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  1. I'm so glad you are still going to get to go see your family!! My brother lives in Sweden and he had been going to come visit for Christmas but the whole quarantine for two weeks thing, and the concern as to if he could get back into Sweden... he just can't do it this year. It sucks. We miss him. I know your family will be so happy to see you!
  2. We have all our sinking funds in one account too. I have a spreadsheet showing how much is for vacation, how much is for car repair/replacement, how much for Christmas, how much for home repair/replacement, etc. but it is good to know that money could be reallocated (less into vacation, more to car repair, etc.) if need be.
  3. @kelvan80 That is so sad. Thank you for sharing. @DebtBgone I will add that one to my Audible wishlist!
  4. So a couple of years ago, I read a book called "Get Well Soon" by Jennifer Wright (well, actually, I listened to the audiobook on my commute) and it was about all the plagues in history... I keep thinking about that book as we live through COVID, and that the handling(such as it is) of this plague will be looked on in decades to come, the way she looked back on the handling of plagues back then. I may actually go back and listen to some of that book again. I am trying to remember if the 1918 plague was in it. It's been a couple years.
  5. I have been typing up interviews my mom did with WWII survivors and have found it very interesting. Someday, my grandkids (should I be blessed with any) may ask about my experiences in the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020. So strange to be living in a moment you know will make history.
  6. I both miss having alone time AND miss having time with people outside my home. I love my husband and my teenager so much, of course. But the lack of ever being alone, AND the lack of new interactions... it's been a long four months and who knows how much longer it will go on... things are getting worse, not better, here in Texas.
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