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  1. I still grocery shop like I’m in BS 2! There are a few things I “splurge” on like prepackaged snacks for the kids’ lunch (versus large bags and dividing them myself). But overall I see my grocery shopping habits as a way to save so I can spend that $ on something better!! I’m glad your splurge wasn’t too expensive!
  2. One of the things I wanted to work on during 2016 was to begin tracking our spending. Below is our actual average monthly spending (and what's in parentheses is what I "thought" we spent) that I was WAY off on: Gas- $340 ($700) Auto repairs and registrations - $896 ($100 !!!!) Home stuff $450 ($50) We also spent more than I thought on our vacation. And, my husband spent A LOT of money on his hobbies. I know my tracking does not include all our our eating out and groceries since we paid cash for some of that and I did not track cash spending. So, DH and I need to discuss th
  3. That's great. Any time an item is not on the "cannot eat list" it is good!!!!
  4. Thanks for the info!!! I counted up about 130 hours - does that sound about right? So if I paid someone $20 an hour, it would cost about $2,600, which is much cheaper than new cabinets. People may think I'm crazy for painting existing white cabinets another color!! Your kitchen looks great!
  5. Can you tell me how many hours you spent on the project? Our cabinets are now white and I want to paint them a dark blue. Also, can you tell me what you used to paint the countertops? I will keep the white cabinets in the bathrooms but I hate the countertops so painting them would be a good option. I'm trying to decide if I want to attempt this project or hold out until we can get new cabinets/laminate.
  6. With $11,000 you should be able to get a reliable car and get settled into an apartment somewhere. You need to be very wise with how that money is spent. Is there not enough income in your budget for you to afford to support yourself and your son independently? Is that why you keep going back? If you are comfortable enough to post all YOUR financial details - income, expenses, debts, etc - we want to help you.
  7. Can I ask what you need to do to be able to move out and get away from this situation? I know you say you want another car and you want to move out and you want IVF. Honestly, I think your first goal should be to get away from where you are. How much will that cost and how much $$ do you have? And, if you don't mind me asking - how old are you?
  8. I'm sorry, no one needs this kind of drama in their life. You need to move out now, change your cell phone number, and get away from your "family". There is no way that I would even respond to such an email from someone I live in the same household with. YOU, and only YOU have the power to change this situation. If you are not willing to do something about it, stop complaining.
  9. My kids' school uses Saxon and has the same amount of homework as you mention. DS was having a terrible time with math. We asked his teacher if she could recommend a tutor and she volunteered to do it. Sometimes the way your child learns is different than how other kids learn and how you expect them to learn. After once a week sessions with his teacher one on one, DS was doing much better! Somehow she got thru to him. With that said, our school's policy says that there should be 15 minutes of homework plus 15 minutes of reading. Sometimes with DS we would spend twice that. The work
  10. Yesterday was not a good day. I just did not feel like tackling anything so I got everything out of the room under the steps, which included a box of sports programs dating back to the 1960's. There's 6 large totes of beanie babies, including all the receipts. I'm pretty sure that 95% of them are worth nothing. My mother bought them for my kids - she died in 2004 and my son was born in 2007. At first she only bought one of each and then my DH asked what if we had two. So she started buying two (or more) of each. I don't want to bring them all home - there's HUNDREDS of them!!!. But unl
  11. Today I got thru with the bedroom upstairs. It took a while because I tried to separate stuff out between my brother and me. He's twelve years older than me so some of the stuff was clearly his or clearly mine. My mom kept every single wedding invitation, funeral program, and graduation announcement. This was in addition to the newspapers that my dad kept. I know there was a significant article in each one he kept but most of them I could not tell what was important. If it didn't pertain to me I put it in my brothers stack. Given his marriage situation anything I want to preserve I am taking h
  12. Yesterday I got 90% of the kitchen done and all the foyer. I left some of my grandmas crystal that needs to come to my house, the silverware, plates, and glasses cause I'm not sure what to do with those. Oh, and the refrigerator magnets are left. I was going to go there today but I just couldn't do it. Tuesday will be hard cause it's my old room and most of the sentimental stuff is in there.
  13. No massages until this house is done!!! Then I'm treating myself to a whole day at the spa!
  14. From my thread, I'm cleaning out two houses. I guess I should say I'm totally cleaning out one house and making the other one livable. I wanted to post to keep myself accountable and to have a plan of what needs to be done. Yesterday I got two bedrooms and two baths completely done. The only things in those rooms are what is on the walls, boxes I couldn't lift, and chairs/lamps that need to be taken away. I'm working three days a week so I have two days while the kids are at school. Here's my plan: Dad's house: Fri 8/29 (I have to work a few hours in the morning) - kitchen and foyer Tues
  15. I'm so sorry for your sister! I have been surrounded by cancer and it is a terrible disease. It is good you have taken your own health seriously!
  16. I would ask if they offer a cash discount. I can't believe there's not a psychiatrist offered in your health plan. My health insurance plan offers 1 (!) gynecologist but 10 psychiatrists. $325 seems like a lot of money, but your mental health is worth more than that!!!
  17. taylorcpa

    need to vent

    I'm sorry you are dealing with all this! As far as the 401k funds, do you have a list of choices? If you would post them, maybe someone here could give you some advice. Also, I have found a wealth of information about investing at the bogleheads.org forum.
  18. Concerning your fibroids, without risking TMI let me just tell you that you are very fortunate that you have had no ill effects from them. I do, and it's miserable. My doctor has told me the same thing about the fibroids growing back and you don't know what rate they will grow. Let say that you have them removed, meet someone and decide to have a baby. By then, you could be back in the same situation you are today. So I do think you are making the correct decision to go ahead with the hysterectomy. I am so sorry you are having to go thru all this, but you are right - you will be bet
  19. You can file either separately or jointly. If you file joint, the total tax bill will be less. BUT, if you file joint, it is possible to separate your earnings, deductions, taxes, etc. so that the tax liability can be determined. This is something to ask your accountant about. Depending on what your ex has already told him, he may be biased toward you or him and may not be able to be fair in this situation. Based on what you have said, YOU probably are overpaid and I would not count on your ex to pay you your fair share. I would talk to your accountant and see what he says. As a CPA,
  20. Do you mind me asking how old you are? I think you are dwelling on what you don't have instead of what you do have. What do you want out of life? Figure that out and go for it, there's nothing stopping you!! It wouldn't be easy to be a single parent, but you could do it if you wanted to badly enough! You can make your own family - they don't have to be blood related to be family! We have a dear friend who lost his wife a few years ago. They sort of "adopted" DH and I and my kids call him papaw. He comes to our house for dinner and spoils our kids (which is good because they onl
  21. Can I just say that you are being WAY more patient that what I would be if I were in your shoes? You are a much better woman than I would be!
  22. Just some quick thoughts: What is your per hour rate for each job? How much would health insurance be thru your husbands work or on the health insurance exchange? Does either job offer retirement benefits? What are your long term "career" goals? Do you enjoy either of these jobs or are they just "jobs"?
  23. You need a nice, warm, relaxing bath! Hope everything goes well for you!
  24. taylorcpa

    tax planning

    I thought one of the changes for the health care law was that all employees had to be treated equally concerning health insurance. For example, they can't pay 100% for one employee and not for the other employees.
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