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  1. kelvan80

    Vacation Chronicles

    Lots of sleep I'm sure
  2. Sounds like you are doing much better. Any new pics of Levi?
  3. How is your son that got mugged
  4. Do you have any dominoes you could pull out for doubles practice?
  5. You are going to love it. Post pics when you are done
  6. kelvan80

    We got a van!

    Keep going in the right direction
  7. She shouldn't know how much money you have. Do not respond to the email or if you do tell her it's your business only. I result can't believe you are considering giving her the other car. You do know it won't get them off your back, right? How about you work the steps in order BS1 done, get as much BS2 DONE as you can. Be a good steward of your found money. Buying a new car and giving them your old car is doing the same thing your mother is asking you to do in this email. How will you respond?
  8. As much as you want to help your family I would still consider it you enabling them. What happens when something goes wrong with the car? will they look to you to make the necessary repairs when they don't have the money to do so. You need to take this money and work the steps one at a time. What is wrong with the car currently that you would be able to give it away would it make more sense for you to make the repairs to the car yourself and continue driving it and use this money to get ahead and pay off debts or fund your bs3?
  9. kelvan80


    Great job looks like you have a gray plan in place, maybe have some small rewards for each debt that you pay off
  10. Guess someone wants you to go through your books, he he
  11. kelvan80


    I know is personal finance but i would prioritize filing the roths before putting any money in the 529s. I wouldn't want to liar that tax advantaged space.
  12. Our compressor cost us about $1900. How have you not seen a bill for the a/c? They told us how much it would be before they ordered it.
  13. You can do it. You know we have your back
  14. You sound great. Have fun at the concert
  15. Are you making the ira a priority over the rental.great job on the income! Enjoy you're cruise
  16. Hay job working the plan and not getting discouraged or going or and buying something big shiny and new with your lump sum. The rewards will be great.
  17. Also call your therapist to see if you can get in quickly. You need that appointment right now.
  18. How about the clapping thing? Also used to tell my 4s to catch a bubble any time they were waking or moving from stations.
  19. Woohoo that has to be such a good feeling
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