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  1. Love that you have an organized plan. Being able to push forward is a positive step that serves to point you towards moving on to the start of healing. Best wishes...
  2. Annie

    Hurricane Hermine

    Glad all are well. Sorry about property damage.
  3. Annie

    sooo ready for August!

    When it rains, it sure seems to pour. At least you have a family member do the install,which I am guessing saves a decent amount of $$$$$. Why do car repairs have to cost SO much?
  4. I like the every dollar app because I can easily see where I go over budget. Very much an eye opener. Years ago, at the start of Larry Burketts program, I remember writing down every penny spent for several weeks and then organized all that into categories. Love the apps that easily sort based on my input. So much quicker! And like you, use info to make changes-like going back to cash versus debit card for food and household items,the routinely overspent areas.
  5. Well there are some positives...retirement and paid off house...so it could be worse but it is not. Congratulations on putting together aa plan!
  6. Good luck with the move, hope that works out for you and your family and things settle down into a stable lull.
  7. Annie

    What's up with us

    Best wishes. Hope he gets an assignment that stops the deployments for awhile.
  8. Hats off to you having a plan and an organized way to sort through chaos. Did I miss why your disability drops? I get why the G I bill stops. And congratulations on your impending graduation☺️
  9. I bought a Vegetti that easily cuts veggies into pasta like thinness. I mostly use yellow squash so far. Steam it briefly and use in place of pasta. Stays crisp enough to enjoy, but not so crunchy when eating, I put the strips in microwave for one minute. Got the device for under $10 on Amazon.
  10. If he doesn't not like the whey protein he might want to try vegan. I am in love with the stuff. It comes from plant based protein. I have it in a smoothie with fruit and almond milk @ 6:30 in the a m and don't get hungry until lunch...2scoops...if ok with doc. I am not diabetic. I did it to dump dairy 20 pounds ago
  11. Annie

    More Prayers :(

    Sad news. We need better access for people who can't find their way out of intense pain without resorting to suicide. I don't know the answer, but I think that we as a society have failed so many people.Admitting the failure is a big step towards looking for a better solution. Sorry for those involved and impacted.
  12. Annie

    The first week jinx

    Goodness, what a taxing time for you. May the wind be at your back for a long time to come...
  13. You have goals! Major step in the right direction. We all kick ourselves over stupid things we have done. All any of us can do is start where we are at. You will get there.
  14. Hope he gets some help with the alcohol problem. I knew someone close to me once whose husband drank like a fish. One day she had had it-she told him either quit drinking or get out. He quit drinking, immediately. It was amazing. It can be done I guess when someone realizes the cost. Others need help. Hope you two can sort it out.
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