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  1. Breakfasts are pretty much the same all the time around our house......DH eats a banana and cereal. The kids go from breakfast bars, bagels, french toast sticks (homemade) things like that. I just eat what I feel like lately. Poached eggs on toast is the latest craze. Lunches we got back and forth too. I am trying to branch out and get the kids to try different things but sometimes getting kids to eat anything is hard. I buy enough of what we usually have and sometimes try to throw in a few things.......DH eats the same thing for lunch every day also. He's one of my picky eaters! But I can make his lunch in my sleep (I think I actually have done that a few times when we had a newborn LOL)
  2. We are a family of 5 going on 6........although I am trying not to eat for two right now. LOL We do a big monthly shop so tomorrow will be pulling the grocery list together and then Sat and Sun we will be doing our grocery runs. I hit Aldi's for most of it but also go to Sams and Kroger and Walmart. With three littles in tow, that isn't doable in one day. Then once a week (usually after church on Sun) we will run to Walmart for milk and fresh fruit and anything I forgot on the list. I try to be as organized as possible so that we are only getting a few things on those trips. Makes the trips much more doable when I only have to cart these kids around once a month for a bigger shop. Now after the baby comes.........I told DH he was on his own. I am leaving him at home with all the kids and I am going shopping by myself. Oh, and when we do have leftovers, I usually will incorporate them into lunch for me and sometimes the kids. DH doesn't always like things reheated so we try to make things fresh each day. The days that are marked on here as leftovers are because those meals usually make enough for us for two days (read as the kids won't eat it so DH and I get seconds) Oh, and the out days (in case anyone is wondering) is that DH and I finally have decided to go on a mini vacation. I won tickets to the Creation Museum in KY and we are headed out for a long weekend before this baby comes. We have not been anywhere since my little guy that just turned 6 was 18 months old. We figured if we don't go now, we might never go anywhere again.
  3. Well it's that time of month again (already?!?!?!) that I sit down and try to hammer out what we will have for the next month to eat. I just cleaned out our outside freezer so I think that just about everything in there should be good.....like think things we will eat. LOL There was a lot just hanging around that I am not sure where it came from and was taking up valuable real estate. This is the second month that I have had to do this where I have had morning sickness and absolutely nothing sounds good. I could really care less if we ever ate again.....but that probably won't fly with everyone else so here is the plan. Tonight-breakfast dinner Tomorrow-Tacos and rice Sat- I have no idea?????? 4/28-Rot chicken, stuffing, veg 4/29-Leftovers 4/30-Pasta Bake 5/1-Pasta Bake 5/2-Ham, potatoes, veg 5/3-Chicken tacos 5/4-Meatball sandwiches 5/5-Slow cooker chicken and rice 5/6-Pizza 5/7-Pork tenderloin 5/8-Chicken noodle soup 5/9-Leftovers 5/10-Breakfast Dinner 5/11Meatloaf, mashed, veg 5/12-Ribs, cheesy tatos, veg 5/13-Chicken quesodillas 5/14-Pasta Bake 5/15-Pasta Bake 5/16-out 5/17-out 5/18-out 5/19-out 5/20-Shepherd's Pie 5/21-Leftovers 5/22-Tacos, rice 5/23-Crispy Cheddar Chicken 5/24-Breakfast dinner 5/25-Meatball sandwiches 5/26-Cheesy Porkchops 5/27-Pizza 5/28-Turkey Burgers, fries 5/29-Crockpot chicken parm 5/30-Hot turkey sandwiches 5/31-Roast, mashed, veg 6/1-Cresent dogs, chips, fruit I feel that we just eat the same things over and over again. UGH! I try to mix in new things but a lot of times with most of my eaters picky....it doesn't work out so well. I will be looking forward to summer where some easier meals might be coming. Fingers crossed!
  4. Sending prayers your way! Good for you for looking at the numbers and making that hard decision.
  5. Talked to DH last night and he said that he is going to send them an email at the beginning of May to see what their intention is and then we will set up an inspection. He did write to her and say that we were not going to accept paypal anymore because of the fees......she said that she noticed that when she paid. I think that is BS because I went in and set up like I was going to make a payment to a relative and it would have went through without fees for me just fine. (but whatever!) I just would really, really like these people out but DH says as long as they are paying and (hopefully) not destroying our house, he is fine with them staying. Miranova, I think it was you that said you would just hand it over and let him do everything......and I have. Except the worry. I am a worrier by nature and I can't seem to just shut it off. These things seem to bother me a lot more than they do him. He is very calm about the whole thing. And he does handle everything. All the correspondense to these people goes through him. Probably that is for the best because I would give them a piece of my mind, believe me! LOL
  6. Yes, but when we disagree about something, he has final say.
  7. I didn't look into the legality first about the package.......it took me 3 weeks just to track down what happened to it at all. I would have just asked them if I had known that they were going to take it. When the Post Office finally found out what happened, that is when they told me about the wording and that they had a "right" to keep it. Kinda a "it wasn't our fault" thing. I have no idea why DH let's them get away with the things that he does.........the whole pool/trampoline thing I never even thought to put in a lease because we didn't have those things and I guess I never thought about how it would affect our insurance. The increase was small, so DH said just let it go. I notice that he is very lenient with them.......I don't know why. Guess he is thinking that they are paying us, the customer is always right mentality. But to me, this is still "my house". Not that I want to live in it, but it's not yours.....does that make sense? No I would have said no to their request.....not my call though. I have just sent him an email about inspecting the property so we can see if there are things we need to begin saving up to fix.
  8. Thanks momto6. Our lease is set up like that also. We have 30 days from their lease being up to let them know if we want them out. And then it goes month to month. Not sure what we can do about the plants since she did not sell them, she gave them away. I knew that they needed pruning down(think something that spreads easily) and I did that. I wouldn't have had a problem with it if she just would have called us and asked. But she didn't.....she just up and gave them away. And I saw it on CL when I was checking the free section. DH is waiting to see what kind of move they make. They have already asked if we would extend their lease by 2 weeks to a month because of a party they wanted to have........he said that was ok if we could show the property to other potential renters during that period. We never got a response from them so not sure what is going on with that. I think that I would just like to see them gone, start fresh with someone else, and make sure we put in the new lease all the little "mistakes" that we have learned from them not to do. Or what you have to state in writing. Live and learn I guess.
  9. I did not ask them for it because the Post Office said that they legally had a right to keep it and DH said to just let it be........I have no idea why he feels that they are good tenants. Probably because they have not called us with any things to fix. We did run a credit check and spoke to their previous landlord also. He said that they paid on time.....I have no idea why they have such a problem paying us. They don't communicate well at all. We get little notes in emails saying when they will be paying us. I would love to sell it and just have it out of our hair. But we are still underwater on it, and it rents for more than we are paying. So as long as it is rented we are making money. There is that. It's just can that happen for the next 7 years? I am hoping to have it paid off by August 2020. (along with our debt and my own property!)
  10. Thanks all! Glad to know it isn't just me.....(and my hormones). As for the paypal thing, she has paid that way all along. While inconvenient for me, it wasn't a huge deal because she would send the money as personal (no fees). I don't know what happened this time, but I told DH that he needs to let her know that we will not accept it if it happens again. As for the package, the Post Office said that they have the right to keep it because of how the wording on the package was written. Still dishonest, IMHO.
  11. Plinda.........if I could get him to do that, I would. LOL I have been bugging him for months to go and check on the house. He refuses, says that he has the security deposit to cover damages and if it is over that.......Where's that shruggy smiley? For some reason, he sees doing these things as bothering them. I can understand that if it was a like "once a week" thing. But asking to check on the house once or twice in the year you live there? As for the package.......I did contact the company after finding out that they were stupid enough to put or current resident on my speakers. That was their bad. But them taking them still left a bad taste in my mouth. I mean it's not like they don't know where we are and we skipped town. They pay us every month! LOL
  12. Their lease ends on June 30th......and although I am anxious about not getting it rented again quickly, to me, it seems like it would be worth it. The only plus side is that they have only called us once to fix a garbage disposal......that has been nice. DH has not been freaking out at the little things that they do...........he says it's pregnancy hormones. LOL
  13. Ok, I understand that in the grand "scheme" of things that this isn't huge. But, it kinda is......well when you add it up with all the other things that these people have done over the course of the last year. And no, they aren't horrible tenants. But they are not good tenants either. DH says that I don't look at this as a business opportunity. I am taking it personally. And I probably am..........but sometimes it's hard not to, kwim? First off, these people pay us late. Like almost every month. I think that they have paid on time three times totally since they have been there in July. Which is fine.....except this last time they didn't pay the late fee they were supposed to. They did overpay it the first time they were late so I took half of the money from that. But still.....you paid late, pay the fee. DH said let it go. FINE They have to pay the water bill every three months. This time it was $103.92 They paid it 2 months late and paid me $100. Not what the bill was......what she decided was enough I guess. DH said we will give her a "goodwill credit". FINE But then she always pays through paypal (which is actually a pain for me but whatever) and she did it so that I got charged $3.20 for her to pay her $100................I am trying to get DH to address this with her since if she does it with rent we will lose $30. SHe has given away plants from my yard on CL without asking............that was a principle thing. She almost got my insurance on the house canceled. It took a week to sort that mess out and cost us money for us to cover her trampoline and swimming pool. And she took something that my DH ordered on Amazon and accidentally had shipped to our old house. For some reason the company put my name or resident???? and they decided to keep the box. While legally they could, morally that feels like stealing to me. I guess I am so unhappy about these tenants because none of these things are things that I would personally do. EVER! Thanks for letting me vent! If you read all this, bless you.
  14. Awesome! Seeing Dave live was the thing that got DH finally on board with the program so there is something to seeing him in person.
  15. I was thinking.......you don't need a bigger brain, you need to sprout some more arms! LOL Good luck! You are Matt will make it work and hopefully the break will allow your friend to heal some.
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