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  1. Just know you are not alone with the tight budget feeling. It's going to be a tight budget for us as well during the summer. I usually have great business from January to June so that I can go part-time during the summer without it effecting our budget. But not a lot of people are looking for an attorney during a pandemic, so my client list dried up. I hope in the fall, I can boost up my client list. Just take one day at a time :)
  2. We are going on a cruise in July to celebrate 12 years of married bliss! We are heading to the Caribbean! Cruises are a lot of fun. Especially when you are paying in cash. Enjoy!
  3. nicolegrey

    Divorce & Downsize

    Don't do anything until after the divorce. You never know what will happen between you and your DH between now and the divorce. I would research options and that's about it until July. Which, I think is good, because it allows you to emotionally catch up to what is happening in your life. You are going through a divorce. It's like going through a death in a family. It will take time to readjust to life on your own without a companion.
  4. Do you work? Are you going to be able to financially afford living on your own? Do you have any children? Can you live somewhere else to give you both space and to really think about what you want? Have you talked to an attorney for legal advice on going through a divorce/separation? Those are just some of my first questions for you to start thinking about. I am sorry you are going through all of this. Hope you have a good support system in place to help through all of this change.
  5. nicolegrey

    I did it!

    I'm an attorney. Juris Doctorate.
  6. nicolegrey

    I did it!

    Great job! I am in the same boat as you...I have a JD with no debt, but there is no "need" for me to work. My DH's income covers everything and then some. It's a great problem to have
  7. nicolegrey

    What's up with us

    San Antonio is a great place to live We have a very active homeschooling and military community. And the cost of living is comparably low to other parts of the country.
  8. I worked, and went to law school, all while having babies and staying home with them. It is doable, just be flexible with what you need to get done. Being home and working is something I an striving to do. I would much rather do that than going into a office everyday (which is what I am doing now). Congrats on the new blessing!
  9. I don't think "diet" should be in the vocabulary. Diet makes it seem like it will end, eventually. Instead make it a life time choice to eat healthier. Much like budgeting, once you see it as you telling where the money goes, instead of the other way around, we get a firmer control over the money. Same with food. You are telling food what to do, instead of food controlling you. And it will take time to find better, healthier foods that both of you like. My mom had to wean herself off pasta before she went cold turkey. She will still get carbs out at restaurants, but it's strictly a treat now, instead of a everyday occurrence. It took us awhile to figure out what veggies/fruits we will eat and with what meat. It took us a while to figure out good snack options...nuts, popcorn, veggies with ranch, smoothies. Everyone has different food preferences and so it will take time to figure out a new healthy meal for your family. But, I can assure you, it's very worth it.
  10. Look into a paleo diet or atkins diet...maybe that is what you need to help get recipes for this new change. Also South Beach Diet. My mom lost 50 pounds following a combination of the paleo and south beach diet. You are a good cook, and make most things from scratch. So, know it's learning to incorporate more veggies/fruits/meat into the meals. Salads should be a new go to meal. Also soups, chicken breasts, fish, and eggs. It's good that your kids are older so there should be no temptation to buy sodas or other convenience foods. I would take this as a great opportunity to live healthier.
  11. nicolegrey

    Breaking point

    I think you just need to sit down and decide what you want to do with your money. Is retirement important...then giving needs to go down. Is giving important, then retirement needs to go down. Is going out and doing something more important, then retirement and giving go down. It's important to be good stewards, but I think Dave Ramsey would also caution you to not spend yourself away from enjoying life (whatever that looks like to you).
  12. nicolegrey

    Shearing the Budget

    How about rent, electricity, car payments, and credit card payments? Wouldn't those be considered "utility" bills that have to be paid each month?
  13. Why don't you do the math when you eat dinner? That's what we do with our DD and DS. We just ask them math questions while they are eating, and to them it's a game. For reading, why don't you turn on the closed captions for their favorite TV show and ask them to read along with the program? That has helped our DD out with reading. And I count that as reading...Now you have to watch the show with her and pause it sometimes to make sure she is reading along, instead of just watching. Don't get stuck in that reading must be done around the table. There are so many opportunities to read, and as a parent we should introduce those different ways to our children.
  14. nicolegrey

    Well Crap

    I am so sorry. I just want to thank you and your husband for the sacrifices you all are going through to ensure our safety and freedom. Even more reason to stay out of debt and build wealth in order for your DH to retire as soon as possible so that you guys can stay in one place and be together for the rest of your lives.
  15. Call the hospital and see if you can reduce the bill when it comes to you. We have always had the final bill reduced by 10-20% when we call and tell them we can pay them right now if they will reduce it.
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