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  1. I love the little one running through the yard in the corner of the picture. I bet they will remember today for a long time. Quite an adventure!
  2. I could have written your post. I hate the lack of science, social studies, and writing that I see. I hate that my fourth grader is getting 100s on math tests but 41 and 57 on assignments because he doesn't have enough time to complete them and she won't give him more time. I hate that if they buy lunch, they only have 10 minutes to eat. I hate my second grader isn't allowed to be challenged at school because she's past the acceleration the teachers are allowed to do, by district policy. I hate that they require pretty much all work and all projects to be done at school so we have no idea
  3. Yeah, I think I'd be adding up just how long you're spending on homework, let the teacher know, and ask them what's the most important to get done. There shouldn't be that much do be done at home. We live in one of the "best" districts in the state and they have barely any homework. Tonight my 4th grader had 8 subtraction problems and 20 minutes of reading. My 2nd grader had 15 minutes of reading, find 2 words with the spelling pattern (o-consonant-e) in the reading, and 10 minutes of fact practice. Not a whole other language arts class taught at home!
  4. We don't have an HOA in our neighborhood, and I am glad. I have heard some of the ridiculous things some HOAs worry about. I've heard of people getting fined because a bare light bulb was visible through a basement window, because they changed the shape of their front landscaping without permission, and because their kids' play house tent had red in it. It would be nice to have an organization that might do things like block parties or Christmas decorating contests or things like that, but otherwise I can definitely live without them! Our city has a property standards department that keeps
  5. Hugs. The beginning of the year is rough. It sounds to me like Raeanna is just tired. It is exhausting going from a summer of playing almost non-stop to having to do what someone tells you, when they tell you, for seven hours straight, especially when that stuff is hard for you (i.e. reading). My two were in 1st & 3rd last year and came in the house crying almost every day for two straight weeks. It had nothing to do with disliking school and everything to do with being exhausted. Things got better after they got back in the routine. I'd say try to go easy on her for a couple o
  6. Miranova, I am reading your posts and remembering exactly why I don't think I can ever teach full-time again. I had to neglect my health the exact same way. We had 5 sick days and 2 "personal" days per year. We got a similar quote about taking off around testing days. In order to go to my OB appointments while pregnant, I had to get special permission to leave 20 minutes early to get to the doctor's last appointment of the day, and the appointment couldn't be three of the days of the week because I had to keep kids after school those days. We were expected to work extended day (after scho
  7. Having been a teacher for many years, I can relate completely to your post. I "retired" when I had my first baby and at this point, I don't see myself going back to full-time teaching. The plan right now is to teach preschool when the little one goes to Kindergarten in a year. I think you have an awesome plan (because knowing you, you have worked out all the details) and kudos to you for actually making the break. I think you will be much happier. For the calendar, I have a friend who swears by Cozi.
  8. jenninca

    three bags full

    I am pretty minimalist on my clothing. When I first read about Project 333, I thought it sounded ridiculously small. Then I counted my clothes and found that I didn't even HAVE 33 items of clothing for that season! I love my closet; it's so peaceful!
  9. jenninca

    What a week

    gazelle, some of the ones in the first half of the month have parties like another mom was telling me she did for her daughter - massive mall scavenger hunt, ending up at the indoor surfing shop where they all got to surf, personalized shirts, hats, and towels for each guest, etc, etc. I don't know how much of a "thing" they are around here but I think I'm glad my kids' birthdays are later in the month!
  10. I have 2 kids with ADHD and one was diagnosed by the pediatrician (with parent and teacher surveys) and the other was diagnosed by a psychologist (because they wanted to test for Asperger's too). I would probably start with your pediatrician before jumping all the way to a neurologist. They originally suggested a neurologist with ODS but the wait lists started at 6 months. Hugs to you!
  11. I had been wondering! Congratuations!!!
  12. I agree with pollyanna - what are you using blow money on if it isn't entertainment or hobbies?
  13. We had a similar conversation last night. Had a trip to the grocery store where everything seemed more expensive, and came home to DH telling me that our new HSA was going to start charging us a monthly fee, no matter what type of account we choose. Argh argh argh.
  14. Congratulations! Send some vibes over this way! YDS will be 3 next month and has ZERO interest!
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