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    Happy New Year

    Wonderful updates! I wish you luck in finding the right answers for your own retirement this year. Your sons sound like they are both solid and levelheaded guys, and I am sure they will both be successful in navigating adulthood, with their parents' wise advice Thank you for sharing!
  2. Hey there! You are such a crucial part of LLNOE that has inspired the rest of us to stay determined on this path, I felt it was important to let you know that we are rooting for your speedy recovery and getting back in the saddle! You got this!

    1. pcmedic


      Thank you. I posted an update on the forum

  3. Hello friends, inspirations and financial confidants, I was working through a pile of collections statements and plugging numbers into the Debt Snowball Spreadsheet when I decided to stop by LLNOE and see what was going on as of late. It's really incredible, I began this journey in 2011 and so much "life" has happened, ups and downs, stupid and wise decisions, career momentum - everything! And it is so funny, as I technically sit here in BS2 again, it does not upset me because I've been through this before and know it can be done again! I feel pretty elated about our future together so wh
  4. Yeahhh... Nah! good for you that you know better!
  5. Gelly

    Life After Divorce

    Last time I poked into this LLNOE blog, it was April 2017. I was just beginning to dive into a divorce. Of course it wasn't what I wanted to have happen, and hindsight is 20/20.. If I could go back and change some decisions, I would possibly have chosen not to get married to him in the first place. (But then, would I be where I am now having learned the things I did through that marriage.. hrmmm.. head scratcher) But now that it has been 8 months since that blog post, I can absolutely state that I do not regret the decision one bit. In fact, I have learned so much about myself in this ti
  6. Gelly

    Divorce & Downsize

    So this is more of an intense update since my last couple blogs. As the title of this entry implies... We are getting a divorce. I'm not going to go into it in loads of detail here, but it's something that needed to happen (regardless of how happy we may have appeared) and the decision will likely benefit both of us in the long term. We are being amicable, he still lives in the house today but we have a deadline date set for him to be moved-out by (Saturday June 3rd). He has plans to move his stuff (which is 90% of the furniture in the house) to a storage barn at his aunt's house and likely m
  7. Gelly

    Spring Break!

    Winter quarter ended last week, boy am I glad! I went into it thinking it would be easy but I feel as if though I suffered quite a bit. I decided that due to a couple of planned out of state trips in the next 3 months, that going to school Spring quarter might be pushing it. So my plan is to go back this summer and either do 1 or both of my final 2 classes needed for the AA. April brings a 2-day fitness convention [put on by the format I teach] in Pittsburgh. I am really looking forward to meeting some like-minded people, learning what I can, to come home and make my classes even better.
  8. I am back in college this quarter, taking 2 classes. I have done school on and off for years, but I know I need to buckle down and finish getting that associate's. My mom and I are kind of in a race, to see who can get their bachelor's faster It's kinda fun. Obviously she has the advantage of being ahead of me already, but it's fun to share and joke with her. Anyway, being a student sucks the time out of my week. There is a lot of basic structured homework (online, business algebra) and then there is a LOT MORE homework and peer work in my Technical Writing class (in person). Oddly, though,
  9. Good to see you! I remember you well and I am kinda/sorta/lurking back here again, myself. The hot tub certainly sounds nice. I know some days I just need a soak (in my bath tub) with some essential oils/salts and let my stresses dissipate. Not going to harp on you about anything; you know what you need to do. I am so glad you have pulled thru that low and are now in a decent job and your OWN HOUSE! eek!
  10. Gelly

    Fitness & Well Being

    GLG, I never did officially post about it, so you didn't miss anything I have an appt with the midwife that I was meeting before, and she is eager to find the cause of the miscarriages. I will be pursuing figuring out the fertility issue, for sure, because I want to KNOW what's up. But will I be actively trying to get pregnant again once we find out where the problem(s) lie? Well, I am not so sure. I'm want to get back to college again to finish up my associate's. Then I want to get my bachelor's degree in business online. I also want to keep furthering my career while I get the college under
  11. These words seem to be the theme of my priorities as of late. Obviously with the new year just behind us, it's fitting. But I really am getting back into my previous workout routine @ the bootcamp studio. I am even scheduled to sub a couple classes at the end of the month. I went in to class last night and was shocked at how much strength and endurance I'd lost. When you can't even do a minute of full form jumping jacks because you feel so sluggish and out of breath, that's bad! With pregnancy off the table again, I am ready to get my body back to where it was (...again!) Not to mention th
  12. Gelly

    The first week jinx

    Get some rest!!! You can handle whatever happens tomorrow, tomorrow! LOL
  13. Gelly

    The first week jinx

    Oh my gosh that is SO SCARY. God was definitely looking over your family! I can see why your DH is freaked out. SMH. I hope this is all for you guys and you are back to normalcy soon!
  14. So far so good here too! I've made two of those nine meals already.. now on business for a week so DH has some leftovers to work with but I'm willing to bet he is going to go to the grocery store for cereal or sandwich stuff soon LOL. When I get back I'm gonna catch up on all those other dinner recipes and get our pantry and freezer BARE! (like someone else mentioned it's nice when everything's freshly scrubbed wiped down and sanitized! can't wait..)
  15. Wow. I now have a dinner menu for January for 9 different dinners using the meat and grains and veg I already have. Hot dang! - Chicken Casablanca w/rice - Asian quinoa salad w/ teriyaki chicken - Italian chicken soup - Moroccan Harira (a bean soup) - Curried Lentils w/butternut squash - Dill/Lemon Salmon w/quinoa + brussels sprouts - Meatballs (and a lone porkchop!) with mushroom gravy over rice & green beans - Oven roasted trout w/rice & green beans - Baked Dijon salmon w/rice & mixed veg I mean really once you put it down on paper it's amazing how many meals I may b
  16. Teas are amazing. I tried to get into them for a while (and did, successfully for maybe 2 weeks) then it was just as easy for me to 'fall off the wagon' and stop drinking them. But I have a nice variety in the pantry, and for me, it's a super easy way to get more water intake. I still haven't made my meal plan yet. We kind of did chores and ran errands all day. But I am getting to it right NOW!
  17. Next appt/ultrasound is not until January 12th (or 19th)? - I had to push it out because it was going to be this coming Tuesday but I am traveling out of town for work next week. Midwife was booked and also going to a workshop or something so it will be quite a wait So far no AA meetings attended on his end yet & no beer bought or alcohol consumed.. Just lots of Pepsi. So far we're fine, but I definitely want to see him actually commit to meetings or meeting with a therapist or something.
  18. I am going to take today to focus on making some kind of meal plan with what we've got. Already have a couple recipes planned (a salad and a chicken+rice type dish that utilizes one of the vinegars as part of marinade) but if I don't plan for stuff like that trout, then I probably will not end up using it! It is nice to make a grocery list that only involves one or two ingredients needed per dish, as opposed to shopping for everything at once! Once we literally run out I hope our grocery envelope will have built up enough for me to hit Costco or Winco or Walmart and get more bulk frozen/pant
  19. We used to have two standing freezers in our garage at one point, both were handed down to us. We sold the smaller one because we did not even need that many. But we kept one for future use (someday!), it's a good thing to have. It's definitely unplugged and cleaned out at the moment. Our freezer drawer in the kitchen can hold SO much that I don't see us using the garage one unless we bought a cow or bulk meats. So I inventoried, got a little busy last night as I usually do. I rarely hop on LLNOE in the evening! but here goes. in my pantry… Bulgur Wheat about 2 cups Red Quinoa, unopened bag
  20. I like the idea of it but I just don't have quite as much as you do that needs using up, I suppose!? In fact, we have already been "cleaning out" or pantry-surfing for the last week and a half or so. However. I'll join in with what I've got. I know I have a few pesky pantry and freezer items that NEED TO GO.. I look at them and go "nah" over and over and they never get used. I'll check back in tonight!
  21. You can do this! The mortgage amount (due to stupid tax and all that) is wild! I can see how that would be a burden on your shoulders. One goal at a time.. I will pray that your DH attends FPU with you (you never know!) and maybe you guys see more eye to eye on DR/finances
  22. Called DH during my lunch break today and talked to him about our issues a little. I told him I want to begin seeing our counselor again (but alone this time) and that I would love for him to begin attending AA. He began coming up with excuses "But I don't need AA, I can cut back on my own" and I told him he's said that before and we keep going in circles with it. Told him that I don't need to live with these alcohol problems surrounding me and I will choose not to if it comes down to it. Then the conversation got to the point where he said he's talked to his co-worker recently (the one he dri
  23. Now that Christmas holiday is over and we are done traveling for a while (went to AZ to see DH's parents and just got home yesterday morning), I am back home and I guess back to some normalcy. But my motivation seems shot and I have been keeping to myself a lot more. I'm not using social media as much as I used to and I'm not going out of my way to text or call people or attend things. Our pregnancy seems to be on the rocks - the ultrasound a week and a half ago apparently showed the fetus was not as far along as we had calculated - 6wks not 8wks - and they couldn't see a heartbeat. They sent
  24. Gelly

    Shearing the Budget

    OK, I ran my spare phone under Total Wireless' check and it won't qualify. such a bummer! Still need to run DH's actual phone though. Just not sure where to get his phone's code if we don't still have the box it came with.
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