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  1. Mary

    More court drama

    When you call ask if he can be sanctioned for lying.
  2. Mary

    More Prayers :(

    Oh this is awful. There are no words. Please hold onto your dh. Encourage him to seek treatment. It is not easy to lose so many people.
  3. Mary

    2015 wrap up

    My goals for 2015 got side tracked with life throwing us a curve ball in addition to me being lazy. 1.Increase net worth by $75,000.00. Not really sure if we reached this or not because we moved to a new home and the value of the house is greater than t he one we owned. We did increase retirement by 30k this 2. Run 12 races which will include 4 half marathons. Epic fail! Ran the Turkey trot so 1 at least! 3. Read one book a month - I read about 20 books this year 4. Spend 2 hours a week dedicated to growing my business. I did do this but wasn't overly successful. I need to continue to do this but need to do different things in an effort to figure out what will be successful. 5. Eat out no more than 4 times a month. we struggled with this one. We were pretty good until the fall hit and it's been terrible our eating out budget. 6. Take a week long vacation with DH and the kids completed. So overall not to bad now to make 2016 better!
  4. Meredith I would hold off on getting rid of the cleaning lady. Can you change to every 3 weeks? Can you try the second job and then quit if it doesn't work out?
  5. Stay Strong Freedom - this process is not for the faint of heart. Know that we are here for you. How is the puppy?
  6. Miranova I so happy that transitioning home is working out so well for you.
  7. Dorothy I am so glad that you are enjoying your retirement.
  8. Coingirl I am so sorry. Cancer is an awful disease. I lost one of my sisters 3.5 years ago to kidney cancer. It is so hard losing a sibling. Many prayers for you and your sister.
  9. Sorry about your friends mom passing but Wow those airline points are like the the fishes and loaves. Every time you need to fly anywhere you have points to use - lucky you! Dh and I travel a few times a year and in 5 years we still haven't accumulated enough points to fly anywhere. Southwest must have the best point system. Dh and I have to start to use them.
  10. I am so excited to watch you kill the mortgage! Congrats on the new baby!
  11. Why don't you go to a nutrionist. It would seem based upon the limited items the doctor is allowing you can have meat, fish, eggs, milk based products except cheese, rice, potatoes that you diet will need to be supplemented in some way because of the lack of vitamins and nutrients derived from fruits and veggies. It also seems odd that you are having almond milk and nut butters when you are not allowed to have nuts - a little inconsistent. this is why you a real program by a specialist is best. You should see a nutrionist with the list of restrictions and tell her that you need a menu plan based upon a limited budget.
  12. Coin girl what a great goal. I am so excited for you and your dh! It will be a great way to ring in the New Year debt free!
  13. Mary

    I did it

    miranova - best of luck on this new chapter of your life!
  14. Here are some sites with examples, After looking at photos I think you have to at the very least do virtual staging. https://www.propertybase.com/blog/virtual-staging-sells-re http://www.debontheweb.com/virtual-staging/ http://www.virtualstagingllc.com/
  15. There are ways to cyber stage a house. The pics get staged but not the house. I am going to go back and look at the listing. We are in the process of selling/buying. We sold our house right away for more than ask. We staged our house and I thing that made a huge difference.
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