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  1. Quick update to anyone who reads this ... I've decided to just post bi-weekly on Fridays after payday instead of weekly, since we'll see more movement in our account on those days. For this past Friday though, no snow was thrown, we are quite a bit below our buffer and will most likely be in the same situation next week as well after payday, but will update then to let everyone know how we're doing. I've not been able to make as much as we're dealing with some family issues right now.
  2. That's the plan! It's 0% offer ends in September but goal is to just pay it off in full ASAP and not use it again. It was good while it lasted but its APR is astounding (26%!). I had it for 18 months and used it for balance transfers when possible so it worked out ok but now it needs to leave.
  3. Well, I'm back again. It's been about 3 years since I last visited here, but about 6 years since my last blog post apparently. What have we been doing since then? A Recap since 2015 (please see also other two intros for more info about us): Still married, celebrated 10 years of marriage Sept 2020 No kids yet but working on it currently Just a cat as well, no other pets yet. We are in a rental house right now, will start saving for a house next year (are going for the 100% down plan) Still have $20k of debt left to pay off so still in BS2 but that's ok. We're more 'Dave-ish' and that's ok for us. DH has remained in same job since 2015 as a bus driver in Seattle. He is very happy where he is and is looking to move up to the next level (Supervisor) by the end of this year. He also volunteers for his union. As far as hobbies goes, has started a successful Minecraft youtube channel, is active in his Discord server, and is looking forward to when we set up the craft room this summer so that he can set up his Lego builds again. He's a lifelong Lego enthusiast, we have half a closet floor to ceiling of boxed legos. He'll get a dedicated shelving unit for legos as well as the tops of 7 shelving units to display his builds. I left my job in 2016 to move to another job, and stayed there for 3.5 years. Left in Dec. 2019 to be come fully self-employed. Surprisingly, that worked out very well for us when the pandemic came along as I was already WFH full-time. Thankful we have been able to weather through this storm. Both of us are fully vaccinated as well and are cautiously spending time with family again, inside and outside our home. I keep busy during the day working through Amazon Mechanical Turk and starting my yarn business (building up inventory now). Had two surgeries. Gallbladder removed in Feb 2017 and PRK (eye surgery) in Mar 2018. Still experiencing issues with not having a gallbladder (genetic side effect), one of the big reasons I'm not working outside the home. The other big reason is mental health, I was being bullied and teased to the point I'd rather have my cat as my coworker than work with other people, could not deal with stress while potentially pregnant, and would rather be my own boss than deal with the awful BS I've dealt with in my 18 year working career outside the home). Plus staying at home to raise my children will provide a better future for me than continuing to work with difficult people. My in-laws are also retired (ages 63 and 64) and are looking forward to potentially traveling with us in future years - they love to cruise. My parents have 20 months before they will retire (ages 68 and 64), looking forward to spending time with grandchildren and working on hobbies. Our siblings are treading water but we all could be doing better. Goals for 2021: Pregnancy? Pay off all debt - $20k to go Set up craft room Continue to build up inventory for an October 2021 soft opening on Etsy Go to Disneyland in December if open for out-of-state residents Save $10k for future baby/maternity Save our Efund 3 months $15k Save for DH car - his is on it's last legs, mine is as well but we'll save for that next year most likely Goals for this week: Post next Friday 5/21 with update here Fully clean living room Any snowflakes earned will go towards my smallest credit card (current balance $1435, 0% interest ending Sept 2021) Happy to be back. Thanks for reading!
  4. My DH also looked into classes through WGU to get his teaching degree in History and Math. We decided it was an excellent idea at the time and great for those who want to be teachers. While we chose a different route (he's now a metro bus driver), it was nice to be able to check out what options they had for post-BA students. I completed my MBA through online classes (City University of Seattle), and found that over the 5 years it took while working full-time, one would have to be very disciplined and focused to do online studies. Perhaps a crash course through a community college would be an option, to gauge commitments for online learning? Unless you have taken online classes before? It's a very different learning environment and not easy, especially if you would need to do a lot of student teaching/hands-on experience. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best!
  5. I'm back! After a blogging hiatus (really, I didn't even do more than an intro last time in 2013...) and with the official closing of the TMMO Forums, I am back full-time to reading and posting on this forum. I never really left, still kept up with everyone, but didn't post much. Hoping that will change now that my attention is not divided. A Recap since 2013 (please see my 2013 intro post for more basic info): DH and I married almost 5 years ago, September 11th, 2010. We will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary with a beach vacation close to home, with my parents and brother, in a few weeks. We still miss going to Disneyland, haven't been back since our Honeymoon, plan to go back next summer. In the past two years, my wonderful AP job I posted about ended shortly after I posted, in April 2013. I became unemployed that month when the company was bought out. I was unemployed for 14 months, until July 2014, when I started working at my current company. Other than a brief, fleeting jaunt to 'test the waters/greener pastures' at another transportation company, I have stayed with my current company now for 13 months. I was an office temp for the first year, then became full-time employee last month. I work in the dispatch office, am absolutely loving my job and plan to stay until I am heavily pregnant - no kids as of yet, but on the future horizon. I plan to stay at home after [future] baby is born. DH was also laid off from bookstore job when they went bankrupt in June 2013. He also dabbled in two jobs shortly after that, to make ends meet while I remained unemployed most of 2013/2014. In January 2015, he started as a bus driver in Seattle area, the same job as his brother, and both the same as their father 30 years prior (he's now head honcho for light rail division). Only 8 months since he started, he will be full-time soon, starting next month. Very, very happy. We prayed for this, full-time work for both of us with stable companies, for years. Now it's finally happening, we are very blessed and Thank God every day for what He has provided. We still have plans to pay off our debt, save our 6 month efund, start contributing max to retirement, buy two cars (DH's died last month and now we just have mine, 2005 and 160K miles). Save for our house downpayment or buy land and house outright, hopefully all within the next year. DH's income will double mine, we only need less than $25K a year to pay our bills (not including debt payments), everything else (close to $50K plus) is gravy. We also have roughly $30K in debt, and owe parents as well, not a defined amount, but will pay them back as soon as we're able. They would like us to pay them back when we are credit card debt free, which should be less than 6 months from today. I dabble in Amazon's Mechanical Turk website to help with snowflakes, and DH earns overtime. My plans through Labor Day: 1. clean apartment, focusing on each area as I go along - first up is guest bedroom: vacuum, clean desk, organize media closet, organize bedroom closet 2. Make at least $15 in snowflakes (earned through Swagbucks and Amazon Mechanical Turk) - this will go towards paying off our lowest CC = Amtrac with $2K balance 3. Post here more often. Thanks for reading!
  6. Leavenworth ... you live in Washington State? So do we We went to Leavenworth last month just for the day though. We love the Cured butcher, who was very nice. Have fun!
  7. I agree, you are definitely super organized! Lunch ideas for before Thanksgiving - how about some crockpot meals? Chili/cornbread; chicken noodle soup or potato soup, stew, etc.? These types of meals feed lots of people and would be easy to just combine ingredients and cook. You'd have to start it early in the morning (or at least by 8 am for a noon lunch - 4 hours on high).
  8. Praying for your family, I've been keeping up with your blog and am really hoping your DH gets the job, it will be such a blessing to your family. Have you visited www.zulily.com? It's got really inexpensive clothing and toys, would be great for Hannukah outfits and toys. You can even create a wish list, though items will sell out very quick if they're popular. I love it, and have a wishlist for pregnancy even though I'm not pregnant yet
  9. What spreadsheet are you using? Is it the "Lloyd's Snowball Spreadsheet? If so, you can copy and paste the final column in the spreadsheet to your heart's content. Mine goes out at least 10 years.
  10. I graduated last June with my MBA. Took me 5 years, but no student loans or school debt. So glad the homework phase is finally over for me, I was in college for a total of 10 years.
  11. AliciaKnits

    Week #3

    Wish I had found DR when I first started college, it would have saved me a lot of credit card debt. One thing I found now since working the plan and being post-college is that if you have a built-in rewards system, you are less likely to cheat (or use blow money on other items). For example, because I get free, excellent coffee at work and can bring from home, I only treat myself to coffee from Starbucks during the weekends (using my blow money, of course). Then I also build in savings goals and once those are met, I treat myself/DH to whatever is next on my wishlist.
  12. I have major baby 'wantitis' right now, having started a nursery/kids boards on my Pinterest account and a wishlist for maternity (and current size) clothes on Zulily, I've got it bad. But we're not trying for another two years, so I've got time to develop that wishlist. Wishing you luck on deciding to add a new little one or not in the near future
  13. I've decided, after a few years here and on the old forums, that I'd like to start a blog to document my family's journey through the DR program, and our life in general. We have lots of goals, dreams, etc. that we want to accomplish, and a blog through here is the best way to do it for right now. Eventually, I'll probably start a craft/cooking blog as well, but I'll let you know when that happens Our Story My name is Alicia and my DH's name is Byron. As my username suggests, I love to knit and have since summer of 2004, right before my last two years in college for my BA (in General Studies). DH and I met in college, and dated for about 4 years before we were married September 11th, 2010. I had found DR in April of 2010 when I was unemployed, planning a wedding, and looking for a budgeting program for when we were married. What I found was a lifesaver for us, as in total we've had 9 jobs between the two of us in 2 and a half years. I'm now in what I would consider a very nice job for my combined experience, in Seattle. I also have an MBA (debt-free, no student loans, I might add), so it helped me to get this job in Accounts Payable. I've been there for a month now, and look forward to a future with this company in the finance field. My DH works at a locally-owned bookstore in Kent, WA. Eventually, after BS2, we will save for him to go to school and get a Masters in Teaching. He wants to teach Math, History and Government at the high school level where he went to high school (more about that below). We have one cat and live in a two-bedroom apartment south of Seattle. We do not have children yet, but will plan for them within the next two years. As far as our future plans go, we have roughly $25,000 to complete BS2. Our goal is to complete this before Christmas Day this year, and to have saved up one month ahead for our income and go on our Debt-Free trip to Disneyland for my 30th birthday/our 3rd wedding anniversary in August. That's our goal for this year. Next year 2014, we hope to save up $15,000 for DH to go to school, and $11,500 for BS3 and hills/valley fund (DH does not get sick leave or vacation pay so we have to save for that). We will also begin to save for our downpayment for our future house. We want to move to Vashon Island (where my in-laws live and DH and BIL went to school). We want to buy at least 5 to 10 acres of land, and put down a manufactured home. Eventually, once settled, we will have chickens, a large veggie/fruit garden, and some sheep (that's where the knitting comes in play). With utilizing my MBA, I will also be starting a yarn/notions/jewelry business next month. Those are our plans so far. I would like to update here on Sundays with my weekly goals, Snowflakes earned, and BS2 progress. For this week, 1/21 to 1/28: 1. clean guest bathroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, master bathroom, master bedroom, guest bedroom, hall closets, cars (2) and our storage area 2. prep for Scrapbooking event on Saturday (upload and print pictures at Costco, call Mom regarding what to bring) 3. Make at least $10 in snowflakes (earned through Swagbucks, MySurvey, Zoombucks, and Amazon Mechanical Turk) - this will go towards our combined Christmas gift of an XBox360 Kinect with games 4. At least 5 hours in overtime at work Overtime and our snowball goes toward our American Express card at roughly $9,400. Thanks for reading!
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