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  1. Thanks for your inspiration. I too am working on my FFEF, lets flex that savings muscle.
  2. Thankfully waking up in panic and sweaty has died down now that we have fewer corona cases. Trying to do stuff with the kids is somehow getting easier and more normal although still moments of frustration because I was not cut out to be a stay at home mom. I still have my jobs and am applying for another one. DH was even less cut out to be a stay at home dad, but now his online classes are over he's not yelling at them as much. We are having more family time together. We're planning to keep the kids home over the summer as well which will save money on camps. With coronavirus I'm wor
  3. namaste

    Go away, Murphy

    Man, our toilet seat broke, well that's number 3, so hopefully Murphy will stay away. Looking for pennies, not Murphies.
  4. namaste


    Oops, saw cadberries other thread about increasing retirement.
  5. namaste


    That's awesome! With fewer monthly expenses will you be putting more into retirement? Putting any more into charity? It's so great to start really paying yourself.
  6. namaste

    Go away, Murphy

    I know what you mean. In the last 2 weeks had a big car repair on our older car, we had to get our dryer fixed, and since murphy likes to come in 3's I'm waiting for the next one. The good thing is that thanks to my in laws and me being home since my work schedule is intermittent we were able to survive on our 1 car with some borrowing of their car and some errands/kid pick up from school run by the in laws so we didn't have to rent a car while our car was in the shop.
  7. namaste

    Life After Divorce

    Great update. Just FYI, you can start your own Roth IRA with any earned income. I have mine at Vanguard and am very happy with it. Most employers offer pretax plans which are also great when you are saving for the future. What a beautiful inspiration your post is.
  8. Source: How to balance all areas of life?
  9. namaste

    Treading water

    I really feel stalled. I know we're saving for the babies but I'm just feeling really stalled and like I'm not making the progress I wanted. Our food costs have skyrocketed and we're eating out more due to my pregnancy really. I have been making my weight gain targets only because of what we've been doing with our food. I have so few things I want to eat and so much makes me nauseous. I'm at 23 weeks right now, and have 7 weeks more before I'm out of the "high risk" category for twins. I'm having a very hard time sleeping between numb arms and leg cramps and babies kicking and just all
  10. namaste

    No new debt!

    I'm trying to keep that mantra going. I really want to get solar electric this year before incentives in my state go away. Either we can go with a smaller 2.5K system that will cover a bit more than 50% of our electricity cost, or a full 4.5 to 5K system that covers 100% of our electricity. Either way it's a 6 year payback. The main problem is you have to pay up front. I believe we could raise up the funds (instead of the slated new car fund) but the early fall and be able to put on the smaller system. The only way to do the entire system would be a personal or home equit
  11. Sweet, I am getting a raise next paycheck and I'm also getting an extra week of vacation and my extra stipend for the year that I gave back last year! This will cover the decrease from my additional health insurance, and the higher limit for 403b (like 401K) deduction this year and still put a little bit for my snowball. We're also considering investing in solar electricity this year with the excellent incentives in our state and the 30% tax break! That could reduce our electricity cost by about $1,000 per year! We're having a sump pump put in next week to prevent any more flo
  12. I just finished hashing over a bunch of projected tax expenses and it looks like the increase we've been taking out of our paychecks may be giving us a refund, but I still have to wait for another couple of months until all the paperwork comes back. Also our accountant has so much depreciation in there for the home business it's rather confusing. But I think my conservative estimates are that we'll be covered. If that holds true, we should by April be able to fill both our Roth IRAs, our SEP- IRA, and get back into progress on BS3! Of course we are taking a trip in March, but that s
  13. Wow! What about car insurance/maintenance? What about medical?
  14. namaste

    January's Shopping List

    You're an inspiration!
  15. namaste

    January's Menu

    Could you get whole chickens instead of just chicken breast and "stretch" it?
  16. $60 a month off the grocery budget is HUGE!
  17. The past few years have been interesting. I come from a family culture of huge gifts, and it's not really just about materialism, it's about thoughtfulness, getting people things they wouldn't get themselves, personalized gifts, and seeing the smile and joy on the faces of people I love when I get it right. With my mom though, giving gifts has always been an expression of love. Let me say this year I still haven't fully achieved a frugal Christmas, but at the same time, I'm thinking about my family's journey on this topic and how my talking about living on a budget has changed all of us.
  18. Man if I had not put that FFEF into CD's, I would likely be sending a hunk of it into the feds as an estimated tax payment. We increased our withholding this year, but it still didn't make it up to last years total taxes. I guess we didn't calculate very well. I'm going to sink as hard as I can this month and squeeze the budget as much as possible to get that estimated tax payment to the IRS before the end of the month. Squeezing the budget is what I used to do in BS2 all the time, but in BS3 I've been padding up sinking funds and regularly saving chunks for the FFEF each time. I ac
  19. yeah, that was before we were putting so much into our retirement. It really is true when you focus just on one thing you can do it much faster. We're actually splurging on Christmas a bit more than we should. But that will all be over this month and I managed to mix and match the budget enough to cover it.
  20. I'm trying to convince DH to get working on his home business taxes so we can estimate how much we'll need.
  21. It's so lucky that I put the next month of FFEF into that CD, or else I'd be sending it to my Roth IRA right now. Our average snowball is about 2K per month. We've not had any income from DH's business in the past 6 months, but he has upcoming checks coming in, but the first few are going to reimburse money he borrowed from our budget to pay for some stuff for his business. We need: 5K Roth #1 5K Roth #2 likely 3K for SEP-IRA All before April 15. Also we might owe some in taxes. I guess we can get repaid for our medical expenses now that I've added a second healt
  22. Yay! I'm so happy for you! Thanks so much for sharing and also I had no idea you have to do all that once you pay off a house!! Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration!
  23. Awesome! I only get 1% match but DH's work gives 9%!
  24. What I meant was, TSP is tax free growth, it's just you get taxed when you take it out at the end, so it's ok to leave bonds in there too, as far as I understand.
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