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  1. Not really, I kind of like not having any obligations. I have lots of at home hobbies though.
  2. Hmm, I wonder if DH will finally have to stay home. I've been staying home but sure that he will be the carrier who brings the virus home to me. My system never met an upper respiratory infection that it could resist. And the consequences are more and more distressing as I age, got the bronchodilator ready just in case. Hope it passes us by. Praying that the "flattening of the curve" measures work for us all and that the financial/political actions don't turn us into a third world country.
  3. That's amazing. $10 in 3 years. Utilities had to go up by at least that much.
  4. Plinda


    Congratulations, all the way from BS2 to BS7!!!!!!!! Must feel amazing . The vacation sounds like a great way to celebrate.
  5. Just think you'd have an extra $1300 now if you had done this 2 years ago. Glad you made the move.
  6. Hey Pcmedic,  It's been a long time since we've seen you on the boards.  Thanks for all you did to get the board going, it's been an inspiration to many. Sorry to hear of your health issues.  Praying for your full recovery.  I've seen people make amazing recoveries from severe stroke even though it is sometimes slow and takes a lot of work.  You can do it, hope always.

    1. pcmedic


      Thank you. I posted an update on the forum

  7. Been there, done that, eh? I see the same kind of ads on big screens at the credit union all the time. They make me laugh on one level, and sad on another that so many fall for the hype.
  8. Plinda

    Life After Divorce

    Welcome back, glad to see you doing so well. You can't go wrong with Vanguard or Fidelity for your ROTH.
  9. Plinda

    Divorce & Downsize

    Sorry it has come to this. I could live happily alone in a 1490sf house (and fill it up) but your housing depends on your budget and your future plans. Your budget with the mortgage on just your income would determine how fast you need to pursue a sale.
  10. You have a lot going for you since you have a job, your kids are not dependent on you, and you don't have a lot of debt or financial entanglement with DH. You can and will find a better paying job once you are free of the emotional and physical stress pulling you down. Just living in clutter will drag you down, clearing that out will help immensely and like Momto6 says you need to get rid of stuff to get at those walls.
  11. Sorry for all you are going through, it sounds overwhelming. However, it sounds like you've made a decision to leave the spouse and get rid of the house so you have some goals to work toward. Can you get the car insurance current? Is there any equity in the house? It almost sounds like you won't be able to save it from foreclosure. Of course the more equity, the more it's worth trying to sell. Can you work with the electric company to keep the power on? It will be hard to work on the house in the dark. It's hard to imagine where all your money has gone if nothing was being
  12. Kudos to both of you for your hard work and success. Everyone diagnosed with diabetes should spend a few mornings in a dialysis waiting room talking to and observing patients. Far too few people take the diagnosis seriously enough. People can get away with a lot for years but the consequences are ultimately devastating.
  13. Yes, 5 years is too long. Can DH come out of retirement or do something PT? Is there something you bought with the debt that you can sell to make some quick progress?
  14. Are you working? How big is your monthly snowball? How long will it take to get out of BS2?
  15. Sounds like a wonderful trip. You really covered a lot of territory!
  16. With your resume I would think that you could find a good, stable, secure job within the medical system - administration in doctors offices, hospitals, etc. I had a friend who worked at a hospital as some kind of patient helper. Basically she did suicide watch late at night. She would ring for a nurse if the patient needed anything and was free to read or websurf while the patient slept. I know she didn't work for minimum wage, had plenty of work, and was allowed some flexibility in hours. All that to say check hospitals and medical facilities and keep an open mind. I'm not saying
  17. Sorry for the cuts at work and that you are feeling so tired and defeated. You have worked so hard and struggled so long, it's no wonder. It really sounds like time to seek out a different, more dependable employer. Honestly, I don't see that God doesn't want you to get ahead, but He may be nudging you to take a different path to get where He wants you to go.
  18. It's looking very nice, your hard work is really paying off. I think 2 white rocking chairs would be awesome. A few pops of color either in planters on the sides of the door or maybe hanging baskets would look nice. One thing we did at my mom's that made a big difference was power washing the driveway.
  19. Plinda

    What's up with us

    Glad you are feeling better.
  20. Congratulations on your healthy new baby and everything else falling into place.
  21. Plinda

    More court drama

    What a slime ball. Keep telling yourself "we're getting double".
  22. The problem with diabetes is that it doesn't just kill you. My mom is in end stage renal failure and goes to dialysis 3x/week. Most of the patients are there because of diabetes. It is not a respecter of persons - young/old, black/white/other, fat/skinny (although more overweight), rich/poor, men/women. This is a years long drawn out death. Some things for DH to consider: Physical complications: Many of the patients have had heart issues. Some are blind. It's not uncommon to lose your toes, then a foot, then a leg - wheelchair bound for the rest of your life. Almost all have a fist
  23. Fruit cocktail - skip the canned stuff and just eat fresh fruit then you don't need to read the label. Soda - iced tea sweetened with stevia. I like the taste of the KAL brand the best but only the organic version doesn't have fillers. Also, water with a little frozen fruit helps to get more water down. Calories - Nuts & seeds are good proteins. Avocado, EVOO, coconut oil are good fats. Potatoes - most diabetics I know steer clear of potatoes. Yep big changes but you'll get it. It is so important though. I spend a lot of time in a dialysis waiting room and see the disastrous ef
  24. Plinda

    Breaking point

    I can identify a little bit because when we hit $50k on our mortgage, I wanted to be debt-free so bad I could almost taste it. Something about $50k made the goal finally seem attainable. I would probably cut the retirement contributions back to 15% (or some other %) to make the mortgage payoff happen as fast as possible. Without a mortgage, and when you can do the over 50 catch-up, you will be able to really sock it away. Whether to cut back the ROTH or 401k would depend on your current and expected retirement tax brackets. Although I would probably tend to just fully fund the ROTH sin
  25. Plinda

    Court Update

    Sorry, no abatement. If he is out of town, good. He will be a no show and you will get your judgment.
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