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Found 7 results

  1. I had not posted about Week 4 of FPU because I didn't really get all excited about it. Here's the Updates on FPU Weeks 4 and 5. Today, was Week 6, but Spouse is traveling so it's just me. Week 4: Buyer Beware *small group discussion* Question 2: What was the last ting that caused that Red-faced grocery store kid inside of you to wake up and scream, "I want ONE"? Did you give in? Spouse: I think it was the FIFA game that I bought. Ho5wever, I did wait for the price to go down before getting it. It's not so much that I had to have it as soon as it came out, but I did want it. I waited until it was almost $20 off before buying it. Me: Unlike my wife, I did not really wait for my purchase. I wanted the FPU course with the DVD's because I wasn't sure if Spouse was going to actually do the course with me, so I figured that even if we didn't make it to a class, I would still have the DVD's so we could do it at home. I tried to wait for one of DR's sales.... but only the Online or class membership kits were on sale. I sucked it up and purchased it because "I wanted the DVD's." Spouse: I get more use out of my game than she gets out of the DVD's! Week 5: The Role of Insurance Me: That was really VERY informative! Spouse: Yes, except that I'm not sure DR understands how most HSAs work. At my job, if you don't use the money that you put in there by the end of the year, you lose it. Me: Mine too. People tell me that they buy unnecessary things just to use the money. My friend's dad bought the whole family 3 pairs of glasses each. Spouse: My co-workers go to Walgreens and buy a ton of medicine. Me: Yeah... lets not do that... I could imagine that we'd get to the point where we'd have too much. We would be on the streets going, "I've got Nyquil for $1... get your Nyquil!" Week 6: Retirement and College Planning Spouse is in Houston visiting her mom so I did this one by myself. I really enjoyed learning about the different types of investments. I REALLY enjoyed dreaming of the day I'll reach BS4 and about having a baby to have a reason to do BS5!!! What I still don't understand is HOW do you actually pick out the funds that you want in your 401K? My job gave me a booklet that gave me like 10 different plans. When I picked one, it was kinda based on how long you would be contributing to it before retirement. I have the 50 year plan or whatever they call it. I guess I'll wait until I get there and contact an ELP to figure that one out. Spouse and I will watch the DVD when she comes back (later this week) and do an at-home version of the small group discussion. ---------------------- Work Update: I got really bold last week and marched into the Big Boss' office. He has only been there for a few months and I haven't really worked on making sure he knows who I am.... Nevertheless.... Me: Do you have 3 minutes? Clay: Starting now... Go. Me: I applied for a position at another site. I am still waiting to hear from them, but the truth is, I don't want to leave our location. You don't want me to leave this location either. Every single month, my name or photo is on the wall because I have achieved Platinum status for the month (Being top 10 with overall metrics) and/or I am in the Top 10 for Save Rate (One of the most important metrics). My stats are amazing and they are a small part of the reason that this site is doing so well compared to the others. I "grew up" here and I would like to stay here, but there aren't any positions for Team Lead open and that's the position that I really want. I am more than comfortable going to a new location, but I wanted to give you an opportunity to let me continue to make this site the best that I can. I want the opportunity to apply for Team Lead. Clay: That position actually just opened up today. You can apply. Me to self: *Why didn't I check that before walking in here???* Me: Good. I'll get my application in tonight. Clay: Come back at 3:00 when I have more time. I went back at 3:00 and he kept me for an hour. It wasn't really an interview... It was more casual. He told me to be ready for my first of a series of interviews tomorrow. I feel like our talk went really well though. The next day, I had THE BEST interview with 2 of the managers! It went sooooooo well! They told me that they didn't have a timeline on when I would know if I made it to the next interview and said that it could be 6-8 weeks. Well, It was 2 hours later when Clay came up to me desk and said that I was to interview with him the next day! Well, some people from corporate came in the next day so, he had to cancel my interview. He said that they were going to be there all next week and that he would schedule me after they left the site. He also told me that he got an email from the other site that I had applied to. They were going to extend to job to me on the 27th! Well, that's great...... Now, I'm wondering if I kind of messed up... If I had just waited an extra week, I would be at a better position. My pay would have decreased because the other location doesn't have a commission components to it, but I would've stepped up in the company. This position will be more money, but it's a bigger leap. Most people that are applying for it are Trainers or Global Experts (the position I applied for at the other location). So, I have a LOT of work ahead of me if I'm trying to hop over the next stepping stone to reach Team Lead. One of the "preferred" qualifications is to have been in my current position for at least a year. I've been in it for 8-9 months and I haven't even made my 1-year mark at the company just yet. Although, that's coming up on Aug. 1st. The longer they drag out the interview process, the better it is going to be for my tenure there. One good thing that happened that day is that the people that were there from Corporate were there for "Base Camp." It's a program that my company does where they take the executives from corporate and teach them how to do entry level and other jobs so that they can keep in touch with what's actually going on when we interact with customers instead of just having them make policies based on reports. Well, my department deals with long-term customers. The people from corporate aren't allowed to actually talk to them because if they upset them, or give them wrong information, we could lose the customer. Instead, the just sit with us and listen in on the calls. One lady sat with me and by the time she was ready to leave, she told me, "You are sooooo good on the phones! I'm going to tell Clay to keep you on the phones! We can't afford to lose you." I'm thinking DON'T YOU DARE TELL HIM THAT! I'm trying to get some Minions of my own and not have to be on the phones as much! Instead, I say, "Thank you for that. However, I am applying to be Team Lead so that I can teach more people to be just as great as I am! *Jokingly* Tell Clay how wonderful I am!" Once again, wish me luck!
  2. FPU Week 4. Dumping Debt. Spouse seemed to be all ears. I really do appreciate that SHE (I'm making an effort. LoL) seems to pay attention and not just playing on her phone or something like that. *Getting into small groups* Spouse: How many questions are there (to discuss)? Me: Just 2. Spouse: Yay! Question 1: What would you do if you were completely out of debt? Me: I would save for our FFEF and for a house, and retirement so that I can take care of my family... blah blah blah mushy stuff... Spouse: I want more money to travel and to drink. Me: *thinking to self* These people are going to think you're an alcoholic! Me: Anything else? Spouse: No. I just want my money back. (As in what's left after we split the bills instead of my budgeting it out) TBH, I think this is the only reason Spouse agreed to move on to the car together. Originally, Spouse agreed to "hand over her check" until the credit cards were paid off... because car payments are normal. So, we were planning to split the bills and the minimum snowball to throw at the car. Then, the remaining portion of her check would go to her while I tackled my loans with the remainder of my check. Now, Spouse has agreed to move on tackling the car together. I had mentioned that we should be able to have it paid off 6 months after finishing the credit cards. I think that helped. So, I know things are moving in the right direction. I really think that she just wants her money back. She would get about $200 per month unless she does overtime. She normally gets $50 as blow money, but I gave her an extra $100 for her birthday. AND she has an extra $100 for next month since it's our anniversary. So it's not like I'm hoarding all of her money If she hasn't come around by the time we pay off the car, we'll put her half of the minimum snowball toward BS3 while I use my half of the snowball to pay off my loans. So, our plan may have BS2 and BS3 going at the same time.... MomTo6 was right. We have to do the plan our way instead of trying to force Spouse to do something she isn't happy about. As long as we are still working toward the right direction, I am content. One step at a time.
  3. FPU Week 3 This is the class I had been waiting for! Cash Flow Planning (aka the Budget lesson) I was thinking that Spouse was REALLY going to be inspired to jump on board! Up until this point, Spouse wasn't very interactive with the videos and, when it came to group discussions, Spouse kept it short and sweet. Well, Spouse was finally laughing at DR's jokes and was nudging me to stand up when prompted. I was GLOWING in my seat! Group discussions start with the first question "... then share what you think about doing a zero-based budget." Spouse: She's doing a good job with the budget. I guess it's zero-based, but I have no intention of writing it out. Me: What? Spouse: You said I had to come to the classes, read the book, and participate in the discussions. I am not doing the budget. I don't care what DR says. Me: ... I think I wanted to cry before getting a little angry. Then, I had to pause and remember that I did not explicitly mention doing the budget together.... EVEN THOUGH I've been excited about it ALL WEEK long. You better believe that Spouse knew I was excited to do it together. I even said, "I am holding off on doing July's budget so that we can do it together." For the rest of the discussion, I was the one keeping it short and sweet while Spouse was being the most talkative person in the group. One of the discussions was, "Name some categories that you could use envelopes for." Spouse: I don't like when Cherie gives me the envelopes. I just take what I need, and put it my pockets. It does get annoying when I have to separate my money from what's left over when I go grocery shopping. Later, Spouse is talking to my co-worker who is doing the class with us and was telling her about "BORROWING" from the grocery envelope to get a haircut or "EMBEZZLING" the money. All while laughing about it!!! So, after we were all done, I checked the grocery envelope and there was $60 left in it from the last time it was filled. This is one day after we got paid. I had just put $130 in there for the next 2 weeks and didn't really look to see what was left. When I originally flipped though it, I saw $1's and $5's and just assumed it was what was a few dollars. I don't know how, but I had missed 2 $20's. So, I told Spouse that we were going to lower the food budget and was met with a hard NO. ....so NOW you want a say-so in the budget?... How interesting.... Because 20 minutes ago, you didn't even want to write a budget. So, we aren't really talking about that anymore. Spouse reasoned that since we have a friend coming over in a few days, that we should have more grocery money for them. I'm yelling in my head, 'IF YOU HAD SAT DOWN TO LOOK AT THE BUDGET, YOU'D SEE THAT IT IS BEING ACCOUNTED FOR!' I finished July's budget by myself and am a bit heartbroken about my most anticipated lesson going so horribly wrong. Maybe I'll feel better in a day or two, but right now, I feel like releasing Spouse from the chains and saying, "You don't have to go to the class anymore." I'm sure that I will NOT say that... but I really wanted to.
  4. Posted June 25 On 6/21/2017 at 8:26 AM, fpmomma said: Cherie, I love your reports from FPU class. Taking that class together was what changed our financial future forever. I was gung-ho and DH was going along to make me happy, but then he caught the "bug" too, and our conversations were forever changed in a great way, and we were finally able to talk about our money matters without arguing or blame-placing. We began to identify common financial goals and work together diligently on them. It changed our budgeting, our parenting, really our entire outlook on things in general, and on money in particular. I'm so glad you two are able to experience this learning season together. Just be patient with each other and let the concepts sink in gradually and then begin to personalize the steps in a way that fits your family. _____ I've always said that Ill take what I can get from Spouse a far as participation in the class goes but yesterday's class made me feel like we took a step back instead of forward. In the back of my mind, I was hoping that the concepts would take hold and we could be Gazelle Intense together. I'll post about it in a bit after I get July's budget written out. I was holding off until yesterday's Cash Flow Planning lesson... but it didn't turn out the way I had hoped. On 6/24/2017 at 3:47 AM, DebtBgone said: Just think, in 2021 you will be putting all that BS2money into retirement accounts (I don't know your housing situation, rent/own) instead of someone else's pocket! Plug some numbers into the investment calculator on Dave's site whenever you need to get angry at debt. The possibilities are motivating! You're doing great! When 2021 rolls around, and it will, you will be so glad you've taken the steps you are taking right now. ________ We rent and the plan (after BS3) is to save for in vitro so we can have our baby before I get too old The steps really do test your will at times, but I know it'll be worth it. I just have to hang in there. When I get discouraged, I do think about how fast we'll be able to save for in vitro when all this debt is gone. We'll need $10,000 to start and I KNOW we can do that in less than 5 months without debt. Sometimes, a part of me wants to pause the snowball to start now, but that's the Baby Fever talking. I do worry about "waiting too long" so I think that we can evaluate where we are in a year and start saving for it as a sinking fund. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. Sorry. LoL I guess I needed to rant about babies Thanks!
  5. Week 2 of FPU: *watching DR talk about marriage and unity and BOTH of us contributing to the budget* DR: Free Spirits, raise your hand... Me: *looks over and nudges Spouse to participate* Spouse: I'm up! Me: Were you sleeping???!? Spouse: Not anymore. Was I snoring? Me: I hope you enjoyed your nap because we are going to watch the whole video again when we get home. Spouse: DR said you, "The Nerd" are controlling me, the "Free Spirit." You're right. This guy knows what he's talking about. LoL I don't even know what to say! I knew Spouse was tired. The new promotion started on Monday, so Spouse wanted to get all the loose ends tied up with the current position before Monday rolled around. This meant that Spouse worked from 7am-11pm on Friday and from 7:30am-4:30 pm on Saturday. The class is at 6:30 pm. We didn't watch the video when we got home because Spouse fell asleep in the car and went straight to bed. I'm not mad though. I heard Spouse listening to the audio version of the lesson when I came home from work today. Spouse says the plan is to watch the video later this week and we can talk about it in detail later. Deal! Spouse doesn't particularly care for Rachel Cruz. She did a short segment on the video and Spouse said she doesn't have the communication skills that DR has. I think she's ok. I just don't like hearing her talk about her struggles with money. It just doesn't hit home like DR. I think it's because I assume she has never had to struggle to get out of debt. Anyway, sleeping spouse or not, that was my favorite lesson so far!!! ---------------June 21st------------- Posted June 21 On 6/20/2017 at 3:48 AM, Mary said: Cherie -I agree with your spouse Rachel grates on my nerves. I find the other DR public speakers fine. Some are clearly better than others but Rachel doesn't fit the roll she is in properly IMO. ______ I think part of it is just because she can't speak to the harsh realities of paying off debt, or even having to pick up pieces of your life after something like bankruptcy. if I had to guess, I'd say that 80% + of people that do the baby steps spend time in BS 2 and she just can't speak to them wholeheartedly. I read an old thread somewhere on here about her doing a cooking video or something. It was.... strange. LoL
  6. Day 1 of FPU: I think I'm in for some kicking and screaming.... well, the adult version of it anyway. Classes are Saturday evenings. We were running errands prior to the class. Spouse: How long is it going to be? Me: About an hour and a half or so. Spouse: I thought you said it was only an hour! Me: I said the videos are an hour. *later* Spouse: Can we leave after the video? Me: No Spouse: Can I drink before we go? Me: Absolutely not. Spouse: Can I opt out? Me: Nope *during the group discussion portion of the class* Coordinator: You're out of debt, have a fully funded emergency fund..... (Essentially, you've hit BS 7)... What are you looking forward to doing? Me: Traveling with Spouse. I like to save and I'm not big on traveling whereas that's something that Spouse LOVES. Spouse: .... I don't know....I guess... Me: ... Lord Jesus help me PLEASE! I couldn't help but to laugh.... I applaud Spouse for going but I just couldn't deal. It was like dragging a kid to the dentist.... No enthusiasm. None. Just.... wow. The people were nice and my co-worker was there to participate. When we got home, I printed out the Quick Start Budget and tried to get Spouse to help me fill it in. Spouse was fine as far as looking at it. There were a lot of I-don't-knows and Whatever-you-wants... but it's done. I've already done the homework, the extra credit, watched all the tutorials on the web site and am thinking of watching the next video. LoL Just EIGHT more weeks to go. Hopefully, Spouse will connect with something in the next class. ------------------------------------------------Later------------------------------------------- On 6/13/2017 at 2:23 AM, Plinda said: Well, that sounds like fun . Make sure you thank him and mention to him throughout the week how much you appreciated that he went with you. Hopefully, he'll stick with it and you'll at least see little things change week by week. Will do! And I hope you're right about the little changes. Right now, I'll take what I can get <3 On 6/13/2017 at 8:45 AM, cadberry said: I'm glad he went, and like someone else said, definitely make sure he knows that you appreciate it - if nothing else, his going with you is something he is doing for you (and hopefully it will become something he is doing for himself and the family as things progress). My unsolicited advice would be to tamp down your enthusiasm with him (that's what we're here for!) so he'll still understand it is important to you but you don't want to make it where he starts feeling guilty for not being as enthusiastic as you are. Like you, I would have raced home to watch everything again, the extra videos, do the homework, etc. Keep us posted each week! Good advice! I can't help but to be excited, but you're right. I can see it doing more harm than good doing this early stage. Good thinking! This is why I love having y'all! I will try to curb my excitement as much as possible. Will keep you posted.
  7. Thank you all for your encouragement! I L. O. V. E. this forum!!!! FPMomma, You are sooooooo close to BS7! How exciting!!!! Chris and Kelvan, Thank you soooo much for even caring about my updates I am so thankful to just have a place to come and share my progress. My friends at work are really starting to see that I'm "weird." Most of my family says, "that's nice" when I talk to them about what we are trying to accomplish. There's one guy at work that seems to be a little inspired by me in a weird way. He is my favorite person on our team because we are SUPER competitive with each other. Everyone else on the team takes the competition to heart and they get their feelings hurt when they are losing. He and I just click and we know when to push each other and when it's time to back down The day that I cut off my blue bracelet, he mentioned that he made a $1,000 payment toward a credit card that he was trying to pay off. Today, we were talking about when we were going to have our cars paid off since he owes about the same amount that I do. Hmmmmm.... I wonder if I can talk him into making that a competition... LoL We can start with the same balance and see who can pay their car off the fastest That reminds me, Spouse is coming around to being a little more on board with the whole process! Just to re-cap, the reason I'm not doing the debt snowball in the correct order is because Spouse wanted to pay all non-student loan debt first using highest interest rates first. For a long time, Spouse has been saying that we can pay off the cards, but once they are paid, we would "be fine having regular debt (like the car loan). Yesterday, Spouse agreed to go to FPU with me as long as there aren't any "crazy Christians" (not too sure what that encompasses exactly) AND when we were having our budget meeting, I asked Spouse if they wanted to tackle the car after this credit card is over, or if they wanted to take a break while I worked on one of my loans to give them a break from the tight budget and just to get more blow money. Spouse says, "We can just tackle the car and get it out of the way." Sooooo exciting!!!! Yay!!! I was listening to an old DR podcast where a guy called in asking if the DVD home study was better than the Online version. DR asked him why he wouldn't take the in-person course. The guy's answer was something along the lines of, "I'm not a church-going person and I don't want to be made to pray or do something I'm not comfortable with." DRtold him that if anyone makes him, to RUN because those people are too much! He says that the class isn't like Bible study. While the principals are biblical, the course is meant to apply to everyone. That made me feel better about Spouse's concerns with going to church. Last time Spouse went to a church, it was to take pictures for some special event they were having, the pastor made it his mission to make sure we knew we were going to hell in a hand basket if we didn't repent and turn from our wicked ways. It was embarrassing since we were sitting in the front pew (to get nice pictures) and the pastor went from preaching about tithing to standing in front of us and, all of a sudden, changing his sermon to damn those of us who live in sin to the eternal fires of hell. He stood in front of us and looked down at us the ENTIRE time. It was horrible... but we're married now so I guess we're not living in sin anymore... I don't know... Who cares? I found an FPU class that starts the weekend that we get back from the wedding in Montana. I signed us up and am having the kits expedited since the following classes won't start until August and September. We finally used our clothing envelope to buy some clothes for the wedding, We didn't have enough for Spouse's shoes though. Instead of whining about it, Spouse just asked if we could adjust July's budget for shoes since June's budget is already written. I keep falling in love all over again!
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