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  1. some good news, the person I know in ICU with the virus is now out of ICU and doing better. I'm so glad she's a great person... . keep her in prayers if you would like too. thanks.
  2. this means other than going to out to get food, we need to stay at home. stay away from people. limit exposure to people. crazy. all non essential businesses closing today at 5pm.
  3. going up $10. And I don't even care. Glad I'm debt free. I don't like that it's going up but I worried about it for about 1 minute. They did not even mail me the letter they left it outside my door. cheap skates did not want to spend money on 36 stamps. lol. I just got a small raise so the rent increase eats that up. Perfect timing! I pay $685 month (new rate) which includes water and electric. still not a bad deal for an apartment in my state/county. My apartment is 420 sq feet, an efficiency.
  4. they make my skin crawl when I'm in a room that has hundreds of them in there. I learned how they mate and how they feed, which was interesting but creepy at the same time. learned about how they get around... they don't fly they hitch rides on things to travel... interesting stuff. Cant figure out why God would create such a bug that feeds on our blood, but I can't see what purpose they serve in the insect world... and to think my mom and grand-mom use to tell me "good night sleep tight don't let the bedbugs bite". lol. If you travel (even if travel to you is staying overnight at a friends or family members house) check around the bed (and where the walls meet the ceiling) for signs of them before you bring your luggage in the room... you need to look for dried blood, feces, eggs, and exoskeleton's... all signs of a bed bug infestation.
  5. Just a warning, if you get used stuff at yard sales, garage sales, estate sales, etc. one thing you don't want to bring home is bed bugs. One way they travel is by hitching a ride on used furniture. We had bed bugs where I work, and after speaking with professional exterminators for many months, I learned way more about bed bugs than I wanted to know. I pretty much don't take any used furniture home after learning about these critters. Ive seen apartments where a few bed bugs turned into 600+ in a short period of time. they can be hard to get rid of and treatments are not cheap. Just wanted to share this not to scare you but to warn you, just a heads up.
  6. I emailed my long time bank with a simple question. does my savings account that pays nothing have a min required balance (Im asking because I've been moving the money out). here is their reply. the rep referred to it as a "high yield" account? LOL. it pays 0.030%... nothing. that is why I've moved it. not sure what my bank staff is smoking, but it must be some good stuff. I appreciate you contacting us to inquire about the eSavings account and I will be happy to provide you with more information. the yyz eSavings is a savings account that provides clients with a high yield on their investment and flexible access to the account.
  7. the APY will be 2.25% for 12 months... and if I open a checking account before the 12 months is up and keep $2500 in checking (making no interest), the money marking savings account can stay at the higher rate without going down. only took me two years to finally do this. better late than never I guess. for the year it will make about $675.... compare that to the $10 it made last year. A step in the right direction at least.
  8. been there done that got the tshirt. lol. I don't want to go there ever again.
  9. credit cards and loans... finance your dreams. no thanks.
  10. have you read the book "boundaries" by Henry Cloud and John Townsend? great book. check it out sometime you may find it helpful.
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