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  1. Just for the record...we are maxing out retirement this year in a poorly performing market, but plugging along. Total balance is about $170k.
  2. DebtBgone

    Update on our life

    I am so sorry to hear about the marriage, but you are a determined woman that has a plan, wow! I know from experience the stress of nursing school - I loved it but it consumed a lot of time between classes, clinicals, and studying, but it was worth it in the end. Nursing provides sooooo many opportunities! Such a broad field, with good income potential, too. None of our clinicals were held in Long Term Care, but I ended up working in LTC/Rehab and have loved the work, but there is often overtime involved. Like an 8 hour day is 9 or 10, a 12 hour day is 13 or 14...it depends on being short staffed or getting admissions. Currently I have a Mon-Fri job, 8 - 4:30, but in reality work 50+ hours a week, and so do the other nurses who are on the floor (I now am a manager and do wound care). I think I need to work somewhere that closes! Like a doctor's office or a school nurse position...Anyway, congrats on loving school and your job - you are going to excel wherever. you land!
  3. Welcome, Cortney!  Feel free to jump in anytime!

  4. Well, it's about four years later, and we did hit $150k in retirement! "Life" certainly has happened but everything is performing well which helped get us here. I wanted to do another break down: $31,288 in my Roth $42,386 in dh's Roth $9,323 in old IRA $69,720 in my 403b $152,717 total I also have $4.951 in my HSA. Mortgage is $38k right now.
  5. Welcome back, nice to have you here! We'd love to cheer you on as you knock out BS2 this year!
  6. Just keeping track of balances so I can look back: $35,012 in dh's Roth $ 8,856 dh's old IRA $28,837 my Roth $65,034 my 403 b Total: $137,739 Mortgage $44k Looking forward to the end of 2021, would love to hit $155k in retirement and end the year with $22k owed on the mortgage. Once the 2021 Roths are filled, I would love to go hog wild on the mortgage and knock it out, then go back and fill the 2022 Roths since we have until April 15th, 2023. Biggest projects that are next on the list are adding an egress window/window well to the guest basement bedroom, putting in a new front walkway, and building a bigger shed.
  7. Nice job! Good grief, too bad the housing prices are so high near you, though.
  8. Nice job! Dang, the 14 day Airbnb sounds like a budget-killer. Good for you preparing so early and paying CASH!! Way to go on the EF!
  9. We did it! We've hit $100k in retirement. I want to keep track of these numbers: $47,792 in my 403b $19,324 in my Roth $25,838 in dh's Roth $7,073 in dh's old IRA Mortgage balance is $53k
  10. Yes!!! You can really start piling up money once you're through Step #3!! Keep on keepin' on!!
  11. At the beginning of COVID, I did Daniel DeFoe's book, A Journal of the Plague Year as an audiobook. It is fictional, but he was 5 years old in 1665 during the bubonic plague and published the account in 1722. I can't tell you how many similarities there were, so much of it could have been published today in the newspaper word for word as today's news.
  12. I agree, something historical is truly happening during our life time here. So many similarities to The Plague, really.
  13. Our current totals, since it is so incredibly rewarding to look back and see our progress. 403b: $41,500 Old IRA: $7,100 Dh Roth: $21,600 My Roth: $17,800 Total $88k Mortgage balance $57,000 Retirement went up $34k and the mortage decreased by $32k. Amazing the difference a year can make! Thank you, Dave.
  14. The budget! Have you tried Every Dollar since you've been gone? It is so easy. I use the free version.
  15. Thank you for sharing. Are you working towards recovering from your anxiety? I hope this won't become your "new normal" and you can overcome it. I thought this link sounded helpful when I scanned through it. I don't know much about irrational fears but it did seem to have some good advice: https://www.anxietycoach.com/agoraphobia.html
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