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  1. i"ve been to the DeKalb farmers Market, which sounds identical to the Buford Highway one. I was in heaven. If I hadn't already been eating a vegetarian diet, I would have after looking at all that gorgeous produce!!
  2. Congratulations on the baby -- it sounds like the transition is going well. That's wonderful. I'm happy that you've found jobs that will work with your newborn, and that you're able to work from home. Make sure that you don't overwork yourself trying to make sure the house is perfect, the laundry is all caught up and there is a home cooked meal every night! :-). Your wellbeing is important - you've been so through in your plans that I'm confident that your decision to be working from home was not done willy nilly. You'll be awesome and you'll enjoy the time!!
  3. allie

    More court drama

    I know that you're doing this without expecting to collect anything -- I recently talked to an attorney about a situation like this (wanting to try and force someone to pay a debt - in your case, what he contractually owes you, mine was not a written contract - also, in my situation, small claims court is not an option). My attorney friend advised me to "wrap it up, put it in a box and put it away" - he felt that the $$ amount was small enough to not warrant the stress that would be brought up everytime a new letter, etc had to be be sent to the person, etc. I hate that your former landlord keeps playing games with you - and while I don't always believe that history is an indication of the future, I think in your case, it is. He's probably banking on you dropping it at some point because you're tired of his antics. I do hope that you see at least some of the $$ from your deposit. I wish you resolution soon so you can completely close that chapter.
  4. Momto6 -- I have used the nut meat a few times in homemade granola. I admit, though, that I throw the nut meat out more often than I use it. The nice thing about the cashew milk is that there really isn't any nut meat, so I feel better about making that.
  5. I made my own almond and cashew milk -- it's easy. I don't drink it (or cows milk) though, so I don't know if there's a difference in the commercially prepared milk and homemade milk for taste purposes. I started making it after I got my VitaMix because I don't drink it - and buying a 1/2 gallon or quart at a time for a recipe or two was becoming wasteful. Works great for what I use it for. I think the nut bag cost me $4. Soak the nuts (almonds have to soak for much longer than cashews), drain the nuts, put nuts and fresh water in Vitamix, pour into a mason jar through the nut bag and poof. Nut milk.
  6. I make mine in the crockpot without soaking also. I think that I'm just lazy. I throw them in the crockpot, cover them with water, add seasonings and set it to cook. It takes all day (I don't usually cook less than a lb of beans at a time) but if I'm doing it overnight or while I'm at work, it doesn't matter to me. Okay -- just read the article you linked to. Maybe I had better not continue with my lazy practice.
  7. allie

    Prayers for a friend

    My boss's BIL committed suicide about 18 months ago and it's been so hard for her and her sister and family. Saying some prayers for your friend and her family, Mimi - and all the military suffering from PTSD.
  8. Updating mine is one of the things on my While On PTO to do list -- sadly, I don't think that I'm going to be able to get it done. I've gotten many other things on that list done, and did items that weren't -- I need to set a new date. Thanks for the reminder
  9. allie

    Doctors Appointment

    Have you seen a physiatrist (rehabilitation physician)? I have a friend who swears by hers.
  10. After you do your 2015 taxes, plan your 2016 ones since you're going to be doing the 2nd job -- if it's a 1099 position, you might want to increase your withholding from your fulltime job so you can have enough withheld thru the year if you don't want to pay quarterlies.....
  11. allie

    I'm moving

    Happy for you! Please.....make sure that you get out of the house daily and have adult contact multiple times a week. I know that you work from home so it gets to be easy to play "hermit" when living by yourself, especially when you're not feeling at the top of your game. Keep up the progress you've been making and just add to it. Good luck with the move. :-)
  12. Doing things when you have MS to make life a little easier is so very very helpful, and money well spent - I realize it's not always the "best" things to do with $$, but your health is very important. Working those many hours and having the boys around - anyone would tired, but the MS makes it even tougher. (I am not someone who plays the MS card on a regular basis, but I do try and find things to help make my life a bit easier). Could you go to every 3 weeks? Curious about the possible 2nd job - is it for dialysis clinics? I wonder if we actually know, IRL, a person.
  13. allie

    The story

    I'm sorry you're going thru this. It sounds like you could use someone to talk to - I hope you can find a therapist you like. Just being able to have a safe place to talk and get things out makes a huge difference. Saying some prayers for you!
  14. Freedom, I'm sorry that this is dragging on for you - and such a long continuance this time. A dear friend is going thru a divorce right now. My friend's STBX has dragged this on and on (in a state that has a 60 day waiting period) - has fought the settlement agreement process so much that they are having to go thru a court appointed mediator. Yah - my friend moved out in Oct 14 - and JUST got a court date for the mediation. This is for a couple that has ZERO assets except for a small pension that is essentially equal to the equity in the house. Every step of the way, the STBX just fights it completely. I hope that spending some time with Elvis and maybe a run or two will help you clear your head and that you're able to move forward.
  15. I had a discussion with a dear friend about that topic. I kind of felt bad suggesting that they get some pants that fit (they were wearing a full size too large) because I know $$ is tight for the friend. I was able to find better quality pants for them to purchase than they had been (generally shop at Walmart) for the same price as the Walmart price. What I think has happened with that friend is that they feel that they are being "frugal" when I think it borders on "cheap". Once my friend got a pair of pants that fit and didn't feel like they looked "sloppy", there was an immediate change in their self esteem in front of others.
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