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  1. You have done such a fantastic job! And those expenses are such a drop in the bucket compared to the potential medical costs that you are preventing! Well worth it, IMO!
  2. I have a hard time tackling the clutter too, but it really helped me to approach it like: get rid of 20 things today. Once i saw how easy that was, i could get rid of 100 or 150 at a time. Even the kids got into it. It helps you get started. Maybe it gives you permission to avoid the hard decisions and you don't have to completely finish an area. You are just making progress and as you go, the decisions get easier. I just kept a big bag for trash and a box for donations by the door all the time. We went from over 3000 sq ft to 1000. Even if it just 500 or 1000 itens that don't have to pass thru your hands, that would help. I am just thinking from a non-hoarder, but i hate going thru boxes and drawers perspective.
  3. Yellobelle

    What a week!

    Lots of hugs!! What a crazy week! Whenever you do get your gall bladder removed, take digestive enzymes and bile salts to help you digest! Otherwise you will probably get sick whenever you eat and you can develop vitamin deficiencies because your body can't digest fats well enough. Turns out it is a very important little organ, but the surgery itself was a piece of cake and those gall bladder attacks are awful, so it was worth it! The surgery also almost dried up my milk, so if it is done post-partum, ask about every drug they are giving you not just the anesthesia. I think I was given some sort of anti-histamine. Hope this helps!
  4. Yellobelle

    goings ons

    I love your list! I like the small time increments--makes everything seem more doable.
  5. We went to a pumpkin patch last weekend and they had face painting. It was absolutely the slowest, most incompetent face painter I have ever seen! She could basically do triangles...no matter what a kid asked for, they came out with triangles lol! Anyway, it occurred to me that a decent face painter could make some money and get tons of contacts just by putting out a tip jar and setting out business cards or flyers with party pricing! I am guessing the good ones around here are too booked up to do a pumpkin patch, but it would be great for someone getting started!
  6. Yellobelle

    Roadtrip ~Leg 4~

    Wow! Way to stay under budget on a long trip with kids!
  7. Thanks for the explanation. I was also worried that you didn't realize the immense value in what you are doing for this season of life. In some sense, it is important not to give up on all the dreams and ambition of youth, while in another sense, you grow up and realize that life is much more complicated than you thought and what you really want might be different than what you thought you would want. If that makes any sense at all... And SAHM is a perfectly valid use for an Ivy League degree. ;-) Fortunately, they do not usually involve large amounts of debt, since that is the part that would not be so wise for someone not intending to actively use their degree.
  8. Oh my gosh, that is insane! I always way over think hotel bookings, checking reviews, etc. We have had great experiences with holiday inn express so far...swimming pools and big, free breakfast. I will keep being paranoid and checking reviews though! Hope you get some $$ back for your emotional trauma!
  9. Investing in your family is not a "small life," it is a rich one! I completely understand it is hard not to compare, I feel the same way after a visit with college roomies when I hear about their careers and crazy vacays (year-long trip around the world, anyone?). I think you are on the right track with a lot of things--taking time for you at the gym, keeping your toes in the professional world just enough to minimize resume gaps and maintain your license, etc. while being there for your family that needs you right now. More options down the road are better than less options.
  10. I can't recall if you have talked to a realtor about doing a short sale? We applied for a loan mod and they jerked us around for nine months claiming they lost this document or that and then mailed us a foreclosure date before even giving us a decision on the loan mod. We called a realtor with tons of short sale experience and signed a doc giving her permission to talk to the mortgage company and she stopped the short sale, threw our house on the market within two days. We ended up being able to stay in the house another 6 months waiting to close on the sale. Best part is, we never had to deal with the mortgage company again, the realtor did everything and we basically showed up for closing. Of course, you don't seem to necessarily want to drag this out, it just bought us more time to save up and find a rental, which is really hard here, and the bank also gave us cash at closing (that was Bank of America). The problem is your family might trash your house if you end up moving out before them, so that would be a consideration too... Lots of hugs, I know it is soooo stressful, but you are going to be so much happier in your new place! We thought we would miss our house, but it is so much better being in a little condo and having less stress! Renting is such a nice break--no maintenance, etc!
  11. Around here, they have to prioritize people who are pregnant or have infants/small children for A/C or heat repairs when the weather is really hot or cold. In our last house, we had dual zone, so I told them I could just stay upstairs, but since I had an infant, they said they had to come out within 24 hrs. I think home warranty companies are ALL a pain to deal with though. When we had one a couple houses ago, it took us TWO WEEKS to get a leaking hot water heater replaced, so we not only had no hot water, but we had to dump buckets several times a day to keep the basement from flooding. I second the hotel idea. Screw the unpacking. Seriously, I am pregnant and a disaster too...enough will get done eventually and you need to just stop and rest. As long as you have a carseat and some diapers, you're good.
  12. Yellobelle


    Sounds like a good plan! When I worked from home, I did the bulk of my work from 5am -8:30am to avoid childcare costs. Not super fun, but I got really good at time management (and it just so happened that those were the ideal hours for my job anyway because of the timing of our daily deadlines).
  13. Love this post! I am an introvert too, and stretching outside my comfort zone can be so hard! New things are hard for me. I was super proud of myself yesterday for making a phone call, silly, I know, but a big deal for me. All those little steps are going to add up and one day soon you will look back and be amazed how far you have come!
  14. Try to eat foods with lots of calcium for better absorption, and check what kind of calcium the supplements have. I think calcium lactate or calcium citrate might be more usable, while calcium carbonate is not so much. A midwife might know that sort of thing, I imagine they utilize supplements more than the dr usually does.
  15. Yellobelle


    Great hustling to get a new job! I think the farm will be a nice change of pace. You still have a decent snowball plus more time for outside earning. And some free groceries! Those cooking parties are getting popular around here (rich area too)--where you have a chef come and teach you to cook a fancy meal. I just got invited to one that involves butchering the chicken all the way to cooking it!!! $40/person, $20 if you are bringing your own live chicken. Yup. You do get to take homemade stock and most of your chicken home lol. Seems like a good way to earn some extra cash while avoiding your own kitchen. He might be able to advertise at the farm as long as it doesn't conflict with their offerings.
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