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  1. We miss you around here. Hope you are both well and able to enjoy some time at the holidays.

    1. Chérie


      You must’ve been reading my mind! I’ll be posting some updates today. 

    2. kelvan80


      I do that from time to time.  So does my daughter ha ha..I worry when people stay away too long like a mother hen. Looking forward to your update!

  2. WINDFALL BLISS!!!!!!! We had a site-wide meeting today and they were giving out HUGE checks to the top performers!!! I was not expecting to get called up to receive a check... but I did!!!! They called me up for being a top performer for my metrics! That check was for an amazing $1,250!!!! While I was standing in front of everyone with this huge check, trying not to cry, they called my name AGAIN for "Best Overall Quality in the Enterprise" WOW!!!!! That check was another $750!!!! So, I'm the only person who got TWO checks!!!! Total: TWO GRAN
  3. We had some friends drive out to visit us this past week. They actually ended up saving us more money than anything. They bought toiletries, water and lots and lots of food! I have all of my debts listed on a BIG white board in the nook that's supposed to serve as a dining room (I guess). The board has notes about what to consider in the budget for next month, goals for the current month, and sometimes it'll have notes to Spouse since we are rarely home at the same time. It also has the progress bar from FPU with the Baby Steps next to it. My friend inquired about how to budget. So
  4. I called my lender for the car to see what the process is for applying a payment to the principal amount (since I'll be doing that A LOT moving forward). Apparently, I have to call them 2 days after making the payment so that it posts to the account and they can apply the amount I want to the principal. I guess I'll be calling them every two weeks! We are on AutoPay that just pulls the regular monthly total, no matter what ($284.98). I guess we must've paid extra a while back because the amount due was only $184.86. So, I requested that the extra $100.02 go to Principal and it was
  5. DONE and DONE! I couldn't wait to throw the snowball at the Amazon card!!! Plus, most people throw their snowball right away anyway. I usually like to hold onto it until my hands are on the next one.... but the credit card foolishness had to come to an end! I just made a payment of $947.14 to pay off the Amazon card! That will mark the end of credit card debt! I have paid off $13,401 in credit card debt!!!! When I started, 6 months ago, it was $13,050. No more high interest!!! No more carrying balances!!!! No more credit cards!!! Most importantly, No
  6. I REALLY miss updating my signature. I'm going to do it here to get my fix Please note that LAST credit card has no more commas! I'm not sure if I shared this, but my last monthly goal was to get the Amazon card to $1,000 by the end of July's 2nd budget period (which was Aug. 3rd). I didn't think I was going to reach it, but I did!!!!! I try to set some of the goals just out of reach to keep my Gazelle feet moving! So proud!! The goal for Aug. is to have the Amazon card paid off by Aug. 18th at the latest. My mom knows a lawyer in her Bible Study class and she INSISTED tha
  7. I want to share something that I got to do with cash, that I had never done before. Spouse's phone was a lease and was given back about 2 weeks ago. We have an old iPhone 5 that still worked; Spouse was going to use it until we had finished budgeting for a phone she wanted. I told her she could pick any fancy new phone she wanted because she's been pretty great about the budget for the past 6 months. I said we would probably have to budget for 3 months. Well, the phone kept turning off and Spouse missed her alarm. There's nothing like arriving 3 hours late to overtime on a Sa
  8. Sometimes I think my job WANTS to catch you off guard! I had my last interview on Monday. Since then, I've had another casual type of interview with the other boss of the building. That one did go really well. Then, I went to work on Wednesday for overtime before my shift. *Note* I ALWAYS schedule my overtime to end 2 hours before the start of my regular shift so that I can go home, walk Bubbles, and relax a bit before going back. I like to take a nap and pretend that I am waking up for the first time before work tbh. It helps me to not get burned out by the overtime as fa
  9. The big boss surprised me with an interview when I showed up at work today! Sooooooo NOT prepared! It seemed to go really well though! I think there's one more interview with a guy from Corporate. Hopefully, they'll give me a heads up for that one!
  10. I will absolutely have more questions when I get to BS 4! But that's good to know that it's not as difficult as I'm imagining. I added that book to my list on my library's web site so thank you very much for that!
  11. OMG! I had an unplanned interview today! No makeup, no cute hair, no super professional suit.... NOTHING! I got to work today and was told that I am having my 2nd interview today. It was supposed to be for NEXT WEEK! So, I put down the coffee, scouted out some gum (for the coffee breath), ran to the bathroom, to check my hair, and became VERY thankful that my outfit was more on the business side than business casual. It's funny because I always say, "It's not about the luck associated with being at the right place at the right time. It's about always being ready." I was
  12. I had not posted about Week 4 of FPU because I didn't really get all excited about it. Here's the Updates on FPU Weeks 4 and 5. Today, was Week 6, but Spouse is traveling so it's just me. Week 4: Buyer Beware *small group discussion* Question 2: What was the last ting that caused that Red-faced grocery store kid inside of you to wake up and scream, "I want ONE"? Did you give in? Spouse: I think it was the FIFA game that I bought. Ho5wever, I did wait for the price to go down before getting it. It's not so much that I had to have it as soon as it came out, but I did want it.
  13. Today is bittersweet. My co-worker who was going to the FPU classes with me quit her job today. She still had another week left, but our boss said she could go today if she wanted some time off before starting her new job. So she left She was my work-wife and I miss her! She's the one that has cut off my last bracelet when I paid off my Capital One card I paid off the phone today! It's after midnight so I let my friend who is visiting help me celebrate. Her son cut off the bracelet that represents the phone lease that I wasn't allowed to pay off early. It's really grea
  14. FPU Week 4. Dumping Debt. Spouse seemed to be all ears. I really do appreciate that SHE (I'm making an effort. LoL) seems to pay attention and not just playing on her phone or something like that. *Getting into small groups* Spouse: How many questions are there (to discuss)? Me: Just 2. Spouse: Yay! Question 1: What would you do if you were completely out of debt? Me: I would save for our FFEF and for a house, and retirement so that I can take care of my family... blah blah blah mushy stuff... Spouse: I want more money to trav
  15. Warning: this post contains racism, death, and gay-ness. You've been warned. I'm from New Orleans and I am white. Spouse is from Mexico and very brown (this is important later). While growing up, my family was very hatful towards people of color. I've seen hate stem from nothing more than the color of someone's skin. When I got a little older, I realized that some family members were part of the KKK. Mostly, it was my uncles, cousins, and grandparents. I knew I was "different" from a very young age... not that I was gay. I just didn't undersatand why I couldn't have friends outside
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