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    Yay! Congratulations!!!! WooHoo!!! ****Fireworks*** ***Confetti*** ***Cheers*** *Champange popping!!* Well, IMHO there should be all those things anyway! Congratulations!
  2. With determination and God's love you can do anything!  Hang in there!

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      Thank you. I posted an update on the forum

  3. My understanding is that collection agencies will settle for much less (since they usually buy the debt for pennies on the dollar), BUT get the agreement in writing before you send them a dime, and they usually want the entire amount at once. Agency A calls, and you come to an agreement on amount of settlement. They send you a letter (or it may be email now?!?) naming the settlement amount and that it settles the debt in full. You send them that amount. They seem less willing to settle for payments. At least from what I can recall. I like your "tiny house". How are you enjy
  4. Hi KBOL, I thought that 5.6 WAS normal.... I think 5.7 is actually "normal" so you are actually doing great! Most doctors will say that once you have been diagnosed, you will always be diabetic, you will just be "well controlled". So maybe that is what the doctor meant? We like the "Diabetic Living" recipes for diabetic friendly meals. Especially "Meals by the Plate". When we were first starting out, that was the book we used the most. And remember herbs and spices are FREE!!! *LOL* I always thoought of diabetic food as bland, but now that I can have my spices, it's not that diffe
  5. Dh's LAST diabetes appt was today. 18 months ago or so his A1C (blood sugar) was somewhere around 11.8 or something like that... high enough that he ended up in the ER, and freaked himself out. My last update was 6 months ago, where we learned about "partial remission", and with this appointment his A1c was 5.4 (NORMAL) and since it's been that way for a year without meds or surgery... the doc called it "FULL remission" and says she doesn't need to see us anymore!!! He still has to keep an eye on the A1c every 6 months or so, but all the reprecussions have reset back to what they were
  6. momto6

    Divorce & Downsize

    I'm sorry that you are going through this. It's going to be up and down for a little while. I have to second the post about looking into prices for land in your desired area. As well as putting in a concrete pad, electricity, sewage, and water. Sometimes they aren't as cheap as we think they should be. Also look at the legalities of living in a motor home (5th wheel, travel trailer) in your area. Some areas have restricitions. Figure out if you CAN do what you want to do, in a way that works for you. Do you own a tow vehicle? What is the towing limit? Is it built for towing? (M
  7. Sorry you are going through all this. (The D in DH doesn't always mean "dear"! *L*) Can you live with out him? Financially? Emotionally? Realistically? A house that needs a new roof will sell for less, but the new owners can usually get a loan to cover those costs. Can you clear the loan with what the relator thinks you can get for the house? AFTER fees? Can your family help with trucks or trailers to help get rid of the clutter? Trips to the dump or renting a storage facility in his name and putting it there? Hoaders tend to want to keep their "stuff". Get online and
  8. For roasted veg, I bought a "spritzer".... It sprays like a can of Pam, but is whatever oil I choose to put in it (and without the chemicals), and enables me to put a very light coating on the veg. When roasting potatoes, I generally add other veg in with them. It "stretches" them a bit and makes them look like more (without adding more carbs). Saltine crackers are 6-7 per serving... I replaced them with "good thins", which give the flavor and texture of crackers without all the carbs (they are made from veg, not flour), AND is 15-16 per serving.... there are a LOT of varieties of "good
  9. Breakfast (pick one) "egg mcmuffin" homemade.... english muffin toasted, topped with 1 egg scrambled, and a slice of cheese **Made on weekend and frozen for weekday ease. Heated in microwave. Sometimes adds sausage or ham (though infrequently because of the salt in the ham). Grits with butter (1/3 c dry and 4/3 c water, nuked) 1T butter Sometimes 2 breakfast bars (prefers nurtigrain) if he's in a hurry Waffles (Nutrigrain (I think) Eggo) infrequently and with maple syrup (low sugar and by the serving size) Weekends - 2 eggs usually scrambled, toast, sometimes sausages Snack (10am or so a
  10. Thank you both. Plinda, I think that some of the medical professionals don't take it seriously enough though too. They don't stress the possibility of control, or the importance of it. (at least not as much as they could) They don't talk about the possibility of NOT needing the meds or explain why that may be important, especially if you have go back onto them later. In fact they kind of fight going off them.... not "fight" really, but discourage. I think everyone could at least TRY to get to the point where they didn't need the meds. But it's hard for the patient when the doc doesn'
  11. Thank ya'll. =0) kelvan - Just know that sometimes your will is simply not part of the equation with this disease. There's a lot that can put it off, but sometimes meds are necessary, and skinny "healthy" people get it too. So IF it does happen, it's not your fault and you can deal with it. =0) I still don't think I know enough about anything to write a book, but thanks! *L* fpmomma - Thank YOU! That was my hope and intention with sharing. I too have been surprised with the number of folks who have this disease that share once they know we too have it.... I say we, but it's real
  12. After 1 year his A1C is holding steady at 5.3 (off meds) and has lost 75 pounds (hovering between 75 and 80). Wants to lose 10-15 more ideally, but is currently stalled where he is. A few newer definitions.... these apparently haven't been around long and are based on the new (to medical professionals) idea that diabetes actually CAN go into remission (what some folks are calling "cured")... "partial remission" = fasting glucose between 5.6 and 6.9 for at least a year (no meds) "complete remission" - fasting glucose below 5.6 for at least a year (no meds) "prolonged remission" - longer th
  13. I didn't mean to terminate her rights... that is a serious charge and usually for criminal or neglect reasons. Very difficult to do and mostly undesirable. Full physcial custody just means that they live with you and DH full time and visit their mom. Rather than moving back and forth in some kind of way (other than weekend or longer visits). No, debt will not cause her to lose CUSTODY.... but failing to pay for needed medical care, or clothing that fits, or after care (depending on age)... may. It's not that she has debt, it's that she's not taking care of the children's needs. G
  14. Are her actions actually harming the children? If so, I believe you have the OBLIGATION to sue for full physical custody. Period. Of the two parents, one has to look out for the children's best interest. Now for the hard part.... Did you or DH sign documents that said you would pay for after care? If not, it's not your business. Did you or DH sign documents that said you would pay for "hot" lunch at school? If not, it's not your business. Get the x's telephone numbers (work/home) and EVERY time that the school calls you to pay the lunch bill, give them her contact information and tel
  15. momto6


    OK, so YAY! In less than 3 months your FFEF will be back to full! SO glad you had it and so glad it did what it was supposed to do!!! Personally, I do not consider myself back in BS3 when we use the FFEF. I still consider myself in BS6-7, just pausing it to refill the FFEF. I expect to have to refill it when used, and I expect it to be used sometime. So it's not really backsliding to me, it's using it for what it's there for, and ensuring that it's there in the future. Since you are temporarily stopping a 529, I assume that you are in BS6, and have paused that step to refill the FFE
  16. germaine - I never say "don't listen to the doctor"... unless the doctor is saying something is impossible! *L* But I do say "Question EVERYTHING, including what the doctor says." I do respect doctors but I think that sometimes they can get stuck in a rut like everyone else and not look at the patient so much as the disease. So shake them up! *L* fpmomma - I think that that is key.... making the lifestyle changes that fit with your life. If you try to do everything at once, then you end up feeling deprived, then you binge, then you give up. We started saying sometimes we will fail, a
  17. So we had our 9ish month check up... hard to believe that it's really been that long, but it has. Total pounds lost - 71-75 depending on when he steps on the scale. Total A1C - 5.3 (normal high is 5.6, anything over that gets you a diabetes diagnosis) Started at 11.6 Total cholesterol - 163 (I think), generally they want it to be under 200. Started around 200. Blood pressure normal.... started borderline high Total medications - ZERO!! Started on two different ones for diabetes, with the doc wanting to prescribe one for high blood pressure and another for cholesterol. So he went from
  18. fpmomma: It was wonderful. If you visit Atlanta, it's definately worth the trip!! Kelvan: What to write about???? *L* I have been telling EVERYONE about this store!! *L* Friends, neighbors, the guy in the local produce section.... everyone! Thanks about DH's numbers. We're cautiously optomistic. =0) Katiebug: It was a really fun store, if you go, and make a list, separate it by country rather than like you would for a regular grocery store! And wear walking shoes..... and make sure you have plenty of time...(seriously, like Lowes!!) And if you actually visit the food court
  19. So, I usually do not do this, but I have to tell ya'll about a store I went to the other day. It was "Buford Highway Farmer's Market" in Atlanta (Doraville to be exact). It is SOOOOOOOO not a farmer's market, so if you go, don't expect it to be locally grown produce, or really local anything. But let me tell you about this store...... First it's the size of a Home Depot or Lowes. Second it's quite possibly the most wonderful store I've been to in a long time. It's basically a grocery store.... It's really a grocery store for the WORLD. We'll start with produce, because that is what
  20. *LOL* Thanks fpmomma. =o) It was a lot of fun. Both in the planning and the doing. It was an adventure. *L* And yes, for now, about every 2 years we plan a similar trip. We have relatives scattered here tither and yon, and really, I'm a gypsy at heart, so this kind of trip settles my wanderlust, and we get to see all the relatives that can't travel. (or at least not far) This country is beautiful... from the deserts to the mountains, from the seashores to the midwest. There is something for everyone. From tiny little towns (population 13) to huge cities (I don't want to consider e
  21. We're back from our whirlwind trip around the US. Went to visit mom in Idaho, via Albuquerque, NM, and Portland, OR. Saw 4 families of relatives, one a brother DH hadn't seen in 30+ years. We now have 6 states left in the continental US that we haven't visited together. Had to replace two tires on the road.... no biggie since we have a sinking fund for tires. =o) Stayed within budget. Had a BLAST! Saw the Painted Desert, ate at a fabulous little restaurant in Albuquerque, drove the ET highway, and ate at the A'LE Inn. Saw Mount Shasta, and entered Oregon in the rain, and stayed in t
  22. Thanks guys! It sounds a little like bragging, but I am so excited about those results! It lets us know that what we're doing is working. =0) Germaine, We are working towards no meds, hopefully soon not even the diabetic ones (fingers crossed), and we're seriously holding off on starting any others until we get this straightened out. On the up side, the doctor is more in agreement with us now, than she was when we started. =0) And since his numbers are so close to "normal" she's not stressing adding meds like she had been in the beginning. Kelvan80, thank you, and I'm sorry about
  23. So yesterday was our first three month check up. The one where they take his blood and check his numbers again. His A1C, when we started this journey was 11.6 (which is bad, bad, bad).... It's now 5.8! (normal being between 4.5 and 5.7) He has lost 43 pounds. (51 left) His total cholesterol dropped 25%. His "good" cholesterol rose 33%. His bad cholesterol dropped 33%. Blood pressure dropped to "normal" numbers. (from near high) Doc said that these numbers would indicate that he was "pre" diabetic. (without the previous diagnosis) She is thrilled! Since we spent a month working on
  24. Congratulations!!! Having a new baby is always so exciting. =0) Every baby and every mother is different. =0) Something that works well for one set, will not work at all for another. You have to figure out what works for you. Knowing that there are other options that worked for other folks may help if what you think will work for some reason doesn't. You can rest assured that there are other options other than all or nothing.... which can sometimes seem like the only way it can be done. You have a good plan, work it. =0) Just don't forget that you and DH will need some togethe
  25. We usually eat it after, because that's when the number drops. BUT if it's under 100 before exercise, then he has a bite before hand.... but usually only snack sized.
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