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  1. coingirl

    Spring Break!

    Sounds like a lot of good things going on! Congrats on the raises!
  2. How frustrating! My DD has a step DD and deals with similar issues and many many beyond just financial, with the mother, but that's a whole other story! It just doesn't seem fair that there isn't any accountabilty for how the support money is spent.
  3. coingirl

    I did it!

    Congrats! Happy for you!
  4. It all looks real nice! Both DH and I enjoy landscaping and working on our yard and gardens. Hope your plants do well and grow. We can't keep hostas around for long, the deer love them. I agree the front could use a splash of color with some hanging flowers or planters. Love the idea of the warm grey shutters and red door(it is my 1st choice for front door color too), I hope your HOA, approves it. Please post pics of your finished patio. We have plans for something similar. We're debating between stamped concrete or pavers like your planning to do.
  5. Fantastic job! It looks so fresh! I know from personal experience how much work it was, we did ours twice!!! The second time was not as involved, just a light sanding and then paint. The major prep work was done the first go around. We replaced our counter top, because we changed appliance location. I still want to replace our cabinets. They are poor quality and we want to make changes with the layout. Hopefully within the next 5 years, I've already waited 20 what's another 5?!!
  6. I have one all written out and have been pretty good about using from our inventory. We have added some meats to the inventory, hard to pass up sales. I'm trying to keep track of what is used and added so I don't need to constantly re-inventory every time. I also added to the inventory with some prepared meals. Sort of a trade off from using something we had but prepared into a meal.
  7. Hope you get the answers to what is causing your pain and health issues. sounds like you found a good team of doctors and other health care providers.
  8. You got this!! You now have a plan and I foresee great progress being made.
  9. Good luck with your decision. When I hear stories from my friends with school age kids, I would strongly consider it, if my kids were at that age now.
  10. You inspired me and I did a whole freezer, frig and pantry inventory!! Ours is pretty minimal in comparison, although there are only two mouths to feed at our house. Our freezer is really the only space that seems to be nicely stocked. Now to come up with some meals, trying to keep the grocery spending down for October.
  11. coingirl

    Here we go..

    Good luck with the transition back life in Jersey. Have a safe trip and great reunion with your hubby!!
  12. coingirl

    Well Crap

    So sorry to hear!
  13. My DH would let it ride out with our normal payment until it is paid off. I still pay extra each month often double our regular payment, but it will not get it paid off by the end of this year as I had planned/ hoped. I am always hopeful my DH will catch onto my enthusiasim, but it was really pinching the budget and he wasn't happy about that.
  14. I know, I know!!! It's such an internal struggle, but like I said I don't have the corporation of my DH on this so it isn't just my decision, if it were it would have been paid off already. Compromise has been a big part of my journey! It will get done early just not in high gear like I had hoped!
  15. Hanging head in disappointment, even with all my enthusiasm, we will not be able to fullfil my ambitious challenge of getting house paid off by the end of this year. It was so hard to make it the top priority when I couldn't get my DH on board. Then our DD had our first grand child and the flood gates of my heart opened up and visiting her has now become my priority. Downside is she lives 20 hours away from me, so that means expensive airplane rides are now a part of my life. Thankfully the Internet has made seeing and interacting a bit easier, but I want more involvement than just through a computer screen. So while it is still a top goal of mine to get the house paid off ASAP, it will not be done with gazelle intensity. We are still very much on track for an early payoff, but it will not be done in 2015.
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