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  1. gmarie


    Thanks. I just feel so hopeless with our current income. I am working on our 2017 budget, and we are actually short several hundred dollars in a minimum income month. The solution to this is to cut the sinking funds and fund them in an extra paycheck month), or cut some things (but there is really not much to cut)... but my issue is that I have trouble giving up on my 'ideal budget'!! There are also some extras in there, like $120 for therapy - I had been going every week after I had the baby - to prevent postpartum since I had issues with depression when I was younger- now that my deductible renewed and i have to pay $60/session, I am going every other week. I really don't want to give it up, since I do feel it helps. Also, I feel there is a disconnect with our budget vs our actual spending. We have been going over budget in a lot of areas for a while now. We are trying to get food under control. I am experimenting with a free trial of emeals, and it's definitely not going to save us much and we may even gain weight (using their budget plan) but seems sooo helpful for meal planning and shopping. I will probably cancel the trial, but I need a fast easy HEALTHY meal plan every week including a shopping list!
  2. gmarie


    Sort of. BS4 is technically budgeted every month (and 4% is 401k) but it is always the first to go, and we really do need $1000 extra per month to make it all work. The 529 is a lower amount so it's not as scary to put on auto draft and it was important to me to start it as soon as his SS# finally came in the mail! But, I stopped it while we are refilling the e-fund, and will reinstate it along with BS4 at that time.
  3. gmarie


    Thank you! I personally think DH could get more done while he is on baby duty, I manage all day by myself, working and doing stuff around the house, but I'm also feeding him every few hours which takes up a ton of time... but DH does do most of his bath and bedtime routine at night while I'm working, and of course time playing with him is important. He also hasn't been working out lately, but he has had been doing 1-2 hour workouts, which was crazy!! I think 45 mins max is sufficient when you have an infant!! And, when I started complaining, he started working out after I went to bed, leaving him exhausted the next morning! We do have an ergo and a sling that we rarely use, but he needs a lot of tummy time also so we have blankets and toys on the floor in every room so that is where he spends most of his time. We do have a really easy baby, he mostly sleeps through the night.. although he doesn't nap very well lately...hoping that changes soon!
  4. gmarie


    Thank you! I do need to accept that I can't work as much if I'm focused on the baby! I also want to start cooking again! DH is currently all of the cooking. But, it's hard because I do earn 50% of our income and most of the the childcare is on me... which I love. (I'm not pumping at all). But, I think that if we went to more traditional roles maybe things would be easier for us. I am also starting week three of a moms group at church so that is contributing to these feelings... I left the first class thinking that i need to quit all of jobs, and the second class I left feeling like I want to do all of the cooking! Of course, neither of those ideas is realistic, at least not until DH finds a better paying job! But, I can see how it gets frustrating for him because I expect him to come home and take care of the baby while I work, cook dinner, and then get frustrated when no yard work ever gets done!
  5. gmarie


    Well, we are in a place we haven't seen in a while... baby step 3! Based on current projections, after replacing our sinking funds, we will not climb out of the hole until December! So, I stopped the 529 contributions (which kills me) but should help to keep me motivated to fix the mess we are in. We never made it to the deck project or dental work, but we did go forward with the beater car - and even paid $1000 for it, but spent $$ to pass inspection. We've also had issues with our other car which doesn't help. But, the car finally passed inspection, and hopefully we will get a few years out of it. It's a SUV with high mileage, but it was one owner and owned by a local company known to take care of their vehicles. And, it does feel AMAZING to be able to leave the house without worrying about driving DH 40 mins to work! I have not been able to add a bookkeeping client - I really don't even have the time for it right now- I've been struggling to get my work done as it is - the baby will be 6 months old next week and of course he requires more and more attention (although I am super lucky to have such a relaxed baby!) Still, I am pretty maxed out with the two jobs I already have! We have some potential snowflakes coming up which will really help, but I am not putting them in the budget until they are a sure thing. I was at the tax office today doing back taxes for a family member, and had a discussion with him about working from home this tax season - two days at home, and one day in the office. He would want me to commit to work for a 4-5 hr stretch at home, which would be hard. I would definitely need child care. but if I found someone to come to the house to watch him while I'm home, and my office day was Dh's day off, it could possibly work. especially since it's short term (unlike an ongoing bookkeeping client).. but we'll see. My focus needs to be on the baby, and honestly I don't want to miss ANY time with him...he is only young once! DH really needs a new job with higher pay! But, I also wish there was something DH and I could together for extra money... maybe if we were working together on a business (with the baby!) it wouldn't feel like we were missing out on family time. Any ideas?? My brain space is already so maxed out! Honestly some days I just want to give up on DR! But, I know we are on the right track, even if we have setbacks and slowwwwww progress!
  6. gmarie

    It's August!

    Thanks! His recipe development project is delayed.. took it out of Aug income, and with it, the 15% to retirement and a few sinking funds. We had our nieces this weekend and overspent. I am feeling so discouraged!
  7. gmarie

    It's August!

    It's a new month and I'm determined to make our budget work and get back on track! My goal is to get all of the baby steps in the budget, with our 10% gross to giving and a min $1000 snowball. I want to convert the traditional iras to Roth, but need to do some tax planning to see if we can afford to do it this year. My health insurance is also going up so need to review that as well. I would like to automate our 15% retirement so we can finally be consistent with BS4. I have automated the 529 contributions, and have been impressed with the growth so far. It has inspired me to move more of our retirement funds over to Vanguard and just use one or two index funds. The fees are so low on the Admiral funds! It will be scary to automate the 15% since our budget is so tight and BS4 is always the first to go, but I am determined to make it happen. We have following DR too long to not be making any progress with the baby steps. We have been in the house two years now, and have not made even one extra payment to the mortgage! I do still want to pay off the house early, but we still have a long list we are working through. $So our snowballs will still be going toward the list for a while: The list of upcoming projects/expenses: Finish Deck Project; Stain deck, balcony and front porch, approx $1000. I would like to do this in August and hoping to come in way under budget. DH - dental work - he needs an implant that we have been putting off for way too long. We need to get a real quote but I think they cost $1500-2000. Beater Car - 1k or less. We would like buy a nicer SUV in a few years, but sharing a car with the baby is way too difficult, so our solution is to buy a beater to get him to work and back. I am looking to add a bookkeeping client for 10 hours a week. I have been stalking CL and trying to reach out to people who may have some work for me, but nothing has turned up yet. DH picked up some recipe development work for Aug sot that's a big help. Right now our snowball is $678. We also need to pay back the sinking funds we used last month. Our birthday's and anniversary are this month, but we will have to just play with the baby and enjoy the pool for our entertainment! I took him swimming for the first time this weekend, and he loved it!! I bought him the cutest little hat and long sleeved spf bathing suit on amazon. I had really wanted to do a mini road trip and one night at a hotel for our anniversary, but we'll see. Maybe we can squeeze it in at the end of the month.
  8. Yes, it did save money, but my mother paid only $1000 more for a full install by her oil company a few years ago, so I don't know.... His brother is a good salesman and likes to do everything 100% so they replaced pipes etc that we hadn't originally budgeted. And, I don't know why car repairs have to cost so much! Dh has been doing a lot of our repairs himself to save money, but it gets so frustrating and time consuming for him. Some of the $1060 spent today was for things he could have done himself (like fixing the rear brakes) but I think he is emotionally exhausted and I couldn't ask him to spend time this weekend fixing them and our sticker expires on Sunday... I'm just so happy they finally got the check engine light off today. Another shop told me the check engine codes meant we had major engine problems, and since our car has so many miles, it wasn't worth putting any money in it. Our car is fine. He was so rude to me (I was there alone with the baby) and I'll never go back there! But we tried the mechanic that does work for the farm that DH works at, and he's been great!
  9. On a positive note, the baby is doing great! He will be 4 months next week! I'm also working out every day...I'm on week 6 of couch to 5k and just started piyo, and I'm 5 lbs away from my pre baby weight! I think working out is the only thing keeping me sane right now! ... well that and baby laughs :-)
  10. Well, it's been quite a month, and July is not even over yet! I think I'm going to hide out in our bedroom with the baby until it is, just in case!! We fixed the balcony, replaced the boiler, and bought the pool fence. The boiler completely died two hours before the new one was delivered, leaving us with no hot water until his brother (who does hvac for a living) could come over to help install it...but they didn't have time to do the heat, so he'll have to come back... We have also been having major car issues - the truck failed inspection, and it's not worth fixing (at least not right now) so we have been sharing the car, and today we had to pay another $1060 for repairs to pass inspection (not to mention the four new tires a few weeks ago) and other work done this month. It turns out mice had chewed through wires causing a check engine light! I'm happy the car will finally pass and it is driving much better now, but we cleaned out our baby savings, home maint fund, and a big chunk of our sinking funds. We also stopped our 10% giving this month, and I am certain it has to do with why EVERYTHING seems to be such a challenge lately. It's just one thing after another! So this month we spent $5757.71 on home repairs, and $1885.58 on auto repairs!! But, enough is enough... I put the 10% back in the budget (and plan on "paying" the month back along with our other sinking funds) along with bs4. We really could use a boost in income!! And of course on top of it all, I found on this week that my company ebay that I manage is on below standard until 9/20 (through no direct fault of mine, thankfully), but I'm fighting to get it resolved. Our sales will be nonexistent until it changes, and that is a good chunk of my income! I'm sooo done with this month!
  11. Well the first week of working at home with baby without Dh home went reasonably well. I will nurse while sitting at the computer with the boppy pillow and just let him sleep there or will put him in his carrier with music on. I also bought a sling that I need to learn how to use. I think that will be helpful to get stuff done around the house etc.
  12. sorry, i don't mean to be rude, i'm just tired and the idea that childcare is the only way to make working at home possible makes me panic. He's two weeks old, I can't even begin to think about childcare and trusting someone else with him...
  13. I'm not going to ignore my husband or let my house fall apart or never communicate with the outside world lol. I kbow everyone is trying to help but I just updated my blog, was not asking for advice on working at home! Feels very negative!
  14. I just need to remind myself that everyone is different... Just because something doesn't work for one person, or someone can't see themselves doing something, doesn't mean it won't work for me. I really feel this will work out...
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