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  1. Smart move. I wouldn't go wash someone's car if they called me and asked. Same difference. Look for products you can pivot. Many I've agents started out as a prospecting assistant. You don't even need to be licensed for that. Just off the top of my head: if they're looking for individual ACA policies, they are maybe working for a small employer without benefits or left an employer recently. Both of these groups typically have a need for buying individual life and retirement products. I know agents who will pay $10 a head for setting appointments like this. You can come off great to t
  2. I know what you mean about health insurance commissions. That's not just in one state. At work it looksike you have the authority to build your own book. Life and disability Would be a great diversifier. Do you have authority to sell those lines at this job? Those lines are great for paying immediate commissions. Don't count on them for residuals. Look for the truth in this: Linda Evangelista, the original supermodel in the 80s once said. "I don't even get out of bed for less that $10,000" Do that, but with your time.
  3. I'm sorry to hear about the cut in commissions. Your employee is giving you clear notice that this work is unappreciated. What product lines do you sell? What others do you have available? Would you consider a different employer? The writing is on the wall, something's gotta change. I'm curious about the 30 hour weeks, you are clearly willing to work more. Why not double down on your primary job?
  4. Clever Username

    More court drama

    Good luck. Unless there are very strong tenant laws, collection will be difficult. I would not anticipate collection from a property lien, iirc his plan was to foreclose this property. One ray of light might be your cancelled rent checks. Bank stamps might identify his account. Freezing that might actually find some money.
  5. Seeing your action and results orientation, I feel your pain with complacent professionals. Know that there are experts who would be a better match for you. Personally, I'd start with the bibliography sections of your source materials. Praise these researchers for their help and ask for local referrals.
  6. It does, but I wonder if you'd work better with the different professionals. A DO instead of MD, a nutritionist with so many diet changes. A nutritionist is a good example of someone who does have the time to work and plan together. Personally, I don't know which is the chicken and which is the egg between diabetes and weight.
  7. Clever Username

    More court drama

    I'm curious as well. Once you get a judgment issued, how do you plan to collect upon it? He does not seem like the sort to bring a checkbook to court to make good on the judge's decision.
  8. I'm curious. I've read a bit of your recent work here (and there's a lot of work you're doing). Who is guiding you? Is it a doctor or nutritionist? Other comments I've seen have noted how you haven't seen eye to eye with some of your professionals. I'm just wondering who is helping you choose such a specific goal like this after breakfast blood sugar goal. And why a good-for-diabetic result isn't good enough for a diabetic person? To a non-professional like me, adding extra additives to his diet could be working counter to more important goals such as weight loss.
  9. It's not for us to say. Plan today. In a low month what will you do? In a high month what will you do? I promise you, both are in your future. If it's all about the money and these priorities are Needs for you, quit wasting all that time at home, go work full time, buy some convenience food, etc. Tongue in cheek, but do you understand?
  10. How does this sound to you? We all get consumed with doing this, doing that, falling behind on this, catching up with that... A while back, I started doing a year end review. My wife and I have corporate backgrounds, so this is right in our wheelhouse. Interestingly, it completely takes off the table the issues that most preoccupy us... What we're doing today. There will always be a NEXT goal. There is no finish line. From that perspective it can start feeling like you didn't accomplish anything. Here's how much we earned.... Here's what we did with that money. How do we feel about that
  11. Hi Freedom. You don't forget your old life. You just move forward. Sounds like that was a nice thing you did for his birthday. That's ok to remember. But today, it's just an old fridge you don't need anymore. Selling it was good. I bet the buyer was happy to get it and I bet you're happy with the cash. That's where you are today. Sometimes when things are in upheaval, we try to attach grand importance to everything. But, it's just a fridge.
  12. I'll relate a common quote I use financially to the many things you are trying to accomplish. You can do ANYthing you'd like, you just don't have the time and resources to do EVERYthing. Single, working, homeschooling, family saving, new baby trying... While your spirit is admirable, if it were focussed, it might be more effective.
  13. I also don't know all of the backstory. How I wish I had a piece of paper outlining your immediate family and your extended family, so I could get some perspective. Let's look at your immediate family first (you know, the most important family). Remember in wedding vows, it's easy to overlook, but an important part is the leave/cleave. You LEAVE your old family (you don't have to be a jerk about it) and CLEAVE (come together) as a new family. I guess that shows my first assumption. Are you guys hitched? It doesn't matter much, I've found families come in many shapes. I got confus
  14. I dropped two of mine at camp for the first time yesterday. My 6 & 8 year olds wanted to go too, I'm not ready for that yet. My wife just pointed me to Facebook to see their smiling faces today. Hang in there, we'll get through this together. I was fine until the counselor told me "see you next week!"
  15. That's good. I'm escrowed, so it's just something I'm going to have to take over when I pay off. Escrow rules tend to be a bit conservative compared to most sinking funds. I was hoping you'd find a nice lump to help with the goal. EF was just to keep it in perspective, no cash to pay the tax IS an emergency. Good luck.
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