelle and stop giving your money away !!!
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