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  1. My DW is diabetic. I would really love to see her be able to reverse the condition. We will both work at it. I stepped on the scales for the first time in months yesterday. I am down at least 10lbs from the last time I weighed in - and I've only been seriously watching what I eat for about 2 or 3 weeks now. In FPU, Dave Ramsey talks about a "paradigm shift" when it comes to thinking about finances and debt. I feel like I've had a similar paradigm shift when it comes to food - sugary foods in particular. I look at a can of soda pop now as diabetes in a can. Ever since I
  2. Thank you for the detailed post above. There is a history of diabetes in my family. My grandfather had it (and lived with it for many years) and my mother has it. As of now, I do NOT have diabetes, and I wish to keep it that way. (blood tests confirm that I am not diabetic..) I am overweight. I am a good candidate for diabetes, but I'm not going to let it happen. Seeing your post above showing that somebody who is pre-diabetic can fix the situation gives me good hope that I am going to be successful. I have seriously started watching the foods I eat, in particular the carbs a
  3. Davage

    The first week jinx

    Wow. Wow. Wow.. That is scary. My parents also experienced the same thing - carbon monoxide detector went off because of back drafting into the house through the wood stove. I am so happy to hear that the detector did its job. We have 4 carbon monoxide detectors in our house, and 9 smoke detectors. A little extreme? Maybe, but I don't think that I would trust our lives to a single CO detector or just a single smoke detector.
  4. Excellent work! We are going to do the same. We have some special concerns with our will and money (it comes to a special needs child), so we are working with some professionals right now to get the points put together before we go to the lawyer in the new year to finally get it done. Something else that I've done is to write down all of the online login and password info in a book here. All on paper. If I "get hit by a bus" next week, my family can continue to function and have full access to all of our online information. I've even written down the answers to the security quest
  5. Awesome... I love good news updates.
  6. I'm sorry to hear that DH really hasn't caught on to the budgeting thing yet. DW and I took Financial Peace University together and managed to get on the same page. I still handle most of the finances, but we both have the same goals that we are trying to reach. I'm a "guy". I like to cook and prepare meals, but under the rare occasion when I'm at home alone for an evening meal, I will also be tempted to order in delivered food, because I just don't feel like "preparing" a meal. I open the fridge door or pantry, and all I see is time consuming stuff to make and I really don't feel
  7. Davage

    Needing to vent

    I wouldn't feel comfortable going on vacation with someone, watching them go deeper into debt each and every day. It wouldn't make for a fun trip, because I would feel that I should be paying for some of the meals or expenses instead of allowing the other person to pile on more debt.
  8. It might be a hard lesson learned, but receipts are extremely important. We keep receipts for EVERYTHING, including a cup of coffee at Tim Hortons. It may seem excessive, but we ask for receipts for everything. The only exceptions are when we are at the fair and buy a snowcone or something like that. I agree with BigDog - If you had someone prepare the taxes for you, call them up and ask for their assistance. A couple years back, I noticed an issue with my own tax returns. I had been using off-the-shelf software to do the taxes, and it turns out that I hadn't been claiming my children as depen
  9. The DW and I took Financial Peace University (13 week) course together. I absolutely recommend it to all couples to take together, just to get on the same page. When both husband and wife have a common goal, then it makes things a lot easier. I listened to Dave Ramsey for years and thought that I knew most of what he would teach in the FPU course, but I was wrong. FPU goes into such great detail, and has work exercises to pull everything together. If you haven't taken FPU, I would highly recommend it. It's worth every penny of the extremely reasonable price tag.
  10. We went to Disney back in March. We drove our own car from Ontario down to Florida and back. $315 in gas.. Plus we spent $7 on a do-it-yourself car wash, because we couldn't leave a dirt/salt covered car sitting in the parking lot of the resort The Disney Budget resorts are very acceptable. I just don't understand the logic of paying to stay at a premium resort, when you are spending most of your day at the parks anyways. In total, we did the entire Disney vacation for a family of 4 for less than $3000, including all meals, hotels, AND buying a bunch of kids clothes on clearance al
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