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  1. Just wanted to give a shout out to you Dorothy...we joined TTMO about the same time and I was in the old Daves Club. Still saving and investing for retirement though not a Vanguardian. lol  Regards, Clarkfan2


    1. Dorothy


      I remember you!  I'm still mostly hanging out at DebtFreeFanatics - but trying to lurk here more often.  I actually have all of my retirement funds at Vanguard except my Roth which is under $75K

  2. Dorothy

    More court drama

    that is what he wants - for you to just drop it.
  3. Huge project and not much time. Have fun - I still enjoy my kitchen. I went with Silestone countertops because they don't require any maintenance. I'm happy with them so far.
  4. My freezer was FULL of food before Christmas. Then I bought things I "might" want for Christmas - including a cherry pie which is still in the freezer. I really need to keep eating more from the freezer. I did us a pound of stew meat this week. Next week will be something chicken - not sure what yet.
  5. I hope your baby is fine. Agree with your decision for both of you to start counseling. Hopefully your husband's work partner can steer him in the right direction.
  6. Dorothy

    Vacation Chronicles

    sounds like this is being a very good vacation for both of you
  7. Sounds like you are doing well - how is Levi doing? Is there a homeless shelter or group serving Thanksgiving dinner where you can volunteer?
  8. Dorothy

    Next steps

    I agree that counseling is a good idea. Any way to increase income or decrease expenses?
  9. I didn't do a good job keeping track, so did a new inventory last week. Here is the updated version - now updated through tonight: Category / Item Total Meat Salmon fillets - individ 7 6 (had one for lunch Monday) Ham pieces - baggie 1 Ham hunks - baggie 5 Ham slices - baggie 7 Breaded fish - individ 8 Chicken Rotisserie - baggie 2 Bacon - baggie 3 Pork chops - boneless - lb 1 Beef sausage - lb 1 Beef stew meat - lb 1 Deli meat - blk forest ham .4 lb 1 Chicken breast - 1.25 lb 1 Chicken breast BBQ ?? - baggie 2 1 (took 1 out of freezer to eat on Wed - it is rotisserie for 3 meals) Beef, ground raw 8 Salmon - large (1 # - 2 #) 15 11 (sold 4 to a friend) Chicken whole 4 lb 1 Meals Chicken pot pies 7 Eggplant Parm 1 Amy's sm veg lasagna 2 Swedish meatballs 2 1 (dinner tonight) Frozen dinners - assorted 6 Misc Flour tortillas 0.75 Marshmallows 0.5 Choc chips - 2/3 cup? 1 Garden seeds 1 Flour - 2 cups? 1 Butter 1 Waffles 1 Pecans 2 Fruit Strawberries, org, 10 oz 1 Cherries, org, 3 lb? 1 Vegetables Brocolli w/ cheese sauce 1 Brussel sprouts 1.5 partial bag used for lunch & dinner today California blend 1 Green beans 1 .5 cooked 1/2 bag Wed to eat Wed & Thurs Peas - 3 open; 1 new 2.5 Corn 1 The large salmon fillets are from Zaycon and at least two of them are sold to friends, but haven't been paid for or picked up yet. The 6 frozen meals and 2 swedish meatballs are from this past week - they were on sale and I like to have something on hand for when I need a quick easy meal. The chicken pot pies were from about a month ago. I buy the box of 8 when on sale at CostCo - they are my "go to" food for when I don't feel good - like when I take my monthly calcium absorption pill.
  10. Dorothy

    Here we go..

    Are you there yet?
  11. Freedom, you are making great steps towards "freedom"! Keep up the good work!
  12. Dorothy

    My stressful day

    I'm glad he is going to be OK
  13. I'm so sorry - and it is worst when the "mom" of the house is sick!
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