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  1. crispy

    I did it!

    That's a great accomplishment! Congratulations!
  2. Sounds epic! We love doing the big road trips, but are limited to a week at a time because of work. We hit six states for our May trip, and it was a blast! We love staying in out of the way places and meeting people. It is an amazing country!
  3. Good to hear from you! Were you able to move closer to where Alex works? Sounds like you are doing great!
  4. Glad the renovations are done! They are a pain, but the results are worth it
  5. crispy

    Christmas sewing pics

    Super cute! I adore that quilt.
  6. Yeah, at some point, we would like to do a full remodel, but we are trying to spend our renovation budget on the things that will give us the biggest bang for our buck if we had throw the house on the market tomorrow. The cabinets were in really good shape so doing an inexpensive refresher makes it look nice without spending a huge amount of money. We did receive a couple of estimates for gut jobs, but the 25K they wanted was our whole remodel budget...yikes! We spent that on finishing out a bonus room and laundry room and adding heating and air to that part of the house, painting the ho
  7. That time seems a little high because there was a lot of waiting between coats. I think 50 to 60 hours of labor is a bit closer. A friend who is a painter charges $70 per door and chargers a certain amount per square foot for the cabinet boxes. Still much cheaper than new cabinets. He uses a sprayer though so the finish would probably be a lot smoother.
  8. We used a Giani Granite countertop kit which cost about $80. It was very easy to use and the painting and drying time was only a couple of days although we did keep everything off the counters for a week. The finish looks nothing like granite to me (didn't really expect it to), but it does look nice and sure beats the yellow ones we had. We bought the kit from Amazon, but you can get it from some retailers or directly from the company. Rustoleum has some countertop kits also, but they were more expensive and seemed a lot more complicated. The cabinets were a lot more involved. We spe
  9. Thanks! I will post more pictures at some point although most of the other things have been subbed out.
  10. Painting the cabinets was a lot of hard work, and I don't want to ever do it again! It had to be done though because I couldn't live with those weird handles in the middle of the doors. Painting the countertops was pretty easy, and we were very pleased with the results. We priced out new laminate and were quote $1700, and there was no way I was paying that because we were still undecided about keeping the cabinets at that time. BTW, the oven is the original from when the house was built 40 years ago. It is pretty ugly, but it cooks like a dream so we decided to keep it until it d
  11. Here's some before and after pics of our budget kitchen makeover. We spent about $350 total, but we will be doing the floors in January as well. We moved into the house in August and have spent about 25K on renovations including updating the very old bathrooms (carpet and avocado green tile), updating a decrepit and scary laundry room, and finishing out a 500sf bonus room. We have cash flowed all of the renos and feel like they will add about 50K in value to the house (the house two doors down with a finished bonus space sold for 60K more than our house and it is pretty comparable overall)
  12. crispy

    I'm moving

    I think this is a good move for you, and the rent sounds very reasonable to me.
  13. crispy

    The story

    Awww, that is so hard. ((HUGS)) to you.
  14. Can I be harsh? The problem in this scenario isn't your mother or your sister, it's you. They can dish out whatever they want, but you are choosing to take it. That's on you, not them. You don't have to listen to them, you don't have to be around them, you don't have to finance them. You are choosing to do so. Ask yourself what you are getting out of this? Even better, what is your son getting out of this? Do you really want him to grow up thinking this is normal? I know this is easier said than done, but it can be done. Many of us here have cut off or severely limited contact w
  15. Welcome! It sounds like you have a good plan for the future.
  16. What a rough week! Hope everyone is on the mend.
  17. I haven't either. Our city had it's first animal shelter built in the last five years so we aren't necessarily the most up-to-date on everything.
  18. I am not neither pro or anti HOA. I think it's like anything else - there are good and bad apples everywhere. We recently moved from a neighborhood with one to a neighborhood without one. We had a pretty good HOA in our last one. It wasn't super expensive, all the common grounds and amenities were taken care of, and there were never any crazy or demanding rules. We had no issues with them whatsoever, and I attribute them in part for us being able to get a high price for the house we sold. Our previous neighborhood didn't have one, and it was honestly getting to be kind of trashy looking.
  19. crispy

    My stressful day

    Ugh! Dishwasher's are the worst sometimes. Sorry for all the stress and hope your husband feels better soon.
  20. crispy


    Sweet! I know it's a relief to have that closed!
  21. crispy

    Made my first Etsy sale!

    Hope your appointment goes well and glad to hear you are healing nicely.
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