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    Life After Divorce

    Wow honey just so much going on. I agree with Vanguard recommendation or Fidelity if you can use their lowest cost index funds. You have until mid April to get those funded for 2017. Don't let that timeline slip by. I'm glad to see you didn't slip back into BS2. Time for some progress!!!
  2. I'm so glad I checked the blogs. Who would've thought? That's just so awesome.
  3. To help pick the funds and understand retirement a little better read Bogleheads Guide to Investing. Most people are intelligent enough to do this in their own without paying a fee to an ELP. Vanguard and Fidelity both gave low cost index funds that with for most people. Feel free to pm me with questions! You and your spouse crack me up! :-)
  4. We just had baby girl this morning while the site was down. I call that getting things done!!!

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      Congratulations!  Hope you all are doing well.

    3. kelvan80


      Thanks guys! Already home from the hospital. We are doing great. Tired of course, but she's amazing. 6 lbs 13 oz even right before 37 weeks

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  5. kelvan80

    Divorce & Downsize

    Tiny houses are definitely becoming very popular. Sounds like with your equity you might be able to get one of those after a time. I doubt that market will go dowh in the next six months. Use that time to prioritize what you want to keep, purge, store if desired. We watch those shows all the time. I'm glad things are going amicably but it does concern me that you guys still share a banking account.
  6. I'm just so proud of you guys. My dad is in the same place he was. I hope to never walk this path knowing what I know. Both maternal grandmother and my father have type II. Hoping my will is strong enough. I already know what I need to know. Thanks for sharing your entire story. I still say you need to write a book. I'd read anything and everything you write. :-)
  7. Good to see you Gelly. He can just sign up for a roth ira online with vanguard or fidelity. Probably cheaper than whoever you set up an appointment with. Then setup Ayn automatic bank account withdrawal to hit once a month or twice a month to coincide with his paychecks.
  8. kelvan80

    Three weeks in

    Give yourself a goal for your next debt and then try to beat it! Great job so far :-)
  9. I love reading your blog. Prese let me know if you write a book someday. I love your voice and optimism! And i would love that store. I think Carrie would too! Congrats on your hubby's numbers. You guys have worked so hard. It's inspiring for sure.
  10. It's looking good. I love the landscaping rocks with the dark mulch
  11. Nice! Are you guys going to trim the bushes back already?
  12. I like your idea with the pavers and river rock in between
  13. I was following a thread over at bogleheads and the overwhelming response was to use pavers instead of pea gravel especially with the kids. They will get it everywhere
  14. Have you checked out pinterest for colors
  15. We have 6 different ones on the property. Some of them are huge and probably need to be split next year.
  16. Amazing job and teamwork. I seriously wish my father had the same will to live
  17. Welcome back Satin Sky!
  18. kelvan80

    What's up with us

    Ha ha, same thing Nicole said :-)
  19. kelvan80

    What's up with us

    I think you would love it there to. It's the cost of living still low in that area of Texas?
  20. I don't think anyone was negative. I'm sorry if my question came across that way. Just making conversation. My baby is pretty busy and I only get housework and my CEUs done during naps which are unpredictable at best. Definitely easier when he was younger.
  21. Woohoo! How do you plan on working at home with an infant? Are you having someone come in for a certain # of hours a day? Carrie has done it. Maybe she can chime in
  22. kelvan80

    What's up with us

    I agree mimi. What area this time?
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