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  1. Timedess

    I Quit!

    I did. I really did quit. I took myself OFF the books at the school, as of last week. And I feel so much better. While they were funneling clients to me as much as they could, at the rate of two or three per week (my 'week" there was two four-hour shifts, so two to three out of eight possible hours booked), and I never went into it thinking that the school would be a good and steady source of income for me in general, what was bothering me so much about it was the time I was spending there, with so little to show for it. I was stressing way too much over being there, and that just wa
  2. I am glad you are okay, Sara, and that the mess that you mentioned did not include serious damage to a person or to a vehicle. I pray it remains so for you.
  3. All I can do is echo what gazelle2goals said! Congratulations! Can you post progress pics? Oh, and the second link you posted did not work for me. I liked the first one, though!
  4. Timedess

    three bags full

    We have to constantly keep short accounts with the clothing around here. While nobody here buys clothes very often at all (and when we do it's at a thrift store), we are constantly being given bags and bags of clothing (and then there was the couple who took every one of my 6 younger children clothes shopping for Christmas-- no kidding. They are such a blessing-- this is the second year they've done this!). The 4 boys in the converted garage don't even have a closet; it's a set-back "hole in the wall" with 3 dressers stuffed in it. The 4 girls, being in the master bedroom with its nice
  5. He just walked out the door to go talk to the guy! YAY! This is within walking distance-- literally a block from our house, and evening hours two days a week, so it's perfect timing for him (baby stepping, remember?). We won't have to worry about him getting back and forth nor about leaving the little kids unattended, as the older ones would be home from school before he'd have to leave.
  6. I COMPLETELY agree with Miranova-- you now have Hope in your "voice", and I know from experience how necessary and beneficial that is! GOOD for YOU! I also agree with Germaine-- I'd send your old attorney a request for the records via certified letter. I'd maybe say something like "I've retained a different attorney; please forward all records to XYZ blah blah blah". You feel guilty because you hate change. We all do. You didn't marry the old attorney; you're not "cheating" on him. You're not doing anything wrong! You're just choosing to retain the services of a different attorney who
  7. I am so excited! My church is offering Financial Peace University for 9 Wednesdays; during the regular Wednesday night service (so I'm already there), starting in March-- for only $12.50/person! My older daughters have signed up too. While "using credit" has never been an issue for any of us, I think it will help them start out right, and it will help me along my journey just by virtue of having some real-life, in-my-face people to talk to and accountability. Yay! Oh, and before that, they're also having a "Resume" class, which the girls and I AND OLDEST DS are all going to attend, too. I just
  8. So, this morning I was involved in a little fender-bender. Well, it bent my fender; it bent the other car's door. A young driver decided to try to go around me as I was in the middle of a 3-point (or "Y") turn-- the only way any of us can get turned around on our street at the moment, due to construction at one end. Blah. Anyway, the girl's parents have apparently filed a claim against my insurance. So I stopped to talk to my agent on my way home "in between" jobs this afternoon. While I was there, I learned that they're looking for a part-time helper for a particular function. So I menti
  9. Thank you, fpmomma. Freefalling, a purity ring is a special ring (not necessarily a "particular style", but "special because of its meaning") that a young person wears to remind herself (and the world) that he or she has made a commitment to remain pure until marriage. In my family, that means emotionally and mentally as well as physically (at least, that is what I am attempting to get across to them). As special in meaning as one's wedding ring; my daughter has declared that hers shall only be replaced by her wedding ring when she gets married (well, perhaps the engagement ring... we shal
  10. It feels good, honestly, that I am indeed too busy to come here to post updates every day! This past Saturday was my Saturday off (yay!), and I took all four girls and Little Man to the birthday party of a couple of the most adorable little 4-year-old twins I've ever laid eyes on. I know their mom, and while I kept thinking on the way out, "why on earth am I going to a 4-yo birthday party???), the truth of the matter was, it was a blast. DD-15-TOMORROW (ACK!) got to change the diaper of an absolutely *precious* little 4-month old baby boy, and while I was showing her how to safely pick him
  11. Thanks, y'all. G2G, you have a point to consider, there-- I will remember that if they do try to force me to make a choice before I am ready.
  12. IC = independent contractor. I am an employee at the franchise. Yeah, I know. Whatever's going to happen, will happen.
  13. You know how I just started on as an IC at the place where I went to massage school? It's in "town A", about 15 miles from my house. The franchise where I work is in "town B", about 6 miles from my house. I live IN BETWEEN the two towns/establishments, mind you. So they're roughly 20 miles apart. Without going into my town to my house, they're still over 16 miles apart. My franchise place (as is customary) has a "non-compete" clause in its employment contract. Basically, I agreed not to work at another massage place doing the same thing that I do there within a 5-mile radius of th
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