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  1. DCLissa17

    Shearing the Budget

    Bummer! I just bought a new phone 3 months ago (I use metropcs) and it's not compatible with total wireless!
  2. DCLissa17

    Doctors Appointment

    Also, the physical therapist I saw for two months prior to the chiropractor accomplished NOTHING to relieve my pain, except to refer me to that particular chiropractor. FWIW
  3. DCLissa17

    Doctors Appointment

    I have no idea the specifics of your injury, but chiropractic (by the RIGHT) practioner, has made a world of difference in my chronic awful back pain. A few sessions over a couple weeks and it was 70% better. Then continued slowly improving with twice monthly therapeutic massage over a couple years with occasional chiropractic visits when it flared. Now my pain is 90% resolved and managed with just monthly massage. If I do something stupid at work, I ice and ibuprofen and sometimes need one chiropractic visit or extra massage. But it has truly changed my life.
  4. I think it looks beautiful and very refreshing! Lol to the stove, I bought my house last Jan and it was built in 1968. Pretty sure my cooktop/wall oven came original. Both work great outside of one small burner even though they are ugly. Placated the gf by saying I would replace both asap, but gee isn't it interesting how other things keep taking precedence? Heehee, lol! I figure I have at least another year or two or another burner going out before I'll have T actually replace it!
  5. Yes indeed, I would LOVE TO be contributing over 15% and defintely plan to do so once I get the income up and at least the rental with mortgage paid off or sold. There is a match for the 401K but really small... $0.25 on the dollar for the first 3% of gross that I contribute. So 0.75%...ugh. not sure if it's even worth bothering, though I can just set it at 3% to get the match though this match would be about $9/mo (me contributing $36/mo) on an average clinic month since I'm so part time now. Course it would vary as sometimes I pick up more hours, but you get the idea. Should I just lea
  6. This is probably not the right time to think about this, but I'm pondering whether to change my approach to retirement savings. This last year I started contributing to a 401K through the clinic I work at. When I did, I moved from fully funding my Roth IRA to putting 15% of clinic income into the 401K and 15% of business income into the Roth IRA. At times, this total combined was more than the Roth limit, but now that I have lower income, it is less. I like the concept of 15% across all income, but I hate not fully funding the Roth. I am thinking about switching in 2016 to minimizing or e
  7. That's awesome! It can be so hard to let go of the money over something that can be so easily viewed as a "want", but the truth is that clothing is part of the 4 walls and if we don't have correctly fitting or appropriate items, we truly cannot operate at our best because it Does affect our confidence and motivation in so many areas of life. I just bought a $12 pair of Capri yoga/workout pants because the leggings I was wearing are starting to wear down at the seams and I really want to reward myself for actually going to the gym and keep up the motivation. Cuz, you know, a pair of yoga p
  8. Well I kinda fell out of the habit of posting in the blog! Here's the latest: Went on the cruise, it was great. Bought myself a gorgeous tanzanite/diamond ring for $350 (plus the gf paid another $150 towards it). This was not in the budget, but I cashflowed it from the awesome July income. I LOVE IT. I had no real or nice jewelry and I'm not really a big jewelry person, but I wear this ring every day and feel the splurge was worth it. Had a great time with my mom, we both really needed the break. And nothing like introducing your gf to your mom for the first time and then everyone bunking
  9. I will never again buy a property with an HOA. I would definitely not buy a HOUSE in an HOA neighborhood. A house equals freedom to do whatever you do or do not want with your own property. (Yes even have an unmowed lawn or purple shutters or a rainbow flag hung from the clothesline or God forbid, a vegetable garden in the front yard) I do currently own a condo. Those of you who have been around awhile know about my condo HOA. It had reasonable rules when I bought it, which is why I was OK with it and intended to follow those rules. Then the board president turned out to be a sociopathic
  10. I think the only rule you really NEED to make regarding a pantry challenge is to STOP buying meat. You have a zillion different options including tons of chicken and have a large amount of beef that you are spending a large amount to buy coming soon. Skip the meat counter, avoid even glancing at the page in the sales flyers. You can eat for a year or more on the meat you have (counting the beef). Buying more (even on sale) will be starting to edge into hoarding territory. I give this advice with empathy because as a fellow couponer I know how hard disregarding sales prices can be! (but I
  11. DCLissa17

    July wrap-up

    Well my forecast was fairly accurate! I ended July with $1780 net income from the business (after IRA). There was also $290 gross of business income that was paid out to people subbing in for me over last weekend. I ended up having to fly home to NE unexpectedly for 4 days for my grandpa's funeral. I am grateful that I could be there with my entire family, AND that I could find people to cover my clients, AND that the ticket was only $400! (usually plane tickets even in advance are $500-800, so it's bizarre that one with 2 days notice was so cheap). I am also grateful that the timing worked ou
  12. DCLissa17


    Awesome news on the house! It cracked me up reading your update because parts sound so much like me right now. As you know I just transitioned out of my ft job into self-employment with a somewhat uncertain income. I can definitely vouch for the power of budgeting one month ahead and using last month's income for this month's budget...it's a really nice buffer whenever there's an income level change! Hopefully your transition will go easily like mine has and you will see the affirmation of your choice in peace of mind and soon in financial blessings!
  13. I have a Kindle Fire and LOVE it. Don't forget about Amazon Prime video...that's free too and you can watch things on there. I also have the Swagbucks apps loaded and run those videos when I'm not using the Kindle for other things. I've earned enough money on Swagbucks using the kindle to PAY for the kindle! I have my Google calendar linked. And don't get sucked into buying books...check out your local library website and get the Overdrive app - you can check out digital books for free to your hearts content...2-3weeks and they just disappear at the end of the lending period (you can return th
  14. Ice cream and popsicles! Help for soothing that poor bruised throat. Glad you are feeling good and have some answers, t.hat is such an important thing
  15. I'm not snowballing the IRA but it is currently being funded by 15% of my business income and I have 15% of my clinic income going into the 401K there. So 15% of total gross income going into retirement. I won't max out the IRA at this rate, but I'm ok with that. Getting the rental house paid down so I can get rid of it is wayyy more important at this point. The overall goal plan is to be able to sell the rental house by end of the year next year (end of 2016). Then, while applying my snowball to my primary house mortgage, take the positive cash flow on my rental condo and save it each ye
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