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  1. Hi - I'm new here and want to know if this is just for people looking at retiring?  I don't seem to see any already retired seniors with money problems while living on a fixed SS income.  Am I in the wrong place?

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    2. Plinda


      Welcome PatriciaAnne.  This forum is for anyone looking to get their finances in order no matter what stage of life.  It's easier to become debt free while you are still working but it's even more important when you are on a fixed income to not have precious dollars gobbled up by interest.

    3. Roy


      Welcome, PatriciaAnne!

      You are in the right place if you want to learn to manage your money so you are not wondering where it all went. 

      Doesn't matter if you are on a fixed income (aren't we all really?) or just won the Lotto, life is better when you manage what you have, your money actually will go further. Make sure to get the book "Total Money Make Over" by Dave Ramsey, easy read. It will be a huge blessing to you.

    4. donna98


      Welcome PatriciaAnne!  My husband and I retired about 18 months ago and are living on SS income.   We got a late start and weren’t able to pay off our mortgage or save as much as we wanted to.  We have some retirement money put away, but we’re not going to touch it until we’re 70. I’d be glad to help out or answer any questions that I can.


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