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  1. Oh, we totally change up location and stuff. Today, I managed to get the whiteboard working again, so she wanted to do everything on that. Totally fine. As far as her extra reading practice, she has specific books with a worksheet with questions she has to answer.
  2. Today is Monday of week 2 back. Because she did so good remembering to turn in her homework and raising her hand to ask for help and getting her classwork done, she gets to be picked up at "the circle" this week instead of me walking to the classroom and checking her bags and desk before we leave. And she was SO excited. "Best Day Ever!" When they got home, I immediately shipped everyone outside with what's left of their Halloween candy and the bag of grapes from Raeanna's lunch and told them they could have an afterschool snack picnic outside. It's a beautiful day, because of the time
  3. Raeanna is on her third day back at school and so far, I think things are improving greatly. First, I have to say, she did say this weekend she didn't want to go back to school. This was the first time she has ever said that. I asked her why and she said that it was hard to follow directions and that she was afraid to pull a card (she is referring to the class management technique of having green cards, yellow cards, and red cards-green is good, yellow is warning, red is bad-you get the idea.) Now, she hasn't pulled a card at all this year. She pulled one last year after looking at ano
  4. Sad face. No meteor shower for us, by the time it got late enough to actually see them, it had clouded up just enough to not be able to see it.
  5. Someone earlier asked if Raeanna likes *learning*.. LOL. So, I found out that the Orionid meteor shower is tonight. I knew when the Perseids are in August and I was going to take them out for that, but Raeanna had been sick that week and had not gotten much sleep, so I decided that the sleep was more important. Well, she was sick again over the weekend, but she was fine yesterday and today and since there's no school, it's ok if she sleeps in a bit tomorrow. I mentioned that I think we should go see them and she was SO excited. I was going to explain what a meteor shower was and I
  6. Well, I have come to a decision of sorts. By that I mean, I have decided I am not ready to make a decision yet lol. I need more information and I need I time to sort it all out. Pulling her out of school is a big decision that I can't turn around and undo right away (obviously I can put her in school again the next year. I only mean that if I pull her say next week, I can't turn around and put her back in two weeks later.) However, if I leave her in, I can pull her at any time. So, for now at least, she's staying. DH and I had a big old talk about it last night after I posted here.
  7. This is certainly an option that I am looking at, if we can get a handle on the homework situation. The thing is though, if I am supplementing reading, supplementing science, supplementing social studies and more or less supplementing spelling...I start to wonder what am I sending her to school for.
  8. This will probably be a bit rambly. Or a lot rambly lol. I just don't know what to do. What I DO know is that I don't feel this school is working for Raeanna at this time. I know I don't like the way they are teaching reading, I don't like the math curriculum, I don't like how there's so little time for the other subjects. I know she could be learning more. I know her report card had all S grades except for one, and I know why the reading grade was a U. I know I don't like ALL the testing they are doing. What I also know is that Raeanna likes school. I also know that Dani Lee i
  9. Tonight's dinner is Italian Roast Beef, using one of the roasts from the freezer. Yesterday's turkey creole used up the last of the leftover turkey and we are going to use the last whole turkey next week. I am LOVING the freezer inventory sheet that DH made for me. On Friday, I pulled $250 out for the grocery envelope for the next two weeks. Of that, I have $95 left. I got $36 worth of fresh veggies from Fresh Thyme (I love that place and I love when my mom is coming out and she stops there for me on the way. ) I also replenished the shrimp in the fridge because all the shrimp we had
  10. So since this is my bog i can say whatever I want right? Obviously i have been part of a somewhat drama filled post recently. And, while i said thst the opinions of others are fine and i did respond and defrnd myself somewhat, since this here is my blog i will say and address what i feel like. There was a particular line about "kangaroo meat,....and gourmet meals at home." i want to point that out...AT HOME. DH and I havent been out to eat together in MONTHS. And, while we have totally purchased the occasional fast food/drive thru meal, its ALWAYS been within either the grocery/blow mo
  11. They are ongoing assessments that are meant to show progress. So, the assessment at the beginning of the year is more of a "this is where the student is at now" sort of thing. And truth be told, they don't take hours and hours, but just like with the homework, little bits here and little bits there and it does add up.
  12. I think 10 is not just a lot...it's insane. There are 3 that test reading comprehension, 1 that tests phonics, 1 vocabulary, 1 writing, 2 general math and 2 for basic math facts.
  13. Nah, it's over and done with. What will be will be. On to the girls conferences. Dani Lee's was actually even better than expected. She's meeting all her progress goals, everyone's very happy with her progress. Academically, she's got all the stuff they will be working on in kindergarten with only a few small exceptions. So that's all good. Raeanna's...it didn't go well. First, Raeanna came out of class sick. She was whiney and said everything hurt, and she felt warm. Eventually we visited the nurse, she's got a fever of 101 and she laid down with the nurse while I had t
  14. *sigh* Caiti came down today. She had something minor going on with her car so she came home so DH could look at it, he did, she had to go get a small part, it was fine. But, while she was here, I did have to say my thoughts on some things. I was angry, and that was obvious, but I wasn't cray cray. There was no screaming or cussing or real drama. The situation was uncomfortable but I don't care. She needed to understand exactly how I felt and WHY I felt that way. Ultimately, the choice she is making ISN'T that bad. It's actually probably not bad at all. But, it's not the ch
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