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  1. We all have times like that when we have to push "pause" on some of our gazelle goals, but the most important thing is not to get discouraged and to keep looking ahead to the "far horizon" where things will be better.
  2. starchyk, you are exercising that important "saving muscle" and will reach your goals.
  3. Our local genealogical society is urging everyone to keep a simple journal of these times.
  4. It really does feel great to look back and track your progress--keep up the good work!
  5. fpmomma

    Vacation Plans

    Enjoy making your plans, and then taking a memorable trip that will mean even more because you won't be facing new debt when you return home!
  6. pcmedic, this is just a quick note from a friend on LLNOE to say that my thoughts and prayers are with you during your recovery. The contributions you made to get this board up and running have helped so very many people whose real-life paths will never cross yours, but you have made a true difference and probably helped many individuals rewrite their family stories in a much brighter tone. 

    Take care of yourself, rest well and be blessed!


  7. Happy to see your update and to know that you are enjoying life with your beloved! How wonderful that you both are looking in the same direction, and sharing your hopes and dreams as you work hard to achieve them. Congratulations!
  8. How wonderful! I know you both have worked very hard on diet and other lifestyle changes to make a big difference, and now you can enjoy the good report. One day at a time--and you are so much more knowledgeable and equipped to do battle with that issue if it ever comes up again. I'm rejoicing with you!
  9. Thought I would go back through my old blog posts...and here we are two years out from my last post on this thread...several significant changes have occurred within our extended family. One son and his family moved from a location 4.5 hours away, and they now live in the same metroplex where our younger daughter and her family live--about 14 hours away. Another daughter and her family (with 3 children) live about 10 hours away. One son and his daughter (he doesn't have custody, but we see her fairly often) still lives in our area. My sister and her husband moved out of state, away from the city where our aging mom lives alone (45 minute drive from me). I try to visit her once every week or two and keep tabs on how she is doing. DH's father passed away in February 2016, and his mom lives with his sister and BIL in the same metroplex where our two kids, my sister and her family all live. All of those folks keep telling us we should move to that area--but we don't want to! It stresses us out each time we visit there; it is a huge metroplex, so much concrete, so much traffic, so few trees... We have paid off our home mortgage and are enjoying our big back yard this summer. We are still talking about what we want to do when I retire (DH is still self-employed and could do what he does anywhere), but right now we are looking more in the direction of taking a few trips that we have put off, versus relocating. The real-estate market in our area is a seller's market, so I don't think we would have trouble selling our paid-for home, but until we have a more definite urge to relocate, we are just staying put, stashing the cash, taking a few trips, and still pondering what our future might look like.
  10. I caught this "bug" all over again this month, for two reasons. First, a young couple we know just spent a beautiful self-designed honeymoon in Ireland, and I lived vicariously through all their wonderful photos. Second, we have paid off our mortgage earlier than anticipated, and now we will be able to save up for a trip of this magnitude much quicker and easier. I may start daydreaming again, and looking at travel sites, etc. I had pushed this idea to the far edges of my thoughts for a while now, but it seems to be elbowing its way back up...
  11. As in all difficult things, it's the "baby steps" in the right direction that will give you increasing confidence that you can make it through to the other side, and to a better day. I'm glad you can share the struggles here and vent when you need to. I pray you will find answers and ways to accomplish what you need to do. Be sure to take care of yourself (eat right, rest when you can, recharge your emotional batteries with healthy pursuits) and know that here you have support, friendship and genuine interest in your well-being.
  12. fpmomma

    Spring Break!

    Nice update, Gelly! It will be great to have you around more often!
  13. Thank you for sharing this information. So many people I know personally are affected by diabetes, including close family members, and this helps me understand their circumstances and lifestyle much better.
  14. Welcome back, gazelle Gelly! It's good to read an update about your life--such a busy one! I've missed your posts, and I'm happy to see you active again!
  15. Great to see you--Freedom10--and you--Gelly--back on here! It's not the same without you! Freedom10, didn't you get a little doggy at some point too?
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