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  1. So, let me get this right? You've paid extra, just not enough for a payoff date in 2015? Still success. Still faster than originally planned. Still success in my book.
  2. Ruthie Redneck

    My stressful day

    The evening before Mother's day I suddenly became nauseous and started having pain. Within 2 hours I told hubby to get me somewhere. He got me in the car and at the crossroads started to turn right to go to the urgent care center. I let him know under no uncertain terms that the ER was the only place I was getting out of the car! LOL It took 2.5 hours for the ER team to finally get an IV in. I had started feeling "odd" at about noon so I hadn't drank much that day. Went to the ER at 6. I had an XRay tech continue to come in trying to get me to xray and being told to leave by the RN'
  3. I love what you are doing. Totally finding your place in the retirement world. Love the updates and can't wait for pictures of the casita!
  4. Ruthie Redneck

    137 days.

    I am so glad you are doing better. Honestly, I didn't find your whine bad at all! You are so strong, and it is hard to be strong. all. the. time! Sending hugs today because, well. It is Monday!
  5. Knowing that depression has hit is big. Get some medical intervention to help (i.e. meds!) and find a therapist that can help you. Nothing wrong with talking it out to a neutral ear. Giving many hugs to you, my friend, as you go through this time of your life!
  6. That is great. Good thoughts and lots of prayers on the biopsy. I understand wanting answers.
  7. Keep the mantra in your head. "It's only 6 months. It's only 6 months. It's only 6 months." You can do this!
  8. I agree with coingirl! Bittersweet is right. My kids didn't spend the night at the grandparents very many times so the sleepaway camp was the first time they were away for any time at all. Very different. My hubby didn't like it at all! Even when they were in high school! LOL Be prepared for a whole different dynamic at home!
  9. Wow! 19,000 in 6 months is a lot! Can't wait to watch you throw your snowballs. It's hotter and more humid than Hades here and I could the thought of snowballs would be cooling! LOL Go, Go, GO!!!
  10. Wow, that is great news. Proud of you for using the extra, unexpected windfall so thoughtfully! YAHOO! very exciting, indeed.
  11. So excited for your new adventure! Congrats and making the leap and having a spouse who supports your staying home!
  12. Yay! You are back. We had wondered about you. Depression sucks. I've fought it off and on for over 35 years...and I'm not 50 yet. Meds are my best friend, when needed and when needed, I use them! We are here to back you up and be a sounding board.
  13. LOL! I wondered how long you would make it! You've mentioned similar things for as long as you have been on the boards! How about keeping it all about the kiddos and talking about the great opportunity to give them time on the farm!
  14. Ruthie Redneck

    Going AWOL

    Praying for you as you adjust to all the changes of him leaving, your moving and then his return. I know it hits the family hard. We'll look forward to short updates when you have the time to do that!
  15. Don't forget that many "antique" rings have stones that are cut differently which may decreas the value in today's market. A large stone may not have the value because of the cut. This could help with the exemption.
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