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  1. Our family has been using "Zoom" to for group video chats. It's very easy to use and really fun! We had a 10 person session yesterday with my grandmother, mom, sister, aunts, uncles and cousins. I have friends who are playing a long distance trivia game using it. It's as close to sitting around a table with friends as you can get right now.
  2. Out of a 9 man crew at my son's electrician job, they have 4 guys working. My 18 year old is one of them, so we are grateful he has an income right now. He and I both have letters from our employer's stating we are "essential". Employees are wearing masks at work.
  3. They shut down the job site my son works on as of today, which is fine with him because two people yesterday were there sick and wearing a mask. He is 18 and was pretty freaked out about it, not that he worked near them, just the fact that he didn't know what they were sick with. Dh has a couple remodeling jobs lined up, was able to get paint for one, windows were already delivered on another one, and the store where he buys crown molding is doing curb service with limited hours. So we shall see how much he can do in the next few weeks. "Commercial" businesses are allowed to be open according to Gov. Hogan's list.
  4. For most people it is an inconvenience, but for others life and death. I will happily be inconvenienced to help not make someone sick. I really feel for businesses and employees financially hard hit. We will just have to ride it out.
  5. Just updating some numbers for reference since I sent $2k in contributions to dh's Roth: 403b: $25,673 (just increased my contributions to $300/paycheck up from $270, + 2% match) Old IRA: $7,219 Dh Roth: $12,710 My Roth: $8,828 Total $54,430 Mortgage balance $89,597
  6. DebtBgone

    Go away, Murphy

    Years ago I was driving around a $1k Craigslist-mobile that needed an a/c compressor. The cost to repair it would have been almost half the value of the car! Seriously, I think it was $400-500 dollars for a new one. My husband found one on ebay for $30! And then he and his brother fixed it themselves. I was one happy camper! Maybe a deal like that could come along for your car.
  7. DebtBgone


    I completely agree with the opinion that budgeting is the key. Climbing out of debt doesn't happen by accident - it takes a solid plan and being accountable. Living on last month's income has been a tremendous help for me since both my dh an I have irregular incomes. Come on, vacation! You did it!
  8. Thanks for the encouragement! I am off work today and spent some time playing with calculators this morning. If we can manage to up our principal payment by $200 more/month ($1,800) our payoff would be March of '22. Three years. Wow. Sure has my wheels turning! ETA: I realized I made a mistake about the $1,800 - I knew something wasn't right! $1,800 is my total principal payment, not my snowball. Our principal and interest payment is just over $1,200, and right now when I pay $1,200 more, my principal payment is $1,800. Anyway, if I continue a $1,200 snowball, the payoff is December of 2022. We will see what this year brings.
  9. Some updated numbers. So far in 2019: 403b: $24,376 Old IRA: $6,925 Dh Roth: $10,517 (will contribute before April 15th) My Roth: $8,660 Total: 50,478 We hit $50k!!!! Mortgage balance $91,530 We're under $100k!!! And back to the amount we bought our house for ($91,700 in 1992). Two milestones for us in the same month. And next month we'll be out of the 90's. It will be so cool to see it go down in 10k increments and the retirement go up. It seems like we should be able to put $1,600 towards the principal and $1,600 towards retirement each month the rest of this year. Overtime has been my best and worst friend. I'm tired, but it's a rewarding, satisfying tired.
  10. 403b hit $20,123...so cool to hit the $20k mark. Now to get the mortgage under $100k....
  11. One year ago we had $20k in retirement. Today it is $44,545! So excited to see those numbers go up despite car repairs and house renovations. 403b $19,818 Old IRA $7,362 Dh Roth $8,700 (haven't contributed) My Roth $8,665 (haven't contributed)
  12. Hello, PCMedic, nice to "meet" you online! So you are one of the amazing people who helped get this site up and running? You have helped so many people you will never meet anywhere  but here, and the work you did is still changing lives to this day. Thank you so very much.  Your own set of struggles and goals just took I drastic turn, and I hope a little cyber encouragement will help lift you up. I work with stroke patients and the fact that you are back working at all is a true gift which many never receive. Be thankful every day for that, and keep taking those "baby steps" toward recovery. I will be praying for healing and for lessons learned that we can't learn any other way except through perseverance. 

    Maybe I could quote you from a post you made in 2012 to encourage another member whose wife was having medical struggles at the time, "When things seem darkest, remember that all things are possible through God David S."

  13. Congratulations on your marriage! It sounds like you two will go far together and are quite a team already. Together you will conquer this $50k and learn and grow a lot. The RV sounds like the perfect place to hang your hat while you build a house later. I hope you get some good advice on settling those debts and they will work with you on those balances. I think typically they will settle for X amount in full.
  14. Halfway through 2018. Dh just started working fairly regularly again, so once the upstairs project is finished we should be able to contribute to Roths again. 403b: $16,600 Old IRA: $7,144 (went down) Dh Roth: $8,618 (went down) My Roth: $8,583 Total: $40,945 Mortgage balance $102,581 Principal reduction in 2018: $59,495 Interest paid in 2018: $2,326
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