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  1. Pluto

    Life After Divorce

    What a great update. I hope you have as much joy and adventure in 2018!
  2. I wonder if you could sue her in small claims court on a regular bases? That is just make it a total pain for her. Document that her lack of paying agreed upon bills is hurting the kids (lack of dental care, food when they are with her), pay her portion when after attempting to rectify, and then sue her every 6 months for a lump sum of what you have covered? Even if you never get the money back, the kids are taken care of, you have a judgment, and documentation of her poor behavior. I know that isn't very practice and you probably just need to vent, suck it up, and continue to juggle th
  3. Pluto

    I'm moving

    So you said a couple of times that this isn't the best financial decision. Why? I'm really curious as to what your other options are and why they would be financially superior to getting a modest apartment? Excluding being homeless and living out of a tent of coarse
  4. Freedom, I think that moving on and creating the life you want to live is the best option. If being on your own is important, then find a place you can afford and rent it. Have you been looking? Sometimes it takes a bit of time for the right rental to come on the market and even looking for a place can be a great distraction. I left my ex in December of last year and lived with friends until March. My place is still decorated a bit like a bachelor pad with minimal furniture, and odds and ends of my former life. But it was an important step in moving towards a new "home". Just do it
  5. I don't know what to say about the cabinets. I think they need to be painted to complete the kitchen update (which looks great!), but I don't know that it will be a dealbreaker, and I doubt you will get the money back out of a typical buyer. You "might" choose right and get the cabinets just right, but I think most buyers and going to look at the cabinets (natural wood or painted) and either be fine with them, or want to have them completely refaced in a more modern style. I would be tempted to research the refacing options in your area, have the info avaliable (and maybe a sketch up or two
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