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  1. Yes, not sure about the relationship with your parents, but if I had a surgery like that without telling my Mom and giving her a chance to help I would never hear the end of it. Please consider it. They are putting you under and they should have an opportunity to be there (unless you have a really bad relationship and then scratch that.
  2. You're going to get rid of that little bitty student loan after your phone debt right?
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    Have fun Mary!
  4. kelvan80

    What a week

    I agree. It's great that you are sending your tax refund to debt, but you didn't have a snowball the first part of the month because you decided to adopt a cat and have this Valentines weekend. Know what we did, spend $20 on dinner just the two of us. It was great getting a date night in just spending time together. Also considered adjusting your fitw so you can send more to debt now instead of next February.
  5. Also you keep saying those were the best years of your life, but I don't think that's true at all and if you start focusing on what could be in front of you then you will realize it to. You were not happy. He is a controlling *#@hole. If you want to go back and reread your posts from the last few years on this forum alone. I promise those are not the best years of your life. They are still to come.
  6. You need to talk to HR about changing the retirement beneficiary. It should be as simple as a form to fill out. Most of the time you can even do it online.
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    Attracting Money

    That is so wonderful. And quick too.
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    January recap

    February 23 is his birthday! He was 6 lbs 4 oz according to my u/s this morning. Hoping the estimate is really close so he'll be right over 7 when he's born. My girls were 6, 11 and 6, 14 so he would be the biggest. Now as long as my bp cooperates over the next two weeks we'll be golden.
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    I love Mondays

    Mondays are kind of rough for us because both girl's have girl scouts so everything happens a little bit earlier. It's the only activity they are in right now so the rest of the week is much more relaxed after school. And DH returns home today after 5 weeks away so I'm sprucing up the house as much as my body will allow me to. I have been pretty productive today as a whole. Done grocery shopping (I even remembered my reusable bags), sheets and duvet washed and dried, sheets put back on the bed, kitchen floor swept and mopped and I wiped down the mirror and counter and sink in the master bath.
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    January recap

    Thanks guys. It will be a planned induction because of the high Bp. But I've had two successful ones already so just hoping my body is ready to let him come out! I'm hoping they let me to til next week which would be 38 weeks so I can fatten him up a bit!
  11. So we did pretty good in January. We were able to send $2000 to the money market savings account! I was pretty frugal but efficient with the baby budget. I purchased 3 nursing bras (two were Bravado which are way more expensive than I would every pay) for a total of $10 and a baby ka'tan carrier for $17 for a savings of $33 off Target retail. I got a few more outfits at the thrift store too. We are pretty much set after my more recent purchases which I'll detail at the end of February (when I have spare time with a baby at home, yeah right!). Hits already to the budget in February only 8
  12. That is awesome. Maybe amazon for lids or does it get too expensive?
  13. Bottom line is you are still letting him control you. Start to set some goals that you can work towards. You do know you can adopt someday if biological children aren't in your future. I just don't want to see him take the remaining years of your youth. He already has taken so much...are you willing to keep giving those possibly happy moments away?
  14. Go get em renee. It's kind of like waking up, isn't it? My mom and I used to get in arguments because she would say if God wanted her to be wealthy then they wouldn't be in the struggle they were in. It was like she was saying God pre-ordained them to be poor forever. It used to drive me nuts because for years I had watched money just slip through their hands. Not always big amounts either. One day she woke up and started Dave ramseys steps again. I'm so glad she did. They aren't doing everything right, but they are doing a heck of a lot better. Believe me God doesn't want you to have to worry
  15. Have you discussed how much spending DH will be doing while you will be gone? I can see him very quickly not sticking to any sort of budget/spending plan.
  16. I asked because it seemed like you had already snapped yourself out of it. I hope you feel better soon. You guys need to catch a break!!!
  17. What do you need snapping out of??
  18. You guys are doing wonderful. Do you have more than $1k in your bef? Maybe he would do better with $2500? It won't take you guys very long. Are you doing anything as a reward after paying off this big one?
  19. I did my pantry last week and organized and moved some stuff around that didn't belong. I have so much more space and can't wait to restock with 4-5 of each of the canned goods I use (not much) along with some pastas and rice. I want to stock up before baby gets here so I have what I need on hand and don't have to run out as much. I did my fridge last week too. I love how bright and cheery it is in there.
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    Hey, I've seen some people actually paint countertops!
  21. What does the therapist say about staying present when he is behaving that way? I would ask.
  22. Can't wait to see the finished project!
  23. I love that you guys are working so well as a team and that you are sneaking a date night in. So important to staying the course.
  24. I moved my junk drawer out of my kitchen, while purging it, and into the desk that we purchased over 3 years ago. Most of my junk drawer is just pens, pencils, keys, etc. Almost done with it. I'm going to put baby bibs and napkins in there, freeing up some space where I have all of my napkins, placemats and towels in.
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