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  1. Hope things are better today and that you are taking tons of pics
  2. Just wanted to hop on here and say congrats. That's got to feel awesome to reach your goals!
  3. Roasting broccoli and asparagus are wonderful ways to try them. Also my kids who don't like yellow squash more than tolerated it in the chicken soup I made last week. Normal soup base, add a can of diced tomatoes, 2 small sliced squash, cook until veggies are tender, 4 c chicken stock, 1 cup cooked chicken diced, 1 c already cooked pasta (or rice),salt, pepper, other seasonings
  4. This is years in the making. He was told he's pre diabetic 10 years ago so it crept up on him. He had a heart attack and 2 stints put in this year my mom thought that would be the catalyst. It lasted for 2 weeks. I just don't care anymore. You can only let it get to you for so long you know?
  5. Im just so impressed with you guys. My dad did the exact opposite, stuck his head in the sand and continued to eat whatever he wants. It's so disheartening.
  6. kelvan80

    Court Update

    I agree with plinda. He had plenty of time already
  7. kelvan80

    Breaking point

    I also would cut back on the roth because you technically have until next April to fill it so you could spread out your contributions for 2016
  8. kelvan80

    More Prayers :(

    Dear God, These men and women need your support and strength now more than ever. Prayers Mimi. I'm so so sorry.
  9. kelvan80

    Fitness & Well Being

    Gelly I'm so sorry. Know that we are here to support you. It sounds like you are in a good place right now, but feel free to come here and complain if you find yourself on a day that you're not.
  10. kelvan80

    The first week jinx

    Is this week any better?
  11. kelvan80

    The first week jinx

    I think the good thing that happened was that you guys are still here. I hope your court date works out. Any reason you can't just go?
  12. I do agree with the counseling. If he won't go you can at least.
  13. Some people are able to quit drinking cold turkey. I've experienced both in my family and the need for meetings which I've decided is am addiction in itself. Stay strong. Will wait for that post after your next appt.
  14. Any update? When is the next appt or u/s?
  15. The love drawer! Good job you guys.
  16. Nice work Carrie. All I'm good at is creating spreadsheets
  17. kelvan80

    December 2015

    Great job Carrie. It's wonderful to have the freedom to make all those decisions. That's what working the plan is about for me. Freedom of choice.
  18. I want you to think of it like this, that is 25 % automatic gain. You can't find that in the market.
  19. kelvan80

    Dizzy yet?

    And I know you probably aren't trying to let yourself get excited about this pregnancy, but you are gong to want security for this baby. You know how to do it. Outline a plan, use cash and envelopes and check in often.
  20. Congrats on your new adventure. Hopefully it'll help you bust through BS2 in no time
  21. kelvan80


    Awesome, keep plugging away and checking in. I find one of the reasons I'm away from this site from time to time is if we go off plan or we get in a holding pattern.
  22. kelvan80


    How are things this week?
  23. Good, just keep taking healthy steps!
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