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  1. Joan

    Loving YNAB

    I was like that my first time through college, but now at almost 30, I wish back then I knew what I know now.
  2. Joan

    Loving YNAB

    Since I'm currently a college student I decided to take advantage of YNAB being free for college students, and while I'm still adjusting to using it to keep my spending under control, it's given me a great look at where my money is going. While I've only really used it for a month now, I have tracked most of my spending, and seeing how the little purchases have been adding up is eye-opending. Hopefully next month I won't spend as much, but I am likeing this much better then actually cash envelopes, since I had a hard time keeping track of my cash spending.
  3. I know in the past, I've almost always broken my budget for something related to a hobby, so I'm just seeing if it has its own category, maybe it would help. For me entertainment is for things I do when I spend time with my boyfriend, or the occasional eating out with a friend.
  4. ATT is for cable/phone/internet. Technailly I'm only responsible for the internet portion of it as my rent, which is less then half, but I am still waiting to get paid back. This budget is based on making only 168/week, when lately my paychecks have been more like 250. haircut is about 20$ a year, or less, and I figured on cash flowing clothing and medical.
  5. Lately I've been spending a little recklessly, so I have come up with a budget that I think is doable. Income: I work retail, with highly variable hours, but I am guaranteed 15 hrs/wk (unless I request time off or am sick). Lately I've been getting around 25 hrs a week, but for simplicity sake I'm going to budget based on the 15 hrs. 15hr*11.20=168/wk*4=672 month (in actuallity it's closer to 800/month, but highly variable) Bills: Netflix: 8.07 Cell 27.29 ATT: 175.42 Spending Gas: 100 Food: 200 Blow:50 Hobbies:50 Entertainment:40 Misc: 21.22 Current Accou
  6. Joan

    Off Track

    Since the last time I've been here, I have not been keeping to a budget. In Dec I went through my bank account for both Nov and Dec and found that I had been spending more then I had been making, (I had some saving so I did have the money in the account) I told myself I would do better this year, and in Jan I told myself I was going to stick to a budget. That lasted a little less then a week when I went shopping and came across an unbeatable deal on something. I did earn more in Jan then I spent, and in Feb as well, but barely in Feb. So far this month, I've spent more then I've made, and look
  7. There is a nice little cafe on campus, but it is a little on the pricy side. Also, as much as I would like to use cash here, there is a slight discount if you load money on to the student id, and use that to pay for food. That reminds me I forgot to account the 40$ I still have on my card when I was figuring out the budget for this month.
  8. You are not a failure as a mother, and kids will get into anything they can. When I was about that age, I decided to help my mom wash the floor by pouring out a large puddle of laundry detergent on the floor.
  9. After keeping to my budget for the entire month of July; (The longest I've sucesfull stuck to a budget) I didn't keep to it for Aug and Sept; now I'mg going to try again. I do no my biggest problem is with food (mainly snack food); and in addition between work and school there are some days I'm not home for any meals. On tue I usally get up and go straight to work for 9, then go straight from work to school, and then my last class doesn't get out till 10, so I get home around 10:30; I also find it easier to eat candy/snack then it is to get a meal.
  10. Joan

    First Month Down

    This is the longest I've sticked to a budget, and I have some comments My food budget at 200/month was to high, most of which was spent on junk not on healthy food; I do need to work on that. For Aug I'm going to try to bring it down to 180/ month. I had to buy shoes this month, and the only shoes I could find that fit even semi decently were 108$ My computer decided to stop working all together a few days ago, so now I need to figure out if I can afford a new laptop; In addition I need to buy textbooks this month. The hard part with the laptop is I see the money in my bank ac
  11. The budget for July was based on everything I had in my bank account at the time, and then the plan was for August to base my budget on what I had made during the month of July. Starting Balance was 716.50 and Food/Gas/Blow was 320, phone was 26.59, and cable 223.40(Double since I forgot to pay last month); which leaves 146.51 to re-start my bef. For one of the positions I did once a week at work, required my shoes to have this slip resistant cover on them, and since I found it a pain to take on and off, I just left it on. Since I don't work in that department anymore (except for rare occa
  12. Joan


    I just went logged on to my bank account to check my balance; and noticed that I got paid about 100$ more then I get on average; and knowing that I had two days off instead of my usual one I decided to check my pay stub. 25 normal hours this week (normally between 17-23); Twice that week I was asked if I could work longer then scheduled 5.5 Sunday hours; (normally between 4-7 hours) Time and half on Sunday. 6 hours holiday pay; (I forgot I get holiday pay) and it makes me feel a little bit better about leaving a 45 minutes early this past Sunday.
  13. Joan

    So far so good.

    It's been 11 days since I started my budget, and I'm still on budget; which actually surprises me. I didn't think I would last this long. While I do get payed weekly, I think I prefer budgeting per month and only giving myself half on the 1; and the other half on the 15th. For gas, I didn't need to put any in untill a few days ago, so I should be good for a little bit; and I'll have more gas money on the 15th. For food I have about 27 left. I would have more; but after a few days of not buying snack food, that seems to be all I buy now. I really do need to work on that. For blow m
  14. Joan


    In the past I have tried doing it paycheck by paycheck, and it didn't work for me. I'm hoping that by doing it by month (but pulling the money bymonthly) will help
  15. Joan


    I hope this is going to work for me this time. Longest I've lasted before is a little under two weeks, so if I can stick to it for the entire month it will be an achievment. One thing I think that will help is being somewhat generous with the categories for now, and then I hope to lower them after a few months here.
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