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  1. mbeaser

    What's up with us

    Very glad that your medications are working. Sorry about DH and his misery. It might be easiest to pray the leadership changes and becomes bearable rather than hoping for orders that make you move again....
  2. Thanks, everyone. They are more of a blessing to me, though! My disability will drop because a portion of it is for my dependents. Once the divorce is final, the portion I get for STBXH, DD19 and DS16 will stop. My attorney's secretary called me today to let me know that we no longer have court on the 22nd; the judge denied him being able to spend any more of the equity without a hearing. I also signed taxes today, refund is only about 2600 but it will go to our joint account and from there to my attorney's trust account. Tax return shows that his business made money last year, so he
  3. I'm in the final countdown for my BS in Accounting, with 16 credits to finish by Aug 31. 6 credits are Project+ certification (will finish by the end of April), then a 6 credit class (5 assignments, will finish by the end of May) and finally the 4 credit capstone. I will have 3 months to finish it, and I fear I will need every bit of it. It looks like as much work as the entire 3 years before it lol. Yesterday was the last meeting of DD9's homeschool co-op group; I help out in the childcare area as my assignments and was talking to a lady there whose DH works at the localish (22 miles
  4. You are doing such a great job. Not sure if you'd be interested, but I've read that you can make your own almond milk and that it is much less expensive.
  5. mbeaser

    2016 Budget

    I have had what feels very little progress on the divorce front (well, I got a huge envelope last week detailing info his attorney wants from me, so I guess that's "progress"), but I refuse to allow it to discourage me (I had hoped we could work things out and maybe be finalized by now, or have everything ready for Jan 1 since he wants to file taxes jointly). If he wants to fight things out, then I will simply ask for him to pay my attorney fees. The good news is, his kids (DD19 and DS16) are still talking to me (although I am not sure they tell him they still talk to/see me; we did Christma
  6. mbeaser

    Doctors Appointment

    *hugs* I had an injury that they told me would never get better. I had one doctor tell me that my left leg was permanently shorter, and although I could put a lift in my shoe that may help, it would always give me that dreadful pain. Then, after my 3rd round of physical therapy, I was chatting with the physical therapist and asked her about it. She asked me a few questions (and laughed at the "lift doctor," said that was his answer to answer and helped no one), pushed around on my hip, and solved the issue. I had to go back a couple of times after my youngest was born (darn hormones relaxe
  7. mbeaser

    The story

    So sorry you are going through this. Definitely find someone to talk to. Praying!
  8. mbeaser

    I hate moving

    There are 5 kids total. The oldest 2 (DD19 and DS16) are his from his first marriage. The other 3 (DS15, DD12, DD8) are from my first marriage. I have always treated his kids like my own, and I think they see that (actually, I have probably been more lenient with his because they've not had a ton of stability). They know I love them, and that I stayed with him after I found out about what he was doing because of them. But, he is still their Daddy, and I try not to put them in the position of having to choose between us. We are both barred from doing anything like selling or even signin
  9. mbeaser

    I hate moving

    Actually, I think nearly everyone hates moving. But I am pretty tired of it just now. We have a great, new to us place. It is a rental. I had budgeted up to 850 a month and it is 805, so yay. I have to pay a deposit of 180 for electric, but nothing for gas or water. I didn't pay water before (we had a well), but since this house is half the sq ft I had before (and is slab), I am expecting the water bill costs to offset the lower gas and electric. We do not yet have internet because the self-install failed. We figured this out Monday, and Nov 11 was the first day they had an appoi
  10. I take classes with WGU (which I am guessing is the school you are talking about). I like that format, but it does require a lot of self motivation. About half the classes are just a single test for the credits, the other half have a varying number of assignments (although 4-6 assignments for a 6 credit class is pretty common for business/accounting). You may be surprised how much financial aid you qualify for; you can run a fafsa estimator that will give you an idea of what your expected family contribution (EFC) would be, and estimate PELL grants from that. Good luck!
  11. mbeaser

    137 days.

    *hugs* One or the other (relatives or deployment) would be hard. Plus you homeschool and have special needs kiddos. I am glad that you can at least vent here!
  12. mbeaser

    I'm Back!

    Great to hear from you, but sorry to hear about the depression. Sounds like you have some awesome friends! Hope the divorce can proceed quickly now that you are ready to work on it.
  13. Yay on no cancer! Sorry to hear about the fibroids. Sounds like progress is happening divorce-wise, and that is good too!
  14. mbeaser

    Am I wrong?

    Aren't you in BS2 with 3 jobs already? Your DH's blow money is his to spend, really, but I would sit down and have a talk with him about how helping her out (an adult with only a part time job), without a clearly defined way for it to end, is going to put a huge strain on your own budget. I really can understand a hiccup here and there, but it doesn't sound like she has a plan (and why does she have loan payments already if she graduated in May? There's usually a 6 month grace period).
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