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  1. Love Dekalb's farmers market! Will need to check out Buford highway's netx.
  2. RachNJessDebtFree2B

    Dizzy yet?

    Welcome back!!! I think of I all the time.
  3. Are there consequences for suspending the Student Loan AutoDraft? How long do you intend to suspend the auto-draft? Are these your loans or his? I would hate for it to incur tons of interest on the back end. I hate SLs.
  4. I'm sorry this is still ongoing. Great work on joining AA. The accountability is so beneficial. Hugs to u and hope you're having a better day.
  5. Love the roadpro for heating up leftovers (or even a can of low sodium soup) when I had long commutes. It ensured I had a good clean hot cheap meal. http://www.amazon.com/RoadPro-12-Volt-Portable-Stove-Black/dp/B00030DLEE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1434493846&sr=8-1&keywords=roadpro
  6. Hugs. That's so tough. I pray for a healthy and hospital free rest of the year for you. You deserve a break!
  7. I am glad to squeak in an entry in April. I've been a busy busy lady...as you can imagine! Things feel like they're falling apart but I believe we can focus and make the dollars behave. Feel free to read about my IRS stupid tax situation on my Sallie Mae/Navient thread. May budget is complete. All envelops are filled. 1. Money- KILL DEBT (lots of it!) and thereby increase net worth from -285K to -199K <-- we may make it at the end of May! a. Family Budget meeting on last Friday of each month and more frequently if needed- Here are the extra annual stuff that are due: i. Sam's
  8. Sorry to hear about the layoff. I am glad that you have at least some clients. I believe God is in control and will make a way for you.
  9. I AM tired. But it's that accomplished fatigue....like running a 10K or a half marathon....it's brutal and awesome at the same time
  10. You're weird! In a good way! I aim to be weird in BS7.
  11. This week was R.O.U.G.H. I ended up at urgent care due to flu-like symptoms. All is well now. It took 2 days to recover....and I did not take a day off of work. We are doing well on the debt pay off front. We are working on loan #4 'stone man'. This loan, once paid off, would place in the less than -$200K category. This was our goal for 12/31/2015! We will have it done by June 2015. DH has been stoked about getting to this point and has always verbalized that it would be cruise control from there....NOW....he seems to be looking at 'Lizard man' and giving him the stink eye...yesterday
  12. RachNJessDebtFree2B

    Going AWOL

    The kiddos will have a blast with all the animals, I'm sure! Praying for the best for you guys!
  13. This blogging is really helping with our accountability. We are on target to exceeding our financial goals. Since I have trouble doing a bazillion things at once, I won't beat myself up too much for not meeting all my other goals. I think that once the budget is locked down and we've completely mastered it...then I can start to get laser-focused on my other goals (nutrition/exercise, etc). But all in all, this is an exciting week for us. Please forgiving for tweaking my goals as I go.... 1. Money- KILL DEBT (lots of it!) and thereby increase net worth from -285K to -199K a. Family Budget
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