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    I missed the irsstuff. What happened
  2. How did you decide how much to withhold for taxes?
  3. Checking in to see how you are recovering
  4. you will be done in no time I imagine. Can't wait. :-)
  5. kelvan80

    need to vent

    I would also help with your fund choices. I'm so sorry you lost another baby. Prayers for your healing.
  6. kelvan80

    checking in

    You are welcome coingirl. I always feel it is much harder on him than me.
  7. kelvan80

    checking in

    sounds good. I've been pretty frugal myself and stashing cash while DH is gone. It's much easier when i only have myself to keep accountable andsbaby to keep me home more than usual. We have a laundry list of "wants" to pay for when he gets back so I'm trying to pad our savings now.
  8. My favorite pads are called bamboobies.
  9. Awesome Carri love all of it.
  10. kelvan80

    checking in

    How are you guys doing refilling the Ffef
  11. You will save money just by being at home though. Lots of conveniences you've had to pay for you can now avoid when you choose. Like last minute shopping and possibly overpaying, or eating out, or keeping up the pool and cleaning the house, not all day, use flylady and get your kids involved. And dont forget about all those taxes you pay on your income. :-)
  12. kelvan80


    Sounds awesome Carrie. You seem very driven all of a sudden. Amazing what some good sleep can do for clarity!
  13. kelvan80


    Umm, a word of advice. There art many roads to investing and following DR may be a little too risky for some as he recommends no allocations to bonds. I personally have ours set at 20% but 30 or 40% might be more appropriate based on your personal risk tolerance. There are online quizzes that can help you decide on your asset allocation of you can bounce some things off us if you like.
  14. kelvan80


    Isn't it funny how you see keeping the house up, taking care of a baby and cooking/cleaning up after 3 meals a day as lazy? I know you'd love to be done with the mortgage sooner rather than later but taking care of yourself and baby is so important. Work will be there and I'm sure you'll get that mortgage paid off way earlier than normal people. I'm in the same boat. ;-)
  15. Because of having a new baby at home I can only get things done in short spurts. Today I have wiped off my bathroom mirror and counter/sink. Yesterday I quickly cleaned the toilet and swept the foyer. It's not lots but it does add up over time if you do little 2 minute jobs here and there. My girls are helpful too since they rake out the trash, sweep, vacuum, etc when I ask them too.
  16. So excited for you guys. Interesting how you guys started to attack the loan against and then you guys were rewarded!
  17. kelvan80

    feeling stalled

    I'm the same way, but instead of thinking of myself as complacent I prefer satisfied. Most things are just not worth the cost right now to me. I'd much rather throw it all on the mortgage. Well DH bought a new to me can that I'm rather enjoying but I didn't even test drive it, just sent him in to wheel and deal. I did NOT want to hassle with it myself.
  18. Praying for you and hoping that you have told your parents by now.
  19. kelvan80

    Baby Jacob

    He does try to get his thumb but it doesn't seem to soothe him. He would rather have mom. :-) we are doing good. Last night I got the most sleep I've had in 3 nights even though it was choppy. He takes a binky when he needs to. He even did a 4 hour stretch after nursing every 1.5 hrs for 6 hrs. That was a blissful 4 hrs. Except for engorgement.
  20. kelvan80

    Baby Jacob

    Sisters met him briefly at 1 am and love him to pieces. Unfortunately the snow has kept them from coming up today. Hoping for a visit tomorrow. They did have to start jacob on antibiotics for 48 hrs so we will be here until Thursday and ice been told we are getting even more snow possibly so hoping to actually make it home. It's very surreal having another baby though. Just an amazing blessing.
  21. kelvan80

    Baby Jacob

    Here he is. All 7 lbs.
  22. kelvan80

    three bags full

    I love it too. I can't wait to get rid of maternity clothes so I can narrow down to 33!
  23. kelvan80

    three bags full

    Ooh Google project 333 too.
  24. kelvan80

    three bags full

    My friend is doing 40 bags in 40 days for lent.
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