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  1. When your at the library ask the children's librarian about others that homeschool in your community. I get your dilemma as I was in your shoes when my son was in 1st grade. I pulled him at spring break and homeschooled through 2nd. He is back in public school for 3rd grade and so far he seems to be at our above grade level.
  2. We homeschooled last year for 2nd grade and it was tough! More power to those that can homeschool and do it well. Now I was working full time and trying this so that made it extremely difficult. He is back in a new school this year and doing well, thankfully at grade level or above for all subjects, and the environment he is in is much better compared to private school he previously was at. Now if I didn't have a full time job and we could be out in the community more during the day with other homeschoolers I might still be doing it. Guess I'm not much help:) Hopefully the meeting goes well and everyone can get on the same page has how to help your daughter!
  3. I would do 20 minutes of homework a night and send everything else back unfinished. This amount of work is crazy! Would follow by asking for meeting with teacher. My 3rd grader has 15 min of reading a night, 1 math worksheet with 10-15 problems and about 3-5 minutes of spelling.
  4. I would do an open house this weekend around here they are usually advertised in Friday's paper and online so it shouldn't be to late to get it done. If they don't want to I would tell them you'll do it!
  5. " I'll NEVER be a mother of the bride or groom, I'll NEVER hear anyone's first words or see first steps, or watch them win the spelling bee. I'm drawing a line in the sand that will END the possibility of biological motherhood forever" I didn't give birth to my son but I will get to do all of these things god willing! While I don't want to share all the details my amazing son and I became a family when he was 5 1/2 months old. It was by far the most amazing, scary, and fulfilling moment of my adult life. Only you can decide which course of treatment is best for you at this moment but I think you should consider the possibilities out there for motherhood. If you ever want to PM me about specifics on single motherhood feel free. Hope your appt goes well today.
  6. Ha ha.....when I saw this I was thinking the real white stuff that has been falling from the sky far to often this winter:) Was out snow blowing the driveway this morning for hopefully the last time. What a great snow day yesterday for you!!
  7. Braysmommy

    Baby Jacob

    Adorable! Enjoy all the cuddling.
  8. I understand the frustration! My DS has some difficulties in school as well and his private school was struggling with helping him. Naomi is in private school correct? Do they have the resources to have her tested or have you contacted your local school district? My son's behavior issues are due to his sensory processing disorder and anxiety so bad behavior will come out in stressful, loud and crowded space...ie school. Hopefully you can find out the cause of the bad behavior since you know she doesn't want to be bad. Hugs!
  9. Glad it went so well! I would ask for the cat since they can adapt. A family friend had their son bring his cat home from across the country. He has since left to go back to CA but the cat stayed and is thriving in his new home loving the daily attention he gets.
  10. Good luck tomorrow and hopefully you get the bio class you need!
  11. Did mine today a good use of a snow day!
  12. Good news on car situation! We live in MA but originally from outside Seattle so now that we just lost that heartbreaker we will cheer for the Patriots.
  13. Money that family had borrowed so I had written it off a long time ago.
  14. Still on track for the month with my budget and just got some unexpected news.....I am getting a 1800.00 check which is money I did not think I would see again! Will use this to increase BS1 since large car repairs are looming in the near future for head gasket and timing belt.
  15. First budget crisis today! It has a happy ending though....checked my email at 5:30 this morning and saw my flex spending reimbursement had been denied. So for 2.5 hours I was having heart palpitations on how to work my DS's speech therapy into the budget at 58.50 a week. Called and she said oh sorry they applied it to 2012 and not 2013? Well thanks for the 1.17 left from '12 but please apply the rest to '13. Will have it direct deposited in my account next week.
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