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  1. It's good to be back. I used money from the divorce (we had a ton of savings) to put money down on the house. I wanted to ensure that my mortgage payment including taxes and insurance would not be more than 1K a month. No matter what happens I can afford that. The good thing is the house was pretty much turn key - nice appliances - washer and dryer - I left the marriage with not much regarding furniture. I bought a couch for 700.00 from Value City - it is leather and has a stain on the back (originally over 1K retail I got a discount because of the discoloration) but no one see
  2. Wow - It's been a while and a lot has happened - actually - everything that could have happened has indeed happened. I can't stay on long - but here is where we are: I moved into my own two bedroom apartment in December of 2015. In Feb of 2016 I was laid off after 10 years. I freaked out - totally freaked out. Got very depressed - got suicidal - wanted to simply not be anywhere anymore - no job, no husband, no divorce, no friends - it was a really crappy three months - like really really really really horrible. I never want to be in such a dark place again. In March of
  3. Freedom10

    I'm moving

    I've decided to move out of my roommate's condo. Perhaps it's not the greatest financial decision - but it won't be too much more expensive. I just NEED NEED NEED NEED my own place. I can't continue to live out of one bedroom. My mental health depends on moving on. I signed a lease for eight months which will end in August - hopefully I can transition directly from my apartment to a house because with any luck at all the divorce will be over by then. I signed a lease on a two bedroom one bathroom bottom floor apartment that allows large dogs. Levi is over 50 pounds already.
  4. Well, I think I'm feeling better for now. I'm already worried about the holidays and a little depressed about them if I'm honest. I'm just so ready to be done with this so I can move on with my life - but I can't change what it is and I can and should use this time to improve my situation as best I can and prepare for what I'm going to do as soon as the divorce is final. First this is first - go out to dinner with some friends to celebrate the new chapter of my life. Then I'd like to buy a small house - just for me and Levi with a hot tub in the back yard. I'd like to pay for it mo
  5. I'm just tired of living in a situation where I have a roommate. It is working out very well - and has so far, but I'm so ready to be on my own again. To feel comfortable in my own house - not feeling like a permanent guest. Again, I am thankful for my living situation. My roommate has been the most accommodating and she's a great friend - but I'm really thinking about renting an apartment.
  6. I'm just so angry right now - I feel so helpless, I just want to move on with my life and I can't. I simply can't, I just have to focus on things I can control. It's been such a long and painful process - and I don't even know what the financial difference would be between ending our marriage in March of 14 and when I filed. What if the difference would only be 10K? Is it worth it to fight this motion and continue into next year - But the thing is we have no idea because they don't have their numbers - so my question is - how much longer would you hold out before you just gave u
  7. So yesterday was our second court date - at least it was supposed to be. A girlfriend went with me - we arrived really early and sat outside the courthouse smoking - as we did my ex walked passed us and into the building. Anyway - I check in with the Baliff and sit down - a few minutes later my lawyer comes to me and says that while they are there - they do not have all of the financial information that they were required to provide soooooo......... Continuance.....until........... January.. January... I am so depressed and frustrated, and angry - this sucks.....
  8. Freedom10

    Here we go..

    I wish you an easy and safe trip!
  9. So, I'm trying to actively incorporate better things in my life. Someone gave me a running leash. You clip it around your waist and it clips to the dog - there is a handhold and it has a little stretch to it. She wasn't able to use it to run with her dog, so she gave it to me. I took Levi out on two runs with it and it works really well! I like it and I think he really likes it too. We did two miles each time. I have to send her a thank you note. I went to my first AA meeting. I picked a women only group. It was nice - I will go back this week. I have to give six months worth of my
  10. So yesterday was my first pretrial hearing. It was a very different experience for me. A girlfriend of my mine went with me, she picked me up at home and drove me down to the courthouse. My biggest anxiety was seeing him again. I saw him - we didn't make eye contact - we didn't say a word to each other. Isn't it sad that so many years of companionship end like this? So, our lawyers got up and each explained the simple background of the case. His lawyer lied. As in lied. She said "Basically my client came home one day and his wife was gone and he was not able to locate her for o
  11. It went really well - he gave me an anti-depressant and 30 days worth of anti-anxiety pills. But I am not to take them every day. I think I will save them for when we go to court. He also gave me a list of therapists to call and make appointments with. I'm going to go through that list and make a call this afternoon. Was it worth more than 300.00? Well ask me that in a couple of weeks when the medicine starts to take effect.
  12. That's it - I've broken down - I have an appointment with a psychiatrist today at 3:30. Of course this psychiatrist is NOT part of my health insurance plan. I called, and looked and searched for someone in my plan. There were a couple - but they are for children only. I will state this once and now - we need to make mental health care as readily available and affordable as physical health care. I've never looked for mental health care before- and it's ridiculous that it is SO EXPENSIVE and so difficult to find. I can't help but think that a lot of tragedies in this country could be avo
  13. So my ex replied via his attorney - he answered the filing and I now have to fulfill a "Request for Production of Documents". You know what's weird? All of these legal documents are simply "textbook and fill in the blank." - I don't understand why attorneys do not take the time to tailor these documents to the specific case, and get this stuff out of legalese. I would consider myself to be of average intelligence, and am myself a writer so I should be able to understand these documents without having to consult a dictionary or review paragraphs several times to understand the details.
  14. I sold the fridge through a local buy and sell group on facebook. I think it's a lot "safer" than Craig's list as you can actually check out potential buyers, and because it's limited to a local area it's really efficient. My roommate is being really nice to me letting me keep my couch. I'd like to keep the desk, but there is simply no space. My treadmill folds up so I can keep it in a corner in the garage, but I need to sell the desk and move the couch this week. Eventually, I'd like to buy a small house - I'm thinking that will be my next move. I wish I could keep the desk, for my next
  15. So, I got a bunch of stuff done this weekend - but I might have paid some stupid tax. I had a storage unit that I opened in December when I moved my stuff out of the house. I've been working on cleaning it out. I FINALLY did that yesterday! I rented a small truck from U-Haul - the stupid tax part is that I paid the 14.00 for the "insurance" without thinking that my car insurance would probably have covered it. I didn't think about that at all until I told my friends who had come to help me, and they mentioned that my car insurance would probably have covered it if something happened.
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