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  1. You guys crack me up. At *least* 6 houses in my neighborhood have been painted purple in the last year. It's a weird trend, I don't think that all the owners have good (ie my) taste but why not? And I don't think any of them will sell for less than $400k-they are all much bigger and fancier than my house. Maybe because I live in a nice neighborhood, or because I know how strict city code is (plywood and tarpaper wouldn't be allowed here for 5 minutes) or because the front of my house faces south so of course my vegetables are growing out front, or my robot, or the fact that to get solar panels meant city permits but the neighbors get no say over the age, color or anything else about my roof (which is actually a 50 year shingle put on ( years ago in a tasteful gray) but HOAs are not for me. I dislike the feeling of exclusivity (ironic since I am in a very nice neighborhood) and the idea of not being in control of my own property. We proudly fly our 45 star flag (accurate for when the house was built)
  2. I joke all the time that I would never live where there is an HOA. My BIL isn't allowed to leave their stroller on the front porch. We live in a tight neighborhood (0.1-0.3 acre lots). Houses were built between 1870 and 1910. Houses are 2400-3500 sq ft, almost no vinyl siding, well painted in diverse yet tasteful colors and every house within striking distance of ours is unique in its construction-shingles, Victorian trim, turrets, stained glass windows. No cookie cutter houses. Lawns are pretty well kept and gardens are diverse. My flower beds are a mess right now, but I will get to them. Also-our 6 foot rusty robot in my front lawn flower bed would be a huge issue for the average HOA- but more people stop to tell us it brings them joy or state "oh YOU live in the robot house. Your house is so pretty and we love the robot!" I think HOAs are more common in newer states. New England was built up before anyone thought of the idea.
  3. We vaccinate from kv pet supply or dr foster and smith. Rabies is done at vet, we did lyme there as well as it wasn't economical to do at home, though our dog had a reaction to the lyme vaccine so we don't do that anymore.
  4. That is a great quote. Life is pretty darn tough for those who only know how to negotiate paved roads. My sister is raising her kids that way and it makes me sad.
  5. I am sorry if I am too blunt, but your ex is an expletive jerk and he would have found other ways to criticize you and the chance of motherhood if you didn't smoke. Those are excuses to not be with you, not genuine concern about your health. I hear you on the mother thing. I agree with all who said that there are many forms of motherhood. I agree as well as GrnMtnGirl. A close friend of mine had a hysterectomy for multiple fibroids last year. It was very tough for her, even though they'd chosen to not have kids and she was 44 it was a giving up of hope she hadn't been prepared for. You have a lot going on. Be gentle with yourself.
  6. Jeff102

    hello, ego boost

    If you do evenings/weekends now to get the feel you can hire a local teen for 20 hrs a week or whatever in the summer. S/he can do the pool, parks etc with you so it is more relaxing as well as care for the kids while you work. Then maybe start MMO for the younger two in the fall.
  7. Jeff102

    three bags full

    I envy big closets. We have 1901 closets, and not many of them.
  8. Jeff102

    three bags full

    I did this in the fall. I own 3 pairs of cords, 1 pair of jeans, 5 black v neck long sleeve tees and a bunch of wool socks. This is my daily clothing. I do have a few skirts, sweaters etc that I wear to work. 6 pairs of shoes (plus snow boots and rain boots) pajamas and some summer dresses and skirts, a few dressy things for charity events and weddings. that is my closet. No other clothes stored elsewhere. No dressers. It makes life so much easier!
  9. We got pounded again Sunday and dh's flight to nashville was cancelled. Then the nashville airport closed so he missed his conference completely (though he did teleconference in).
  10. We started going to a counselor the beginning of Nov. Married 14 years, together 17, no real fights, just trying to improve communication/renegotiate roles. I don't think a counselor is going to think you are weird, part of their job is to help clarify issues. We are finishing up with our counselor now and have definitely improved communication/expectations. Good luck!
  11. Jeff102

    Am I wrong?

    She should be strongly encouraged to get a job that will help her get into med school, in a lab, at a hospital, EMT training, even outside of the health fields working with the disabled, with children, something that shows commitment and a hook for the admissions committee. Just bringing up her test score isn't going to do it. Plus she needs to be saving for applications and interviews, I remember that was an issue last year. Med school and residency are crazy hard work, time to show that commitment.
  12. Are the twins switching to your new daycare?
  13. It's only getting worse from here. On both sides.
  14. This is great news. When will you find out about the loan? What will it pay off? What won't it pay off? What can be done to make your budget affect your current reality? (Not the past income or future income but current income).
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