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  1. Congratulations to BOTH of you! Good news-you should be thrilled with yourselves
  2. Congratulations to both of you! Great news
  3. Hugs & many prayers. You are a good mom, with a lot on your plate! Update again when you can~
  4. This will be perfect in the end when you don't have the water problems any more! And just be glad you aren't here--we have snow everywhere
  5. knitmom

    More Prayers :(

    Hugs & prayers. I'm so, so sorry.
  6. knitmom

    The first week jinx

    Yikes! So what did the fire department say was wrong? And I'm guessing your landlord has fixed whatever it was? So glad you checked it! Hugs. Hoping the weekend is calm for you~
  7. knitmom

    Prayers for a friend

    Oh Amy--hugs & prayers for them.((Hugs to you too))
  8. Love them! You do such great work. Your gift ideas sound wonderful too! Merry Christmas
  9. Hugs. He is such a jerk, you are so much better off! Go hug your puppy & take him for a walk~
  10. I'm so glad she is doing well this week! Keep in mind, sometimes it takes a good 2-3 months into the new school year for kids to get into "the swing of things". She may be that type of kid. It really sounds like you have a good teacher who listened to you. I'm willing to bet she either wasn't given the information on Raeanna, or, she has a bunch of kids with IEP's & hadn't caught up yet. Do keep up communication with her, either through an email or a phone call. She will appreciate it! Also know that Rae may "fall back" a smidge after holidays, esp. the Christmas break. The time off is great mentally/physically, but it has it's own set of "issues". YAY for a good week
  11. Such a happy post--I loved reading this!! Go you!! Good luck
  12. Awww, hugs to both you & Zaga! I'm glad everyone is ok now
  13. You did a ton! I hope everyone is feeling better today/this week,
  14. Hugs. Dh & I both had the flu big time once when ds was little. We had to have his aunt come over to feed & put him to bed for us (she called & offered, & yes, we were both that sick that we said yes!). Thankfully we haven't had that happen again. Oh, there was the time we both had pneumonia--mine full blown, his "walking". I decided he was "less sick than I was"--lol. I hope this morning YOU are feeling much better. I hope your dh is better, maybe even on the mend. Make a list. Cross off everything that seriously can wait. I mean it. Maybe one load of laundry you could skip (I remember you do huge amounts of laundry at once. Can you do a load tomorrow?). Easy meals--throw something in the crockpot. Open some windows. Lysol. Wipe down your phones, tv remote, door knobs in & out, light switches, handles on everything. The back to school crud stinks & just goes round & round some times. Declare today an "anything goes day". Let the kids wear whatever they put on. Get them outside--you too--20 minutes of fresh air will do you good! And hugs, hugs, hugs. This too shall pass--just probably not quickly enough for you~
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