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    So we did pretty good in January. We were able to send $2000 to the money market savings account! I was pretty frugal but efficient with the baby budget. I purchased 3 nursing bras (two were Bravado which are way more expensive than I would every pay) for a total of $10 and a baby ka'tan carrier for $17 for a savings of $33 off Target retail. I got a few more outfits at the thrift store too. We are pretty much set after my more recent purchases which I'll detail at the end of February (when I have spare time with a baby at home, yeah right!).
    Hits already to the budget in February only 8 days in:
    1. Kitty cat had an abcess on his leg $100
    2. DH's food bill on the ship was $100 more than I planned for, need to adjust this in the future
    3. I decided to take the kiddos home over spring break, $900 + $60 for insurance
    4. Electric bill about $150 more than I budgeted for, yikes it was cold here!
    So $1330 of expenses that I hadn't planned on, but money that I don't have to take from the FFEF so there's that.
    All that being said, in February I will only be able to send about $1000 to the money market account, but we are getting almost $3k for our tax return which is about $500 more than I budgeted for and it should be in before the end of the month. I'm still hoping to make our stretch budget for March but it will depend on how much DH spends on pre-deployment expenses.
    So that's where we stand. I tend to make pretty snap decisions about travel because it's based on what the flight prices are. I had a hard time turning down $300 roundtrip flights over the girls spring break. When I go home most of our expenses are covered with gas and food, so I'll get to adjust our budget for food and gas for the month. And best of all everyone will get to meet our son which should be here in the next two weeks. It's also possible with family visiting in February that our food budget will be reduced because they will buy food for us while they are here in order to take care of us and I think that most of my meals will be covered in March because friends are providing meals every 3 days for us after DH deploys in order to help me out. I love my friends. I also have 3 freezer meals ready to go. Hoping for a few more. Alright, baby should be here in 1-2 weeks. Wish me luck!!!
  2. kelvan80
    I have finally decided to start a blog so I can have a little accountability over the next 5 months. I do 95% of the spending in our family. DH takes out his blow money, fills up with gas and the occasional grocery shopping trip and checks in with me about once every 6 months on where we stand. This time will be an extremely busy five months as my Navy husband will be traveling a lot and we'll be having a baby boy, our third child. It's been 9 years since my last baby though!
    I will have quite a few doctor appointments between now and then, eleven if all goes well, so lots of planning is needed to stay on track with groceries/eating out and utilizing my crockpot more on appointment days. I would also like to get some more meals in the freezer. I want to make sure that the budget doesn't completely derail during this time with want-itis also. I have borrowed or been given the majority of the items we need for baby and I think I'm also getting a shower from local friends so that should take care of most of our needs.
    So I have set a goal and then a stretch goal of extra savings that I want before DH gets back from his last trip in May. This is money that will go towards the purchase of a new-er 2nd vehicle for us when DH returns. DH gets paid bi-monthly so my goal is to save $1000 from every paycheck which would give us $10k plus our tax refund that I'm estimating to be about $2.5k. My stretch goal would be an extra $300/month so about $1.5k more for a total of $14k in five months!
    I love having goals.
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