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  1. jennadean

    I'm moving

    Freedom this is excellent! Enjoy your new place. It sounds like the perfect transition. Since you work from home of the second bedroom is dedicated office space I believe you can write it off on your taxes.
  2. jennadean

    Well Crap

    It just doesn't seem fair. I am guessing since he is military there is no way to appeal it.
  3. Have you discussed it with your attorney. Is it really necessary and if so why. I agree it seems unreasonable. Will you have access to his last 6 months as well? Glad that you are doing better. Sounds like things are on an up swing for you.
  4. What about calling your insurance company. Find out what type of options they offer someone who needs a specialist but there are none in network. They may pay a portion of out of network care. Certainly cannot hut to call and find out.
  5. I hope the appointment goes well. I am glad that you are going.
  6. I am sorry the weather is terrible where you are. We have had a great summer so far here in the northeast. I just wanted to say I am so happy for you. I feel I can hear your mood improved from your last post. I know we do not know each other but I was worried for you. I am glad things are on the upswing. Have fun at the concert tomorrow night.
  7. Freedom I am so sorry that this man stole so much from you. Is there any way for you to move relocate and start a new life without so many reminders. A fresh start may be just right thing.
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