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  1. What a pretty house! It's looking good. I agree with some color and maybe trim back that tree/shrub on the corner of the house. I think it will make house look bigger
  2. DaisyGirl

    What's up with us

    Sorry to hear he dislikes it. My dh stuck it out at a job he hated for 2 years. It was an important step career wise but I would not wish that on anyone. It just stinks.
  3. Congrats! Hope you enjoy those tiny snuggles and the sweet newborn-ness.
  4. I really admire all your hard work! Can I ask do you find it helps him to eat that little extra before or after exercise?
  5. That looks awesome! I'd have been too scared to try. What a great job you did.!
  6. I've contemplated it and there are pluses and minuses to each. I wish I had more advice than that!
  7. You're in a very good position to blow this debt out of sight. Just keep plugging away!!
  8. Grief is weird like that. It's normal to reflect on things. What a kind thing you did by filling it up with beer. You are so thoughtful! I hope you realize this. Good job on ditching thag storage unit!
  9. Excellent, must be such a relief!
  10. It's a very nice home, a few things to make it stand out in online listings should do the trick. Was thinking about it some more, with curtains from a friend or yard sale, one large wall art piece, and even a comforter tossed over some moving boxes to show a bed for one nice photo per bedroom will get more people interested. I recently helped stage and photograph an older home for and they really made a difference at only the cost of my time. I used a $8 christmas tree shop metal wall art sculpture to update the bedroom. (I had bought it for my house and they are borrowing it lol). Also can you play up the size of the bedrooms? Is there an area for a laptop/ office? It seems you are also up against 4bedroom houses, but perhaps they are smaller bedrooms.
  11. I have to agree, staging would really help. Perhaps going through realtor they would take the cost into final sale? If it meant selling this month instead of 6, it would be very worth it. I really think people were for example picking out the ceiling fan because there was nothing else to focus on. I know you are so done with the house, I have been therr, but a few touches would help. Is there a neighbor you would trust to add a fake potted plant by the front door, towels to the bathroom, a shower curtain in each bath(to play up the number of bathrooms) a low bowl of fake fruit or something in the kitchen?also there is kind of a cool cast to several photos, the walls almost look greenish in a few. At the very least could they adjust those photos to look warmer?
  12. I'm sorry you are having a hard time with this. When I am feeling down, I try to remember I may see things differently another day. This was not a relationship that was good for you. Please try to see yourself wth the love and kindness you would a friend in a similar situation. Very few people will judge you the way you think they will. Recognize those negative thoughts and try to distract yourself with happier thoughts. Go on a run with that adorable pup. Call a counselor and talk through it. Much love to you. It must be very hard.
  13. Ugg its so hard to do those evening chores, isn't it? I know I just want to be done my shift!
  14. DaisyGirl

    I'm Back!

    Glad to "hear" from you. I'm sorry after the surgery was so difficult. I am hoping things on all fronts are looking up for you soon!
  15. Oh my sounds busy! I am sure you will be just as busy "not working" I use google calendar for our meals too, at least when I actually buckle down and do it. Did you get any feedback on house you are trying to sell? Do you have a listing you want to share?
  16. DaisyGirl


    I have many similar feelings. Like. GLG said practice helps. I ended up taking my 3yo to a once a week dropoff playgroup at the nearby preschool. It was just enough to meet his social needs and a tiny break for me. I had to make myself do even that cause my brain instantly calculates is it worth loading and unloading baby? And most of the time its yes. Having similar anxiety it actually helped knowing what to expect each week and the familiar location. Another thing that helps me is scoping out nearby playgrounds with only the baby in tow. If I can find a playground where I can see everyone and know the situation (like are there picnic tables, a bathroom, a fence?) helps me prepare and stay here longer when I take the kids later. Another place I like is the indoor play place cause I can just entertain baby while the others play.
  17. Super cute! The baby and the dresses. How old is baby now? Our youngest is just turning a year.
  18. I dislike schedules as well, though my young kids enjoy them. Also not a natural stay at home mom. What works for me is having a morning and evening routine. I guess I did that while working, too but it helps me to have a semi-clean house and helps me mentally. I form a daily checklist but keep it very loose. I use google calendar for doctor appts(each lid has their own calendar and is shared w dh), house cleaning stuff that is not routine, vehicle registrations, etc. I keep a list of 1 hour or less projects and work on them as I feel up to it. This helps me accomplish something but as it fits in.
  19. Been thinking of you, thanks for updating. Sorry to hear about the bad news part.
  20. DaisyGirl

    hello, ego boost

    That sounds like a great plan!
  21. DaisyGirl

    hello, ego boost

    I totally understand your concerns. I've always enjoyed part time work, so my instinct is to tell you to go for it. If you can, offer up your ideal schedule, it might be easier and cost effective to drop kids off somewhere twice a week at daycare. I found having working days and home days was easier mentally than half-days of each. You could pump for baby, but after 6 months I found my babies had no problem with formula 1-2 times a day twice a week and no issues with continued breastfeeding(all were over a year). At that point they are eating baby food anyway so I consider it an extension of that. Baby's only organic is a reasonable price and they don't advertise in hospitals, which I like. Point is a little time to be "yourself" and earn some income can be valuable. I feel its equally valuable to "stay home" if that is what works for you. I personally feel part time is the best of both worlds but of course it depends on what you see yourself doing in the future.
  22. I wish I had something helpful or wise to say. I am sorry you are feeling down, and remember your brain is lying to you right now. You are worthy and deserving and someday you will move past all this.
  23. Get the additional items and then tell him to talk to your lawyer. Play dumb if you have to. Use your money for the lawyer, it is worth it.
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