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  1. Finally getting around to my weekly update. I know that I do better on the plan if I actually come here and post is all for everyone to see. Keeps me real. It was a very busy weekend this weekend but sometimes it goes that way. I actually wound up throwing a small birthday party for my son. I kept the cost down by making the cake and only buying plates and a table cloth, the only thing the kids really care about. It was a little more than I was planning on doing but the kids had a great time and it distracted my girls from some stuff that is going on in the case (I'm a foster parent and sometimes things go wrong.) A good time was had by all and we got to spend the day with close family and friends which was lovely. And on the plus side, I am still within budget for the month for blow money. At any rate, it was a beautiful weekend this weekend and we were able to spend sometime outdoors enjoying the weather. I am so glad that it is finally feeling like spring and the kids can go outside and play. I need to sit down and figure out all the free activities around town that will be offered this summer. I know there is an Easter Egg Hunt next weekend so that will take care of keeping the us busy then and of course the weekend after will be Easter so we'll have a family get together hosted by my parents. Having things planned out that don't cost anything will really help with the budget this summer but the do require some pre-planning on my part. Weekly Update Current/Beginning Cell Phone; $0.00/$343.50 CC # 4: $0.00/$5,423.06 SL # 2: $5,340.48/$5415.83 SL # 1: $5,410.88/5,489.11 CC # 3: $8,695.45/$8,794.50 SL # 3: $12,414.18/$12,585.56 CC # 1: $12,910.89/$13,444.25 CC # 2: $15,977.38/$16,131.48 Total: $60,749.26/$67,721.50 Total Decrease $6,972.24 Gahhh. Interest being applied the accounts is super irritating. I'm looking forward to the day when I'm not looking at the amount of interest I pay monthly for the "honor" of being stupid with my finances. One step at a time, I am making progress slow though it may be. Onto the next minor emergency that has reared it's ugly head. My car keeps dying as I drive it down the road so yes indeed I get to pay for a car repair sometime this week as well. Frustrating but that's what the emergency fund is for. Thankfully the car is paid off so at least it's actually my car. I do need the car so not fixing it isn't an option. I'm going to be dropping it off at my Dad's house tomorrow so he can have it looked at and see if it is something he can handle or if I'm going to need to pay for the repair. Fingers crossed that this only costs me one arm or leg not both. I know Dave says that God will test your resolve when you commit to this program and Murphy will visit just to make sure you are actually commited but I'm really looking forward to the day that Murphy moves out and leaves me to it so I can actually make some progress. And on top of everything else, I have a Spring cold. So far this week sucks. But I am holding out for a better tomorrow, now I'm off to warm up a can of soup and rest on my sofa. Hope everyone has a great week.
  2. Well this is my third weekly update, things seem to be going pretty well. I am finding that the more I focus on getting back on track with my finances other things seem to be shaping up. My house is actually starting to be presentable. I've made some progress on getting the kitchen back to the point that I enjoy cooking in it and the kids are super excited that I am cooking again rather than eating out all the time. Hopefully my laundry will follow suit, I have a goal of finishing up the current laundry today. It is sorted all over my living room floor so I should be motivated to get it completed. I cleaned out my pantry last week which sorely needed to be done. I found food that had a best used by date of 2011 in there. I finally actually see what we have to use up and can better plan meals for the week. Next planned purge is the canned goods cabinet. BS 1 - $2000/$2000.00 -Refilled this week And the weekly update, as always any increase are due to interest Current/Beginning Cell Phone; $0.00/$343.50 CC # 4: $0.00/$5,423.06 SL # 2: $5,332.95/$5415.83 SL # 1: $5,410.88/5,489.11 CC # 3: $8,587.99/$8,794.50 SL # 3: $12,395.77/$12,585.56 CC # 1: $12,675.01/$13,444.25 CC # 2: $16,067.86/$16,131.48 Total: $60,470.46/$67,721.50 Total Decrease $7,251.04 I am not going to have much more of a snowball this month, I had to refill the emergency fund and my Dad found a great deal on a beef cow which we have been on the lookout for. So I will be paying for half of the cow which will decrease my future grocery budget by a big amount. Thankfully I have a pretty decent snowball amount so I can take advantage of this deal and not add to the debt. We eat a lot of beef here and it is so expense in the store. This also gives me an additional motivation to use up what is in my freezer to clear out space for when the cow is butchered. The only expense I have coming up the rest of the month is dinner out for my youngest son's birthday date. I'm planning on taking the kids to McDonalds which is a giant step down from the dinners out and parties that we would normally have. This should run me less than my $20 of blow money for this paycheck that I have budgeted. Hope everybody has a great week.
  3. 2nd Week Check In Well I've had my first emergency already and am only a few weeks into the plan. I had a relative, my Aunt, pass away and had to take myself and two of my kids to the funeral out of area. I only spent $400 of the Emergency Fund which will need to be refilled but at least I didn't add to the debt so the fund is working the way it should. At least that is what I am trying to tell myself. It's just a bit frustrating to finally feel like I'm making a tiny bit of progress and have this set back. At any rate, I should have the EF refilled with my first pay check this month which will come next Friday and then will return to the debt repayment. So back to BS 1 for this week and next. BS 1 - $1600/$2000.00 - $400 to refill fund. And the weekly update, as always any increase are due to interest Current/Beginning Cell Phone; $0.00/$343.50 CC # 4: $0.00/$5,423.06 SL # 2: $5,323.41/$5415.83 SL # 1: $5,489.11/5,489.11 CC # 3: $8,571.00/$8,794.50 SL # 3: $12,372.76/$12,585.56 CC # 1: $13,000.61/$13,444.25 CC # 2: $16,027.91/$16,131.48 Total: $60,784.80/$67,721.50 Total Decrease $6,936.70 I am very grateful that February is over as it was bad month for me overall. While I made some steps towards getting my finances under control, it just kind of felt like the rest of my life was spinning out of control. I am looking forward to a better March. I have committed to a $200 grocery budget which is really tight but I have a very large stock of pantry and freezer items at my house so we should be able to eat on that and not have to spend much at the store. My health insurance for my new job kicked in so I will be cancelling the health insurance that I was paying for on my own which will free almost $200 every month. In addition I received my new cell phone on Friday, since it is a work cell phone I was able to cancel my personal cell phone service which is freeing up $100 a month. So March is looking pretty solid for cutting back on expense. Those were just the low hanging fruit so to speak. I will start giving the rest of my budget a closer look at what can be cut back on in order to throw even bigger snowballs. Hope everyone has had a good week.
  4. Well one week in and things are going pretty good. Got my first pay check from my new job. So starting to make a little impact already. I received my income tax refund last week and was waiting on the first pay check. With it I was able to pay off a 2nd debt. So just to track where I'm at: BS 2 - Any increase as caused by interest expense which is caused by tracking so closely but I do much better with weekly updates. Debts: Current/Beginning Cell Phone; $0.00/$343.50 CC # 4: $0.00/$5,423.06 SL # 2: $5418.83/$5415.83 SL # 1: $5489.11/5,489.11 CC # 3: $8933.25/$8,794.50 SL # 3: $12,599.57/$12,585.56 CC # 1: $12,839.83/$13,444.25 CC # 2: $15,709.66/$16,131.48 Total: $60,990.25/$67,721.50 Two of the student loans were split out in last week because the website lists two separate loans but I can’t seem to pay them separately to I am combining them. I also threw a small snowball at CC#3 as it was over the limit of $8800 by $133.25. It hasn't posted as of yet though so it's not reflected in the number above. So that card should between that payment and the minimum be back under the limit and stay under the limit. So I have paid down $6,731.25 so almost 10% knocked out. I won’t make this kind of progress every week but it’s great to see an impact already. I should be able to throw a couple of hundred more during February. And barring any emergencies things I haven’t thought of I should be able to throw almost $1,000 snowball next month. I have sort in order of pay off at this point. So next up is SL #2, watch out Sallie Mae/Naivent you’re next. Also next on the list is seeing if I can eliminate any more spending that I can. I will be cutting back on cable for sure. I will also being eating down the crazy amount of food stuffs I have stocked up. So no grocery spending except milk, eggs and bread at least for this and next month. I figure soon enough I won't be able to stick to being that strict with the grocery budget so I am going to take advantage of it now while I'm still all fired up. I will also need to buy cat food and probably diapers but as far as I can figure that is all I will need next month. I'm sure something will come up that I am not thinking of but still I should be able to get off pretty cheap for the shopping in March. With my new job, I will be able to eliminate my cell phone bill as the company issues cell phones and I can transfer my personal number over. I have already checked and they are fine with me using as both my personal and work phone. Also after the first of next month my health insurance through work goes into effect so I can cancel the policy that I've been paying for while I was contract which will save me a pretty penny every month. Right now, I think my estimated pay off date for BS 2 is Feb 2017. But that is nothing goes wrong between now and then so fingers crossed that I can either find more money to keep it there or nothing goes wrong for two years.
  5. Well once again, I am on the wagon trying to pay down the crazy amount of debt I have. But this time, like all the others is going to be different. I am so tired of being stressed out by payment and what I would do in an emergency. Plus I would really like to adopt in the next five years and if I don't get the debt monster under control that is not going to be possible. Last June, I was let go from my job. And was able to secure a contract position within a month so I was very luck but that was the wake up call I needed. I treaded water for a while as the contract job didn't not pay as well as my old permanent job and didn't supply insurance so I was stuck buying it on my own and wow is that pricey. But as of February 2nd, I was offered and accepted a full time position with the company I was contracting for making almost as much as I was making at the old employer so it's time to do this. So just as a starting place. Have the preliminary budget put together, I am sure I am forgetting something but that will all be ironed out over the next few month's I'm sure. Finished out my BEF - $2000, going a little higher than Dave suggests as I am a single foster parent and $1000 is just a little too tight for me. Beginning to work BS 2 - (I'm going to be here for a while, but I've already made a tiny bit of progress) Debts : Cell Phone; $343.50 (Talk about stupid, I financed a cell phone) CC # 1 : $13,444.25 CC # 2: $16,131.48 CC # 3: $8,794.50 CC # 4: $5,423.06 SL #1: $5,489.11 SL #2: $1,405.56 SL #3: $4,004.48 SL #4: $4,803.45 SL #5: $7,782.11 Total non-mortgage debt: $67,721.50. I had a small melt down when I saw the total but then decided okay that is in the past time to put a plan together. First I paid off the cell phone last Thursday. Feels great to have one debt down. I did receive my income tax refund as well so that it help tide me over as direct deposit hasn't started with my current employer so I am using part of it to cover the timing difference to what my normal pay checks looked like. Once the new pay check starts, I am going to send a large snow ball, around $ $6,000 to CC # 2 which is out of order but that card has the largest minimum payment and that payment should free up more cash per month to send against the other debts than paying off the cards in order which will give me a bit more breathing room in the budget which should allow faster pay offs in the future. Once that payment hits then I'll pay them off in order. On the good side, I really like my new job and I have very supportive friends and family. BS 3 on hold pending completion of BS 2 BS 4 on hold pending completion of BS 2 & BS 3 BS 5 No kids yet but would be on hold pending completion of BS 2, BS 3 & BS 4 BS 6 $105,745.46 on hold pending completion of BS 2, BS 3, BS 4, BS 5 BS 7 in my dreams I'm buckling for a long, challenging but hopefully rewarding and happy ride. Here we go....
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