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    I'm moving

    Congratulations! Because you said affordability is not a question, I don't see this as a financial decision. In my opinion, this is a quality of life decision, and I think you made the right choice. The gym and pool will be great in helping you stay active and battle your depression. The running paths will also be great for you, but also for Levi. Having a place to call your own is a big and wonderful next step in getting back to being "you." I know when I first lived on my own after being in a relationship I had thought would end in marriage, it took a while for me to find out who I was w
  2. Jennifer P.

    Here we go..

    I guess our kids won't be able to handle adulthood either. Dang, and I thought I was raising such polite, helpful, productive people.
  3. We have a trick oldest DS uses to do addition of larger numbers that might help (because I totally get where you are coming from on the hash marks and subsequent erasing). If the numbers add up to more than 10, we put the pencil down and count it out first using fingers. So, if the problem was "8 + 6 = ?," we would start counting up to 8 on fingers. Then, to add 6, we would count off on the same 8 fingers, starting at 7 (counting on from 6). When you have counted that last finger and you're back to having fists (we call them "empty hands"), you have your answer of 14. Alternatively, if she
  4. From my studies to be a paralegal, I was taught that the main reasons that fill-in-the-blank types of forms are used so often are that 1) it is a huge time-saver for attorneys and their staff, leaving more time to spend one-on-one with the client and resulting in a better experience for all involved; 2) the time savings for the attorney/staff result in money savings for the client since they don't have to pay for time spent drafting and redrafting and redrafting request forms; and 3) using a form that covers all the bases and striking out or leaving blank those items that will go unused can he
  5. Be sure to get the Costco food in enough time to mix it gradually with the old food. I learned the hard way when I was younger that switching too quickly can have uncomfortable results for the dog and MESSY results for the owner. I'm glad you are enjoying him so far!
  6. I agree with Nicole; it was impulsive, but not necessarily irresponsible. Having pets can be a very healthy thing, and I am sure that Levi will help you in more ways than one. Exercise is a great help against depression, so walking him and playing with him will keep you up and going. Congrats on your new family member!
  7. I'm sorry you are feeling poorly; I know depression is a difficult foe, having fought with it myself. I'm glad for you that you have recognized it for what it is and will be seeking some help. That said, I call BULL$%@&!!!!! "My life is not at all what I imagined it to be and it's nearly half over. Nothing to look forward to but the aging process. My best years are over. The best house I will ever have lived in I moved out of. My days of financial security and knowing that someone has my back are gone." That entire paragraph is complete and utter nonsense! Your life might not
  8. I have used both the ones made specifically for cats (the ones that look like little scissors) and ones made for people on my cats. Everybody has their own experience, but I have had the most success using those made for people. It is much easier and quicker for me to turn them sideways and clip the claw rather than try to get the kitties' claws into the space in the cat-specific clippers. I first used "people clippers" when I had a cat with a double claw that actually would not fit into the kittie ones and I had to use mine on him. After that, I just found it was simpler. Plus, I found a set
  9. If you don't want to share nail clippers with him (I don't like to share with my kitties because of the litter box), get a pair just for him. If he hasn't been trained to have his nails trimmed, start with just touching or holding his paws and reward him with lots of treats. Even if you did just one nail a day to start and involve lots of treats, that can cut down on any damage he could do. I used to have cats that had an awesome cat tree/scratching post but still preferred the furniture. Keeping the tips of their claws blunted by clipping them meant there wasn't any real harm done to my couch
  10. I am sure your counselor is not going to look at you strangely, and I am just as sure you are not going to be the first couple to head in there with nothing negative on the tip of your tongue. As this is her profession, I imagine she will know just how to tease out of you both what the issue or issues might be. If she can't, then she isn't worth her salt and you should find someone else. Best of luck to you both!
  11. I'm glad it went well and relived to find you are okay. I have been thinking of you a lot the last few days. With your in-laws asking about the kitty, I wouldn't be surprised if they have brought the topic up with your ex. Perhaps they could help convince him she would be better off in your home where she wouldn't have to be alone so much. I hope you have a very merry Christmas! It sounds as if your holiday is off to a good, fresh start.
  12. Best of luck today! I hope you get everything you want to and none of the crap you don't. Lots of good vibes and prayers going out and up from us for you as you collect your belongings.
  13. You wrote: "She said that I am NOT to directly contact her in any way. You are kidding me right? I cc'd Ron on the email I sent to Ann. WHY am I not allowed to contact Alan's lawyer?" The reason "Alan's" lawyer is upset that you contacted her directly is likely an ethical concern. From my Introduction to Law book: "Communication with opposing parties. Once a party to a case hires a lawyer, an attorney or paralegal for the opposing party must direct all communication through the other attorney. A member of the law firm that represents one party should not communicate directly with an opp
  14. Maybe talk to your lawyer about using the wildcard exemption to protect the engagement ring. Are you still in Tennessee? According to this, you can protect an asset valued up to $10k with a wildcard in TN: http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/tennessee-bankruptcy-exemptions.html More on the wildcard: http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/wildcard-exemption-property-bankruptcy.html I'm glad you are being taken care of for Hanukkah. And I'm with Zaga in that I am proud of you too; and I agree you fought as hard as anyone could and there is no reason you should feel ashamed.
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