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  1. I agree about not using the pea gravel. We used it as a sort of patio area and it still gets EVERYWHERE! Drives my husband nuts because it's always tracked all over the driveway, and I can imagine mowing grass would be a real pain with it being all mixed in if next to it.
  2. Lots going on! The best times to plant Cedars are when they are dormant, so in the early Spring or the Fall. Make sure there are no drainage issues where you are planting them though as they don't like to sit in water. If there are you'll probably want to put drain rock under them.
  3. iml8ru2

    I'm moving

    I think it's a great decision :-) I wish you much happiness and contentment in your new home.
  4. iml8ru2

    Vacation Chronicles

    I don't think that's weird. We are good friends with DH's ex girlfriend just before me. I love her - she is awesome!
  5. iml8ru2

    I did it

    I think your feelings are totally normal. I have been a contract bookkeeper for years with many clients and have been saying goodbye to most of them for the past few weeks as I was given an amazing job offer for September 1st - 3 days per week, hours kids are in school (so I can drop off and pick up) and double the money I'm making now. It's for a current client who courted me pretty hard the last few months. I'm going in today to give my one month notice to my largest bookkeeping client. I'm dreading it and I feel so guilty as this is their busiest season of the year, but I need to do what's right for my family. Doesn't make it easier to do though.
  6. iml8ru2

    A day in the life...

    I'm glad everything is fixable Great testament to having an emergency fund. Can't wait to get to that point.
  7. iml8ru2


    We used to have a cheap smoker, then I found a Bradley one at a garage sale for my DH and we will never go back to the cheap one! Does such a better job and doesn't need to be babysat. You can set it and leave it. It's awesome! We smoke a lot of fish in particular as my DH loves to fish.
  8. Great news! Things are really starting to turn around for you and your family. I'm so happy to hear it.
  9. My in-laws have done Ireland and Scotland separately as trips and loved them. They have traveled Europe extensively - my mother in law was born in Germany and they both speak German, French and English so they could travel comfortably all over. Ireland and Scotland have both been favorites of theirs, in particular Scotland. Enjoy your planning! The planning and anticipation is always half the fun
  10. iml8ru2

    2015-7 (sewing pics)

    They look great! As for the pads that look lumpy, I'm guessing you mean the nursing pads? Have you looked into LilyPadz by chance? I hesitated buying them for the price but I loved them! Not lumpy and they worked great. I was a "cow" too, lots of milk and always leaked and these still worked great.
  11. I just wanted to say that my mother told me once that her sex life was better then ever after her hysterectomy. She had a partial one, just her uterus, which is I think what you are having too? A little uncomfortable to hear since she was talking about her and dad but.........hey, lol. (We are pretty close obviously for her to tell me that). I've heard that before too from a friend. Said something about it made things even better, so.....don't worry about that part
  12. I was pretty sure it was you too, based on some of your previous posts. I'm a WAHM, though I do go out to a client one day per week. I have a wall calendar that the family references, then just my own personal daytimer to keep track of life. My basis does have specific deadlines so once a month I write out what I need to accomplish for the month and the deadlines, then usually once per week I break down my goals for the work with a goal day to focus on it. Works for me. You will do great and find what works for you very quickly I'm sure!
  13. I have tons of shoes but I've managed to hide them all away in closets lol. I find it very hard to find shoes that fit though so I don't tend to buy new ones very often and I hold onto what I have. Can't wait to see your solution to your shoe organization I've been enjoying your posts.
  14. iml8ru2

    Bonus Time!

    There are tons of articles out there debunking the thought that treated wood is dangerous. The main concern used to be the arsenic that was used in the chemical mixture, which isn't used any more, also the process in general is different. It just doesn't leech into the soil like it used to. That being said, do your research and use what you are most comfortable with. In our wet conditions cedar starts to deteriorate within about 5 years.
  15. Beautiful! Love the built-in shelving.
  16. iml8ru2

    Bonus Time!

    I would go with a pretreated wood over Cedar. Cedar is great but has to be maintained to truly last, by either staining or sealing yearly. Much more maintenance. The treated wood will last ages without needing anything. For instance, we have a Cedar deck, but the base is built with the treated wood so it will last longer. If you do decide to go with Cedar, make sure you seal or stain all sides of it, as if you only do one moisture will still rot it out quickly. I live on the "Wet Coast" too, just up from you outside Vancouver, BC.
  17. iml8ru2

    School ramblings

    Wow great deals! It's great that it came together like that for you
  18. My mom struggles with depression (Zoloft has made a HUGE difference in her life!), my sister is bi-polar and my aunt has an unlabeled mental illness that is closest to schizophrenia. I can definitely appreciate the challenges you face. A symptom of depression is definitely the inability to work steadily and to struggle to control spending habits. Counseling for both of you is a great idea for sure. Even with that though, you will find that you will have to be the one to "suck it up" so to speak when he is not being reasonable or he is being sensitive, not because he is a jerk or how you feel doesn't matter, but because his brain just doesn't allow him to be otherwise. It's challenging, but doable. My parents just had their 48th anniversary and they are still very much in love, even with dad having to adjust for mom's depression (in her case she didn't get it until they had been married about 25 years).
  19. iml8ru2

    Maintaining focus

    The idea of paying smallest balance to largest balance is to get the big wins first to keep you motivated. If you feel that getting that truck paid off would give you more motivation then I would go for it first, especially seeing as the smaller debts aren't really that much less over all.
  20. I love reading all your detailed posts Dorothy. You are very inspiring. Thank you for sharing!
  21. That's great! I'm so glad you didn't have to miss it.
  22. Ladybug, I'm on the West Coast of Canada and we have several credit unions, including Coast Capital Savings, that offer fee-less banking. We are with them and it is the best banking experience we've ever had. Maybe check into that? Which province are you in? For healthy eating I think your budget is about right money wise. Groceries are just so much more expensive here. Are you near a border where you could run down to the US every few months and stock up? That's what we do and save about $1200 - $1500/year. You are doing awesome! Congrats on your life style change.
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